11811Hepatitis B in Singapore. Singapore real estate agency, Asia USA Realty (Singapore) asiahomes.com Pte Ltd, affordable homes for expatriates http://www.asiahomes.com, commissioned an 18-year old top Singapore student to provide some information on Hepatitis B in 1997 on the Internet.

Important notice:
As at Dec 26, 2000, the page has not been updated because the author, Mr Kao has started his own website in geocities. We wish him well in his undergraduate studies. We regret we, at http://www.asiahomes.com are not qualified and are not doctors and cannot answer any queries on hepatitis B in Singapore.


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Last updated: 26 Dec 2000

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Hepatitis B information
research done by an "A-level" student in 1998,
sponsored by www.asiahomes.com.  Some information may be outdated.  Please refer to your doctor or other professionals.   This webpage is retained as some info is still relevant.


(picture uploaded with permission from Dr.Dieterich)


Page objectives:
1. To increase awareness about hepatitis B to Net-surfers.
2. To introduce hepatitis B from the very basics. 

1. The Normal Liver (Click Here) 
2. Hepatitis B: The Virus and its Components (Click Here) 
3. Hepatitis B: The Mode of Transmission (Click Here) 
4. Hepatitis B: The Symptoms and the Disease (Click Here)
5. Hepatitis B: Treatment, Recovery and the Vaccine (Click Here)
6. Hepatitis B: The Singapore Situation (Click Here) 
7. Other links (Click Here)
8. Glossary of terminology (Click Here)

A Special Message to all:

Dear reader,

This website is designed to be a one-stop website for Net-surfers to obtain the information they need about hepatitis B.  This website is based in Singapore, and it aims to provide information at a level which is above the normal standard of a layman, yet below the standard of a scientific medical article.

Hence the usage of medical jargon is kept to a minimum. Help on terms are provided wherever possible. Feel free to use any information on this website for your personal interest or research.

Important note:
The page-designer (Y.H. Kao) is NOT a medical professional of any sort. Any medical action inspired by this website should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified medical doctor.

However, Y.H. Kao will try his best to ensure that all information on this website is accurate, to the best of his knowledge. Any areas of uncertainty will be clearly indicated with a (?) symbol.

Thank you for your attention.

Note from www.asiahomes.com
This report has not been updated as the writer has set up his own webpage at geocities.   We wish him all the best. 

This Website needs a doctor to update Singapore situation.
Please email judy@asiahomes.com if the doctor is interested.
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