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   14 February, 2010
Blk 1002, Toa Payoh Lor 8, 01-1477, Singapore 319074. Tel: 6254-3326, 9668-6469
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters & rabbits
Mission & Guiding
Corporate Social Responsibility

Allergic reaction - Singapore Maltese red swollen eyelids Day 2 after miscarriage surgery Sarcoptic mange mites in the dog
Jan 15 03. The Maltese has pink eyes Jan 14 03. The cool bitch died Jan 9 03. No third chance for the vet
A fit horse after anti-colic injections.  Singapore Singapore rabbit. One year old. Mites attacking ear, nose and feet for few weeks.
Jan 8 03. The horse makes faces at the vet Jan 8 03. The rhino-horned rabbit was bleeding

Dec 26 02. Senior dogs living longer lives

 Rabbit with eyeball prolapsed for more than 7 hours. Cause unknown. Healthy spayed stray cat at Marine Parade beach, Singapore  Singapore dwarf hamster - nose tumour and chest abscess
Dec 21 02. Be Kind To Rabbits:  Eye injuries are emergencies 

Dec 20 02. The cat who fights and never sleeps

Dec 15 02. The hamster has a globular chest
Singapore  5-year-old toy Fox Terrier inguinal area inflamed Seizures in a 2-month-old Sheltie - brain trauma? Singapore Shih Tzu 10 months - ulcerative keratitis
Dec 12 02. The toy fox terrier has a blood-red belly Dec 11 02. The Sheltie puppy stares blankly at the vet

Nov 25 02. Was it too late for the mobile phone girl to save the eye?

Labrador 7 months old castration Singapore dwarf hamster 1.5 years old, breast tumour Horse has no more stingers now. Eating and drinking.
Dec 19 02. Will castration prevent prostate cancer in this Labrador? Nov 24 02. The twins love this hamster Nov 18 02. The fearless girl.
Singapore thoroughbred horse - skin lacerations 7.30 p.m Day 1 Singapore cross bred puppy - generalised demodectic mange Singapore Sheltie 4 months old coughing and vomiting
Nov 14 02. The horse kicks the vet Nov 13 02. The girlfriend hates dogs
Nov 12 02. The new Sheltie puppy coughs and vomits
Singapore Golden Hamster 2 years old - Wet Tail - improper diet Sore eyes in a Cavalier King Charles puppy, Singapore
Nov 8 02. The wet tailed hamster
Nov 4 02. The dog has fits when near a vet  Oct 28 02. Red eyes are not normal in any puppy
Bloody diarrhoea for few days in a 3-month-old puppy.  Singapore stray cat spayed 5 days ago. Going home. Wound not infected. Fishbone taken out

Oct 22 02. At death's door.

Oct 20 02. The vet nearly snipped off her left ear. Oct 16 02. Last chance for the mother cat to live

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