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List of Singapore private veterinarians


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You Get  Personalised Service & the Best Attention 
for your pets.

- Boarding Services at any kennel for your dogs and cats.

- Pet transport to and from the veterinarian, groomers, other kennels of your choice. We work 24 hours. 

- Pet re-homing.

- Dog and cat skin problems.

- Grooming including nail cutting, clipping long coat, ear cleaning & tick/flea removal.

- Nursing care of pets before and/or after surgery  (if your veterinarian does not have such facilities).

- Import & Export of pets.

- Burial of pets in your garden at home.

- Cremation of pets.

- Death certificates. Cancellation of dog licences on your behalf. 

Email or tel: 9668 6468 for immediate action!  

Patrick can transport your dog to your Vet for surgery and bring him home.  Pet Care Specialist

Pet Services


Personalised attention
involving dogs, cats &small animal boarding, transport pets to any vet, groomer and kennel in Singapore and other services. Picture shows cross bred with nose tumour removed. Dog was transported by us to the vet. 

Consult Your Vet when your dog or cat does not eat for 2 day or behave abnormally. See  List of Singapore private veterinarians

Tel: 9668 6468

New Pet Owners:  Discover how your pets can live longer by reading stories in the Be Kind to Pets. This is a Community Education project
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List of Singapore private veterinarians

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore responsible for food health and animal import & regulatory matters in Singapore. See 

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