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Build wealth for yourself
or your loved ones
For US$50,000 cash, live 7 minutes drive away from the door-step of the biggest Walt Disneyworld, in the Sunshine State of Florida, USA,

in a new bungalow with pool, 2-car garage, clean air & squirrel friends.

Tourists’ rent pays your bank. You own freehold land of 11,000 sq. ft forever in the World’s No. 1 tourist destination (34 million tourists in 1996,

5 x more than Singapore and 10 x more than Gold Coast, Australia).

Your family can vacation there; You can resell to foreigners, the boy or girl next door, anybody! No restrictions on resale to foreigners and no levy payable.

Call: Dr Sing (65) 254 7944, 254 3326, 9668 6448.

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