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Immigration Act:
Mandatory 6 months' jail for renting to illegal immigrants.

"Tax officer jailed for renting out flat to 2 women overstayers" (Straits Times April 21, 2000).  A church deacon lost his appeal against his 7-month jail sentence for renting out his mother's flat to 2 illegal immigrants.   

What should you do?

Make proper checks on foreign tenants.

Exercise the due diligence in checking the immigration status of your tenants.   

1.  Check the original copy of the work permit or employment pass  and go to the Immigration Department to verify.  You can't rely on photocopies or the real estate agent.

2.  Ask for the original passport to confirm the personal particulars. Check photograph to see that it resembles the prospective tenant and also expiry date of the passport.

3.  Go to the office and check with the employer of the prospective Tenant. 

If the tenant becomes jobless or overstays later, there is again your responsibility.   There is much controversy over the punishment provisions of the Immigration Act, but you still get 6 months' jail if you are caught renting out to illegals. 

In the end, it may be best to keep the apartment empty rather than earn $640 per month.    Unfortunately, it is easier said than done as many people do need the money.  

A new species with 2-coloured tone rabbit?Be  Kind to Pets is community education via the internet is sponsored by asiahomes.com

The back side of both ears of this brownish black rabbit showed scratch wounds.  The rabbit was very itch and used the back legs to try to scratch away the itch.

At the lower one third of the rabbit, the hair is of a different lighter brown tone and were less thicker than the upper part, as if it was dyed and trimmed. 

The Owner thought she had a unique dual tone rabbit colour.  Actually, the cause of this lighter tone was due to constant irritation of the hair growth by the hind paws.   Ear itch does cause some animals, including dogs and cats to use their hind paws to rub against the lower third of the body, resulting in hair loss or great difficulty in hair growth. 

You will notice that the hind legs are active in scratching the body part.  Consult your veterinarian to get the problem treated quickly as your rabbit really suffers from the pain and itch outside or usually,  inside the ear canals.     

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