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Singapore colonial townhouses 2bdrm $2200, 3 & 4 bdrms from $3000
2-4-bedroom colonial house $2,200 for romantic and young Caucasian expats. 5-min taxi ride & new subway to Suntec City. 

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6.1 "Be Kind to Pets" - Tips for a longer life for pets. A Community Education supported by Asiahomes Internet.
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Singapore The Colonnade has large balconies and is near downtown
Feb 29 02. 
186. The Colonnade renovated. Huge balconies & living areas from $9,000

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30 Nov 2003
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Be Kind To Pets
is a public education service sponsored by Asiahomes Internet.

These pictures were published in 1998.

Singapore cat with anal sacculitisThe cat was licking tail end and back. The cause could be itchiness in the anal sacs which contains two oil glands. Although rarely obstructed or infected, it happened in this cat. Early veterinary treatment is advised as the cat suffers prolonged itch and bites off its skin (see arrow in photo).

Singapore Maltese puppy with possible parvoviral infectionThis Maltese pup was imported as a  2-month-old from Australia and sold immediately.  It died 2 days after purchase from viral infections in March 1998 and the Buyer cancelled his credit card payment to the dog dealer.  It is best to buy older pups as they are stronger. 

How your pets can live to a ripe old age?

Prevention of diseases by yearly vaccination and veterinary check up is an inexpensive approach.

Severe cough and cold in 18-year-old Singapore cat Itchy eyes, eye discharge, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite in an 18-year old stray cat.

Cat flu
Very few cats in the world live up to a ripe old age of 20 years.  The above 18-year old cat is one of the oldest in Singapore.

She had not been eating for the past few days.  She was coughing, sneezing and was not eating for the past few days. 

The source of the cat flu virus was the stray kittens brought into the apartment and the meeting with outside cats. Do remember to vaccinate your cat and dog yearly to protect them against viruses. 

Most Singapore cat owners don't vaccinate their pets yearly. 

However, an educated generation is aware of the impact of viruses and the importance of vaccination. See The pragmatic Cat Samaritan who cares for stray cats.

This old cat survived after treatment but not all geriatric cats will.  

Dogs, as well as cats do need yearly vaccination. If you can spare the time to vaccinate your pets, you will save a lot of veterinary costs in treatment and prevent suffering of your pets as viral infections cannot be cured by antibiotics.

There are many pet transport people to bring your cat to the vet if you don't have time to do so.  One of them is Patrick, tel. 4833 833, 4844 844.

Discover how your pets can live longer by reading educational stories in the Be Kind to Pets community education project  for Singapore pet owners supported by Asiahomes Internet. These include.     

5.  2001 Be Kind to Pets

4.  1997/1998 Be Kind to Pets

3.  1997 Be Kind to Pets photos of interesting pet health cases.

2.  1998/2000   Be Kind to Pets

1.  Be Kind to Pets. Objectives

Busy executives who have no time.
We help you buy a good quality healthy puppy for your sweetheart.

Quality puppy purchase package deal at $500 excluding the purchase price of the puppy. For Singaporeans only. See
Hassle-free puppy purchase  

Veterinary information.

2001 Directory of Singapore small animal veterinary practices.

Agri-food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)

Singapore Veterinary Association

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Singapore Science Centre

The Singapore Government Info page

Action For  Singapore Dogs.

Adelaide Animal Hospital cases


Horse webpage

Mandela Exotic Cats

Dog-O-Mania, the biggest dog related search engine

Pfizer's Animal health page

The National Fox Welfare Society

Good books to read.
The King of the Cats & other feline tales, The Dog Lover's Literary Companion & other books  by John Richard Stephens

Vaccination Reminder from Toa Payoh Vets

From May 1, 2001, the AVA has mandated that all the estimated 5500 puppies imported per year will need to have microchips implanted. 


Be Kind to Pets.  A Community Education project
using pictures and narrative stories,
is sponsored by
AsiaHomes Internet.

It is always best to consult your vet to get professional treatment of your pets rather than treating yourself, if you want your pet to live longer lives. 

See  list of Singapore small animal veterinarians


Photo-1 Hamster with intense itch given an injection
Dogs over 5 years old need teeth check up
20. Oct 8 01. Coughs and cold, smelly ears and backsides of dogs   17.   Sep 13 01. The  hamster with many skin warts 16.  Aug 17 01.
Bad breadth at first sight.
Young rabbit with a two very itchy toes
Shih Tzu - itchy and ulcerated skin of elbows
Jack Russell 4 months old: right hind pad sore 
15. Aug 19 01. The rabbit just wanted to bite its toe away. 14. Aug 9 01. The Shih Tzu with the itchy elbows 13. Aug 5 01. The Jack Russell puppy with a sore foot. 
Labrador bitten by Doberman
Cat with puncture chest wound
Kitten with pot belly may have worms inside its intestines.
12. Jun 27 01. The Labrador was attacked outside his house. 11. Apr 26 01. The fierce cat with a chest puncture wound. 10.  May 29 01. Mum wants this stray kitten out of the penthouse.
Jack Russell tranquilised  Tranquilised before getting gas anaesthetic

Facial folds needs daily cleaning but few owners have time to do so.
9.  Apr 23 01.  Puppies love to swallow everything in the house and garden. 8. Apr 11 01. Would germs travel up the broken tail to the brain and kill this Sharpei pup? 7. Feb 01.   Paw licking and facial itch in a Shih Tzu - is there a permanent cure?
Can Mattel brandy make hair grow? Hamster with 2-week-old inflammed muzzle area No hamster will cooperate with the vet
6. Feb 01.   Can a touch of Martell brandy make the hair grow? 5. May 29 01. The hamster with an upper lip tumour. 4. Dec 00. The baby hamster impacted his cheek pouches to the fullest..
Singapore Hamster 1.5 years old: Facial abscess Rabbit abscess or infected tumour? Put the rabbit on a table: easier to restrain rabbit to clip nails.
3. Apr 27 01. The swollen faced hamster can't open its eye. 2. Apr 14 01.  The killer bacteria produces a black ping- pong ball lump. 1. Jan 01.  The  father was not permitted to clip the rabbit's nails.
Singapore downtown condos for rent

Singapore Westwood Apartments - downtown Orchard Road

Westwood Apartments

$8,000. Big balcony.
15-min walk to Orchard subway but near Tanglin Mall, a Caucasian favoured supermarket.

Singapore's The Draycott condos near the American Club

The Draycott
various units. Penthouse $18,000. 
3+1, 4+1
From $8,000
5-min walk to Orchard subway, malls & American Club.
5-min drive to Orchard Road - Condos:

Singapore - Spanish Village one-bedroom condo

Spanish Village condos 1 bedroom from $3,000 3-min drive to Orchard Rd/Holland Village.

Singapore Gallop Gables'  kitchen

Gallop Gables,
with many Caucasian families.
2+1 ground floor from $2,500. 4-bedroom around $10,000 4-min drive to Orchard Road or Holland Village.

Singapore's Four Seasons Park - upscale condo

Four Seasons Park in downtown, near Borders bookstore. 4+1 renting above $15,000 5-min walk to Orchard subway & shopping.

Singapore's Ardmore Point near Orchard Road

Ardmore Point renovated spacious, high ceilings favoured by Americans. 4+1 renting around $8,000. 5-min walk to Orchard Rd. Place. Terrace garden in penthouse.

Above pictures are some condos favoured by Caucasian expats.

To rent, tel +65 9668 6468, email:

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