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Last updated: 20 Jul 2002
Interesting legal real estate cases in Singapore 
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CHECK TENANTS online at:

www.sir.gov.sg for immigration passes.new.gif (116 bytes)
Hotline: 391-6100


for work passes.new.gif (116 bytes)
Hotline: 1800-438-5122


19. Jun 22 02. First Tenant tax deductions.

18.  Nov 22 00:  2 case studies: The diplomatic clause & first Singapore Housing Agent jailed 18 months for abetting the landlord to rent the apartment to illegal tenants.

17.  Sep 19 00:  "You got Tenant" Photo-ad.
The Englishman was angry at losing $200,000 as his agent flipped his condo?

16. Aug 9 00:  Environmental Public Health Act: Can developers continue construction past 7 p.m?

15.  Jul 20 00:  "You don't get commission," said the Landlady when the Tenant wants to break lease on the first month.
Be Kind to Pets. Hamster with eyelids stuck together.

14.   Jul 20 00:  What is the implications of "locked one room" rent whole HDB apartment? Handling abusive phone calls and legal threats from agency operators

13.   Jul 14 00:  What is the "diplomatic clause?"

12.   Jul 14 00: Selling purchase options is illegal?

11.   Employing a domestic worker: Do-it-yourself

10. May 10 00: Enbloc sales. How much should you sell?

9.   Mandatory 6 months' jail if you rent to illegals. What does the exercise of due diligence mean to a Singapore Landlord?   Basically check original passport, work passes & get letter of employment.

As at Nov 22 00: Landlords can check tenants online at:

www.sir.gov.sg for immigration passes.new.gif (116 bytes)
Hotline: 391-6100. 


for work passes.new.gif (116 bytes)
Hotline: 1800-438-5122

Housing agents can be jailed too as in the case of  Singapore Housing Agent jailed 18 months for abetting the landlord to rent the apartment to illegal tenants.

8.  A Corporate Landlord's tenancy agreement can overlook the interest of the employee occupant.

5.   What is the Chief Justice's definition of corruption?
Is management fee a form of  corruption?

4.  Single child and parent buying a HDB apartment

3.  An agency boss threatening a co-broking agent with "reserving" the right of legal action.

2.  American's DIY Maid application rejected by the MOM

1. The LTA saw the American in court as he ignored earlier ERP summons




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Ministry of Law, Singapore
Law Society of Singapore

Singapore Academy of Law
Singapore International Arbitration Centre
Subordinate Courts of Singapore
Supreme Court of Singapore
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

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