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Ref: 811221
Housing: Meyer Tower
Location: East Coast
Case study: Landlord, proactive and friendly but it is easier said than done.
For Rent: 3+1 1,800 sf $3,000. Fantastic sea & ship & green tree views from big balcony. 17th floor (see article). Others, call (65) 9668 6468 or


Date of report: November 22, 1998

  • Location: 57 Meyer Road.
  • Age: >15 years old.

Contact Asia USA (65) 9668 6468 if you wish to rent a unit, anytime when you arrive in
Singapore and have recovered from jet lag.
We just go house hunting when you call, provided we are tied up house-hunting with others.
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  • Total no. of units: around 80

    One high rise (18 floors at 3 units/floor) and 1 low rise block. Upgraded but not with lavish marble flooring in lift lobbies. Ceramic tiled flooring and parquet depending on renovation by individual owners. flll be provided when available. Condo written for expats who may want sea view, spacious 3+1 balconied apartments at below $3,000.

    Details of one unit for rent: 3+1 1,800 sf, $3,000 p/f. Big balcony fronting East Coast Expressway and fantastic sea and green views from living/dining room at this 17th storey level. 2 bedrooms with sea views. White ceramic tiled living/dining. Carpeted bedroom. Split unit air conditioners in living/dining rooms only. Window units in bedrooms. Small kitchen. Value for money. For rental, contact or
    tel: (65) 9668 6468.

    Finishes: Living/dining - ceramic tiles. Bedrooms - depending on renovation by individual owners. Built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinet, air conditioning system, cooker hob & hood. Renovations may be done in some units.

    Facilities: Swimming pool, playground, squash, car park, 24-hour security not evident during visit on November 21, 1998 Saturday afternoon, no internal audio or audio-visual intercom.

    Occupancy Rate: Not known but unlikely to be favoured by Caucasians because there are so many new condos in Meyer Road. For rental, contact

    Competitors: Costa Rhu, The Makena, The Atria and many others much more appealing.

    Newcomer expat: Please contact Asia USA to help you get the best deal.

    Investors to note: Data not available.


    1. Location near East Coast Recreation Park.
    2. Buses available to downtown along Meyer Road.


    Not as sexy as the brand new condos as regards bathroom and kitchen appliances and flooring unless renovated.

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Case study: Landlord, proactive and friendly.

To: First-time Landlords
From: Anne Brocklebank.

"You can ask the Maintenance Officers how to use the Jacuzzi on the roof top terrace. The security here is very good…There is a safe in the master bedroom, there is no traffic noise from the Upper East Coast Road, not even airplane noises (aeroplane was lifting off from Changi Airport and could be seen from the Kew Green townhouse). You can put the conventional oven in the utility room (since the kitchen table is not sufficient and the developer had not provided the oven ….

Lots of helpful info to close the deal. The Kew Green townhouse's power of attorney to lease on behalf of the Owner was given to the "landlord' since July 1998 and it is now November 1998!

Contrast with the other Owner who had a very unhappy look. This being Saturday 1 pm and she probably had a hard day at the office. She didn't talk much. Owners usually have around 15 minutes to "hard sell their properties for rent" and to give the impression they are "good owners". Take the opportunity to help the Realtors help you. After 4 months of vacancy and too many fruitless viewing, it is natural to be wary and grumbly, but what can you do?

In the case of the cheerful owner, he did manage to close with Asia USA Realtor. His family members were equally pleasant and happy too during the inspection!

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