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Last updated: 26 Aug 2000

Newer Singapore Condos
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The latest lists of new Singapore condos and apartments are now indexed at:
Subdivision Rentals.  

The lists below refer to 1999 new condos but some of the units are availabale for rent as at August 2000.
Gardenville.Downtown upscale condo.  3+1 1800sq. ft $12,000. Smaller ones at $9,000.  Next to Shangri-la hotel.

Grange 70. 
Downtown upscale condo. 3+1 from $8,000. 7-minute walk to Orchard subway.  Tel: +65 9668 6468. Email judy@asiahomes.com for appointments.  Visit: http://www.asiahomes.com/

Central Place
, North, New.  Near French School. Full condo facilities. 2-bedroom $2500-$2900. 3-bedroom $3300-4700. Penthouse 3-bedroom $4400-$5200.  Tel: +65 9668 6468. Email judy@asiahomes.com for appointments.

Fairlodge. South near downtown. New. Near Holland Village.

Pine Springs. Downtown, New.  20 units. with 2 studios for rent at $3,000.  Most units taken up but tel: +65 9668 6468 for updates.

. Downtown upscale condo, next to Anderson Green and near Shangri-la Hotel. See photo at:

Tel: +65 9668 6468. judy@asiahomes.com for details. Penthouses and few units available.

Grange 80. Downtown upscale condo, exclusive 10 units.
Case study: Closing on a difficult corporate tenant.
For Rent: 4+1, $8,000 - 12,000.
Tel: +65 9668 6468, 254 2728
or david@asiahomes.com to get the best deal.

The Bayron (layout plans).  Downtown subway condo, 2-minute walk to the Somerset subway. Short-term leases available.

Kim Yam Heights. Downtown.
Elmira Heights (not a new condo), Downtown subway condo. 3-min walk to Newton subway.

The Hermitage  Downtown subway condo.
For Rent: $3.3K to $4.4K.

Anderson Green (photo & layout);  Downtown upscale condo.
Nassim Woods, Downtown upscale condo.
Ardmore Point (photo). Downtown condo,
Updated report on Anderson Green Condo.
For Rent: Anderson Green 4+2, 5005sf $15K, Nassim Woods 5 bedroom 6000sf $20K.
Contact judy@asiahomes.com. +65 9668 6468 for best deal.

Anderson Green Penthouses. Downtown upscale condo.
Photo & layout plans.
Housing term: What is a Singapore Penthouse?
For Rent: Anderson Green 4+2, 5005sf $15,000 p/f.
Contact judy@asiahomes.com. +65 9668 6468 for best deal.

Anderson GreenDowntown upscale condo.
Case study: The rights of an "Occupant".
For Rent: 3+1 1600sf $8K, 4+1+terrace 2411sf $8.5K, Penthouse 4+1 5600sf roof garden $15K. Rented.

Stratford Court.  East.
Case study: Update on East Coast Condos (March 1999).
For Rent: 3+1 1600sf $8K, 4+1+terrace 2411sf $8.5K, Penthouse 4+1 5600sf roof garden $15K.

Northvale West.  Subway condo.
Case study: Realtor. Legal fees for the preparation of the tenancy agreement.
For Rent: 4+1, $3K, 3+1, $2.5K, 2+1 $1.8K, Studio $1.4K. American school teachers 3 subway stops to school.

Some units may be available for rent, as expats come and go.

Four Seasons 5+1 3823 sq. ft $23,000. Fully renovated.
Panoramic city views. Quiet.
Nassim Mansions 7000 sq. ft. Next to Botanic Gardens.
The Anchorage 4+1 $6,500. Alexandra Road.
Spring Grove 4+1 $9,000.
Central Green 4+1 2000 sq. ft $4,800.
Lucky Towers 4+1 $17,000.
Grange 80 4+1 $12,000. Luxury. Exclusive 10 units only.

Nassim Woods 4+1 $11,000. 2 units.
Grange 70 3+1 $9,000. Luxury. Exclusive. 20 units only. 7-minute walk to Orchard subway, malls. New.
The Bayron 2 & 3 bedroom available. 2-minute walk to Somerset subway. New.
Burlington Sq Residence
3+1+private terrace $6,000, penthouse $8,000. 2 & 3 bedroom units available. 10-minute walk to Bugis or Dhoby Ghaut subway. New.
erly Hill 4+1 3778 sq. ft $11,000.
The Claymore 3+1 $12,000. Next to the American Club.
18 Anderson 3+1 2778sq. ft $9,500. Next to Shangri-la Hotel.


Juniper At Ardmore.  Downtown. 3-min walk to the American Club. 4+1 $12,000 for rent.  Email judy@asiahomes.com
. Not a new condo.

Ardmore View.  Downtown. Penthouse for rent at $20,000.  Both condos are fully leased except for those units mentioned above.  But tel: +65 9668 6468 or email judy@asiahomes.com for latest update.  There are 2 units available in January 2000.
Ardmore View is NOT a new condo.

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