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Last updated: 23 Jun 2002

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Tips for asiahomes.com realtors
18. Jun 23 02: Can digital pictures sell this Newton 18 penthouse? The answer is Yes.

17:  Oct 20 00: 5 small case studies for rental realtors:  Big accounts, farming and not heeding advices from experienced hands.
Fontana Heights & Himiko Court.

16:  Sep 14 00:  Co-broking realtor affirmed: "You look like Clinton" It may not be a good idea to let your co-broking agent interact with your client.

15:   Sep 13 00:  A Letter of intent stating benefits to the Landlord may help you to close a case. Offering a $8,000 rent for The Claymore.

14:  Sep 12 00: Negotiation: A ridiculously low offer is better than no offer.

13:  Sep 3 00:    Doing it your way not heeding advices. Do you want to suffer pain?  No pain no gain?

12:  Aug 26 00:   Can you read the mind of the Owner?

11:  Aug 23 00:   Did the Australian toddler fall off Melrose Park condo?

10:  Aug 22 00:   Be patient with mummy realtors as they may not be punctual.

9:  Aug 19 00: Can you teach old dogs new tricks?

8.  Jul 15 00:  Time is of the essence:  Give priority to a Letter of Intent & cheque if you hope to be successful.  The Owner will surely remember you for having "client" compared to dozens of others who talk but show no action.  Talk is cheap.

7.  Qualify prospective tenants well to succeed in the rental business.   Whether it is a small or big account, you need to be qualify well.  Young ladies will not rent old bombs.

6.  The customer is king. If you can't rein in your emotions and feel like scolding the difficult Caucasian expats, you should not be self employed in this highly personalised rental business.

5.   Cutting losses or never say die? Chances of finding a modern house with a big living and dining area for $6,500 are rare. Will you give up?

4.  Time is of the essence.   Active follow up is very important when dealing with international clientele and corporate landlords.

Give what the client wants.  You want money or referrals?  Be client oriented when you start up.

2.  Floor level in Costa Rhu Condos important.

1.  Risky buying off the plan.
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