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See for free services to expats, advices to newcomer Landlords/Realtors/Tenants.

Affordable Homes for Expatriates

Typical housing allowance for single expats

For Rent:

7 Claymore Road & Jervois Lodge Condo
Claymore: 2-bdrm, 807 sq. ft $5,500 f/f.
Claymore: 3-bdrm, 1,216 sf, $6,500 f/f.
Jervois Lodge: 3+1, 1,324 sf. $5,000 p/f.
Harbourlights Condo: Sea/green view 7th floor 2bedroom: $3,000****

(highly recommended for expats). Last unit.
For Rent:
7 Claymore Road Condo

Mar 10, 98. Ref: 803064. 2 bedroom 807 sq. ft $5,500 f/f, $5,000 p/f
3-bedroom 1,216 sf. $6,500 f/f, $6,000 p/f. Few units furnished and unfurnished units available.

>3-year old development, popular with expats wanting to be near action in prime Orchard Road Area. Near American Club, 5-minute walk to Orchard subway, Planet Hollywood and Starbucks in Orchard Road/Scotts Road vicinity. 3-subway stops to Raffles Place. Rental higher here than in other downtown areas. Many buses to Raffles Place.

Facilities: pool and gym only.

Jervois Lodge Condo
Mar 14, 98. Ref: 803025. 3+1 bedroom 1,324 sq. ft $5,000 p/f

2nd floor. Few units furnished and unfurnished units available.
Around 1-year old development, popular with expats wanting to be near action in prime Orchard Road Area. No subway. Located in Jervois Road, just 5-minute walk to River Valley Road and buses to Raffles Place/Orchard Road.

Suits expats who want low rise and low density downtown developments.

Facilities: pool, gym, tennis court, security, playground, car park, jogging track/fitness area, sauna, clubhouse. A low-rise 4-storey development of 108 units.

Harbourlights Condo
Mar 14, 98. Ref: 803062. 2+1 bedroom 900 sq. ft $3,000 f/f

7th floor. Picturesque view of Sentosa/ sea view and green hills. Interior designed and decorated at over S$20,000 with romantic dimmer lighting and upscale light coloured sofa and plants. Highly recommended by Asia USA to single expats who work near Raffles Place and want a real nice home with top of the range furnishing. Value for money. Rental below market rate. Call Asia USA 9668 6468 now.

Please call Asia USA tel: 9668 6468, 254 3326, 254 2728 for details.

Surfers’ Query 1.
Typical housing allowance for single Caucasian expatriates

A typical housing allowance for single Caucasian expatriate by US multinationals or US company range is around Singapore Dollars $3,500 for a fully furnished apartment. Range is from S2,500 – over $4,000, depending on role and responsibilities

Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 08:40:23 +0800
Subject: Re: Singapore rental
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 03:18:17 +0000
From: David Sing
Organization: Asia USA Realty Tel: (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728, Fax: (65) 256 0501

March 13, 98 3 a.m

Thank you for email. A common allowance for single expat in Singapore in 1997 and 1998, based on my cases is:
Europeans and Americans in middle management level range from S$2,500 - $4,000 for a fully furnished apartment.

Asians in technical support field such as Filipinos and Indians get around S$2,000.
Japanese middle management get around S$3,000 - S$4,000.

S$3,000 appears to be the median figure.

For you and most single Caucasian expatriates, the most favoured accommodation is in downtown near to Orchard Road, Clarke and Boat Quays. UE Square Condo is now extremely popular with Caucasians who work in Raffles Place (the financial district is <20 minute walk, <10 minute by bus, 10-minute walk to subway and S$5 by taxi one way).

If you can, ask for a S$4,000 housing allowance. This should give you a good 2-bedroom (as you need a storage/study room/ guest room). There are fewer one bedrooms in downtown and rentals are from S$2,500 to S$3,500 fully furnished.

Please let me know the name of your hotel when you arrive and around 3 days for me to plan and schedule viewing. Call me at 9668 6468, 254 3326 when you arrive. Should be able to get a place within 7 days. I can book a service apartment for you too.

If you need more info, please write. Best wishes.

XXX wrote:

I saw your web page, and was wondering if you can give me some idea of the likely cost and the rental options that I have, given the details below:
Location of office Temasek Boulevard
Location of home : Central location near to office and nightlife and/or overlooking sea.
Only 7th floor brand new Harbourlights Condo fit this requirement of sea view and I have only one available (see above). There are other condos like Costa Rhu but you will take>45 minutes by bus to Raffles Place.

Square feet of floor area for apartment/house >600 sq.ft.
No. of bedrooms: 1 bedrooms, 1 living room.
Rental budget: I don't know how much I will need to spend.
S$3,000 including utilities as a guide.
Commencement of tenancy: I will be moving to Singapore about middle of May, and will be looking to move into my flat on or after the beginning of June.
I am a single guy, looking for a nice central flat ideally with sporting facilities (Gym/pool/sauna) though this is not a must.
No problem with S$3,000 budget.

I have no idea of what I will need to spend per month, or were is the best area to live. Close to Orchard Road and Raffles Place.

A speedy response would be appreciated, as I am currently trying to finalise my package. (Do you have a view on what a typical housing allowance is?)

Thank you for your help


Surfers’ Query 2.
Favourite place for single Caucasian expatriates

Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 08:40:23 +0800
From: "Dr Sing Kong Yuen, (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728">
Organization: Asia USA Resorts.
Subject: Re: Rental information
March 9, 1998

Thank you for contacting Asia USA. From my dealings with single expatriates (Caucasians), almost all want to live near Orchard Road/downtown area where there is always an opportunity to meet fellow expatriates. Clarke Quay and Boat Quay are the favourite drinking and eating areas and are located within walking distance from Raffles Place.

As for you, the ideal apartment will be UE Square or the newer Aspen Heights Condo (available late April onwards), being within 20-minute walk to Raffles Place and therefore no need to get a car or taxi. 2-bedroom in UE Square - cheapest is now S$3,000/month unfurnished (ie. lightings and curtains provided by Landlord) and over $3,000 fully furnished. I can get 2-bedroom Harbourlights Condo at S$2,500 fully furnished. Cheaper units 30 minutes by bus from Raffles Place at S2,000. Also, some expats who want to assign their leases.

Please let me have the name of your hotel when you arrive, so that I can schedule viewings and I may have cheaper units when you reach Singapore.

Pl let me know if you require more info. Looking forward to meeting you in Summer. It is mostly Summer in Singapore.

XXX wrote:
> Dr Sing,
> I will be moving to Singapore this summer and would like to get some information regarding price and location. As a young, single expatriate where in Singapore would you recommend I live. I am interested in a young and lively neighborhood and will be working on Raffles Place. I am seeking a new 2 bedroom or if prices permit, a 3 bedroom apartment with full condo facilities like pool, gym, and squash. What is your estimate of rent for a place with this criterion.

Orchard Road/Scotts Road area still the most lively neighbourhood for young and old Caucasian singles. Just too many activities and booze all night long.

Thank you very much.


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