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Downtown Singapore

15-21 Nassim Road, Freehold condominium. 100 units.
Completion: 2011. For sale from S$11 million to $16 million.
Units have its own swimming pool
Type No. of Bedrooms Sq m Sq ft
A 4 295 3175
B 4 323 3455
C 4 389 4187
GA 4 425 4675
GC 4 (01-06) 594 6394
GC1 4 (02-01). swimming pool & large PES (patio) 734 7901
P1 5 (05-21). 2-levels
swimming pool in lower level
744 8008
P2        4. 2-levels
swimming pool in lower level
633 6814
P2C 4 (05-16). 2-levels
swimming pool in upper level
632 6803
SA 4
swimming pool
299 3218
SAC 4 (05-01), swimming pool 299 3218
swimming pool
326 3509
SC 4
swimming pool
407 4381

Pool, jacuzzi, sauna, playground, basement car park
Private lift, swimming pool off the balcony in each unit.
Great location. Very new to Orchard Road.


0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)April 13, 2011   
Nassim Park Residences is not completed yet.  For sales only as at April 2011. E-mail Tel: +65 9668 6468. 

15, 17 Nassim Road.
A very popular Caucasian expat enclave, being a 5-min walk to Orchard Road.  104 units, completed 1992. 
2-bedroom: 109, 115 sq. m
3-bedroom: 181-220 sq. m
4-bedroom: 185-192 sq. m
Townhouse: 261, 262, 267 sq. m asking $8,000 - $9,000. 

Townhouses have 4 bedrooms on 2nd level and 1 attic room.  Breezy. The main complaint is that the rooms are dark. This is unavoidable in most low townhouses and lower maisonettes as there is abundant foliage and trees blocking out sunlight. Without the trees, the complaint will be no landscaping! 

The living and dining area have a light brown marble tiles while bedroom flooring is parquet. Greyish white  kitchen cabinets. Pink long bath, no shower stall in master bedroom unlike new condos.  Swimming pool, children's pool, gym, function room, playground, sauna, squash court, tennis court, 24-hour security. Big koi fish pond with hut to admire the fishes.
Nassim Park condo has small townhouses too Nassim Park townhouses are in big demand.   Door step of Orchard Road and has a great tranquil cycling and jogging road to the Botanic Gardens.
  Nassim Park has a big patio for barbecue parties
Breezy patio.  Ground floor units are popular with Caucasian families.
Nassim Park living and dining areas (right)
Living and dining areas
Pretty Austrian-style houses with full condo facilities 2-min walk to  Orchard Road and downtown.
Case study: Realtor's rage in duplicate bookings 

Many Singapore realtors do advertise on a non-exclusive basis properties for rent as many Landlords do not want to give exclusive marketing rights to sole agents so as to cast a wider net. Landlords do advertise themselves too and I find that it is extremely difficult to compete against the Landlord and usually a waste of money advertising in the newspapers.  Agents with prospective tenants naturally will contact the Landlord direct, to avoid sharing the co-broking commissions.        

What do you do when you arrive at a house and see that there's another agent showing the house to the same co-broking realtor with an expatriate?

Case 1. Stringent qualification failed leading to explosive rage. In this case, I had confirmed from the co-broking realtor, Agent Elsie who contacted me via the Internet advertisement that she did not have a duplicate booking with anybody at 2 p.m to view the Nassim Park townhouse. She said that she had called two agents but I was the only one to respond and therefore there was no duplication. 

The Landlord had said that he had an appointment at 2 p.m with an agent and wanted me to show up later. I suspected it was a duplicate booking but the Landlord confirmed that the agent who called him had given him another number. Since my co-broking agent confirmed that there was no duplication, I went to the townhouse to wait for the Landlord.  

At 2 p.m, a male realtor, Agent John came instead of Agent Elsie.  It is not unusual as the one making the booking could be a lady coordinator whom I deduced to be "Agent Elsie".

At around 2.15 p.m, a lady realtor, Agent Jenny appeared.  Her eyes popped out as if a volcano was going to erupt. Rumblings about a duplicate viewing were spewing out of her mouth. She blasted Agent John for making duplicate bookings via Agent Elsie who had not responded to her calls, thereby avoiding her and using Agent John to show the lady expatriate around.  

"It was not nice of you to do such a thing," she blasted Agent John at the living room area.  The expatriate woman was horrified, more at her strength of emotions. The pent up frustrations. 

What would you do in such a case?  It was best to keep cool.  Agent Elsie was a seasoned realtor and had noted down the name of the expatriate of Agent Elsie so as to avoid duplicate viewing if the expatriate contacted her direct.  

However, she just could not control herself anymore as I asked her to go outside the townhouse to discuss further. She just had to give Agent John a piece of her volcanic mind. Agent John could not retort as I managed to get Elsie out of the house.  

As to be expected, Agent John was very unhappy gave his name card and said "Make a complaint to my Company!" At the same time, he said he would co-broke with me if there was any positive outcome. 

Such duplications happen despite the best qualification of Agent Elsie and myself and they will happen again.

Case 2. Gentle Villas and Gentle Drive houses.  I remember another incident even more vividly. I told the Owner's representative, Mr Ong that No. XX Gentle Drive was XX Gentle Villas for which I had an earlier appointment 10 minutes earlier with another agent, Julia at 2 p.m.  Mr Ong asserted that they were different properties even after my co-coordinator phoned him twice to tell him that Gentle Villas are located in Gentle Drive. He was very positive and I thought well, it could be a coincidence that two numbers were the same. Furthermore Gentle Drive has other houses too.    

He opened the door at 1.45 p.m and told me. He was not around when I reached the house.  I saw the place with the Agent Julia as she turned up at 2 p.m. Mr Ong arrived at 2.10 p.m and was cursing.  

His associate, a lady agent who had asked him to open the house pursued the matter with me through the night and wanted me to lodge a complaint to the Institute of Real Estate Agents and to the co-broking agent's company.  She said that she had the keys and claimed that the co-broking agent did not have the keys. The reason being that the co-broking agent left the place for Mr Ong to lock up

Did Agent Julia possess the key to Gentle Villa house?  Yes, she had. No realtor would just go down to an appointment on behalf of the Landlord and not have access to the house.         

Should we vent our anger and frustration at the co-broking agent in front of his expatriate client?  

I believe we should keep our cool and show restraint if we want to enjoy our profession. By antagonizing other co-broking agents for the foul ups, what do we gain?  It is the experience and the networking that will contribute to our long term success in this business of residential rentals. 

It is the pleasure of meeting the same faces of the co-broking agent again the next round.  If we rant at every foul up, our fierce reputation precedes us.  Other agents will not want to co-broke with us or our company.

Education stories for new realtors published by
The Singapore Internet Realtors

House-hunting report.  

Wednesday June 21, 2000

Near Orchard Road, 2 or 3 bedroom around $5,000. Young infotechnology couple. One year lease.

Meet at Treetops Serviced Apartment

Nassim Park
Blk 17, ground floor.
2+1 1200sf $5000.
FF-02  lst-4th floor.  Serene view from balcony which has potted plants.

Nassim Park  Meet at
Blk 17C, D1 car park.
4+1 2100sf  $6500. 
FF - 04 lst-4th floor.
Spacious. Living area and master bedroom  face pool and greenery but has no balcony.

2 bedrooms with attached baths. The non-master bedroom with attached bath has a small balcony facing new apartments which are nearly completed.

River Place. Meet agent at Lobby A.  3+1 1400sf $6000.
Tower A4.
FF-01 (5th-10th floor).
Partial Singapore River views from living area. One wash basin outside master bathroom.

3+1 1300sf $5,500
Tower A4
FF-02 (5th-10th floor).
Maroon coloured marble flooring.
River views from bedrooms 2 and 3 and on left side of living area which also has unblocked city views.
Master bedroom has river and Fort Canning Park greenery views. Incredible unique presentation.
Excellent sound-proofing despite fronting Clemenceau Road.
Squarish kitchen has bright daylight as there is one window, unlike many River Place units which have dark kitchens (main complaint of Caucasian expats).  Top choice.

River Place. Meet agent at pool.  Tower B.  3+1 1398sf $4500.
Tower B2
Corner unit in Tower B2 have river views.
FF-14 (5th - 10th floor).
Black granite flooring.
Bedroom 2 & 3, & living area faces Havelock Road but sound proofing is excellent.
Master bedroom has river views and The Quayside condo views.
Overlooks roof of maisonettes and their root top jacuzzis.  Maisonette owners have own car park and jacuzzi.

River Place. Meet agent at Lobby C1 lift area.  3+1 1400sf $4000.
Tower C1.
#01-04 rented. 3+1 1400sf with small balcony facing pool on right side.

#03-04 available for rent at $5,500. Facing other Tower B3 apartments.

River Place. Meet agent at pool. 7th floor.  3+1 1400sf $4000

River Place. Meet agent at pool.  3+1 1700sf $7000 fully furnished.
Tower B3
FF-21 (5th-10th floor).
This B3 unit has an odd-shaped small living area and separate small dining area. A dry and wet kitchen, a small dark family area, but all 3 bedrooms have fantastic river views.   The dining and living areas have glimpses of the river.

Caucasians with large living and dining sets cannot live comfortably in this apartment.

New. Full condo facilities.  2 bus stops to Orchard Road or a 10-minute brisk walk.

3+1 ground floor with patio
1679sf $6800
3+1 2nd floor 1593sf $6500
2+1 ground floor 1076sf  $5600
2+1 2nd floor 958sf $5400.
Upscale condo fronting Stevens Road. Excellent sound proofing.  Near Shangri-la Hotel.  Big balcony for the ground floor units.  However, expat prefers River Place Condo.

The Bayron
New. No tennis court but has small pool and gym.  Great location.
3+1 1432sf $4500.  Meet agent at
Lobby 7. 3-minute walk to the Somerset subway, but not impressed after seeing River Place Condo.

The Bayron
3+1 1483sf $5400.
Not attracted to take up this unit after seeing River Place Condo. Single expats who just want to be as near to the subway and Orchard Road have taken up many units and only a handful is available.

Spring Grove 2+1 1012 sq. ft $5500.  Blk 53.  Beautiful large pool and lush landscaping, 10-minute walk to the Orchard Road, a very small balcony.   Prefers ground floor unit with large patio with wooden planks. Rent asked in this condo tend to be on the higher side. A favourite of many Caucasian expats before the completion of River Place Condos and others.

It is extremely hard to compete with the quality and water fronting views of River Place Condos.  Young Caucasians just love the various water features and water front living. There is a free bus shuttle to Raffles Place too.  The cheapest 2 bedroom has been rented at $2,500 fully furnished and one 3-bedroom is asking $3,800.

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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
Townerville colonial houses for rent.  No condo facilities.

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