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02 Sep 2002
Focus:  We provide affordable internet ads for owners and realtors.

0736Singapore soft palate clefts, problems health and welfare education for animal lovers, excerpts from The Glamorous Vets, Singapore, sponsored by  AsiaHomes InternetSeptember 02, 2002

The kitten with two holes in the palate 
continued from:

It is extremely difficult to find somebody to adopt a stray kitten, let alone a sickly one.  The kitten started to sneeze a greenish discharge from its right nostril after the owner gave it a treat of meat in gravy during one of her infrequent visits. She was an Environment enforcement officer and had to work long hours.  

I just could not imagine her, a gentle bespectacled fair lady of average height, springing Hole in the palate - kitten, Singaporesurprise raids on the illegal hawkers who did not have licences to hawk food prepared in non-approved premises and house hold items. Hawkers did have look outs and there would be a sudden frenzied rush to close the stalls and run away whenever there were raids. Wares were dropped and I could feel the fear in these people.  Such scenes were common in the 1970s.  

Ms Tan had bought one of those attractive small packets of such feed, the size of your palm, available in the supermarkets and fed them to the kitten.  I forgot to tell her that the kitten should be fed dry feed only so that the food would be less likely to enter the holes in the palate which is the roof of the mouth and then get inside the nose, causing sneezing.   

Hole in the palate - kitten, SingaporeIt clawed me whenever I tried examining its palate to see whether the holes have become smaller as the cat grew bigger. It must be painful at the back of the nose where food was lodged and the area became infected by bacteria. 

"Anybody interested in adopting the kitten?" I asked Ms Tan, now that the kitten had been here for ten days. If Ms Tan could not afford the fees, the kitten would be out in the streets again, at the hawker centre. 

"No," Ms Tan said. "Furthermore, the kitten is sick and who wants a sick kitten?"  Notices at supermarkets and at the internet classifieds elicited no response. This was to be expected in Singapore which still has laws prohibiting the keeping of cats in the Housing & Development Board (HDB) apartments which house around 90% of the population.  The reason given was that the "innate nature" of the cat to wander would cause nuisance to other residents. Therefore it is illicit to keep cats in HDB flats. If all Singaporeans in the HDB flats were law abiding or threatened with eviction from the HDB flats, there must be at least a few thousand cats to be abandoned as no cat owner would bring the cats to the humane societies to be euthanased. 

Another seven days passed quickly. The kitten did not sneeze anymore when fed on dry pellets and water. How to find somebody to adopt this kitten?  Clients who came to the surgery expressed no interest too as it was an ordinary looking kitten.

An elderly man came with his wife regarding his dog problem. I had not seen them for many years. Mrs Lee saw a Pomeranian recumbent in the cage and asked me what was wrong with it. Groomer Ken had just transported the dog to the surgery. It had a stroke and could not get up and would be euthanased on the instruction of the owner. 

"You should not kill the dog," Mrs Lee said. "Let it die naturally." I presumed Mrs Lee is a Buddhist and to her, all life is precious. 

"The owner had entrusted the vet to euthanase the dog to stop further suffering," I said. "It would be put to sleep soon."

Mrs Lee was involved with catching the stray cats and neutering them. At the spur of the moment, I asked her if she would adopt this kitten. 

"No," Mrs Lee said without much of a thought. The kitten was somewhere else as Ms Tan had taken it to see the neighbours.  I was not a good sales person as this was outright rejection and the kitten was not available.    
Hole in the palate - kitten, Singapore

"The kitten needs a good home," I said to Mrs Lee.  

"So do all stray kittens," Mrs Lee said to me. "Lower your fees, give me your name cards and I will get my friends to bring more stray cats to you to be neutered."  Singapore does not have a charitable organisation which provides very low cost neutering and vaccination of stray cats.

"But this kitten has a hole in the hard palate," I appealed to Mrs Lee kindness. I meant to say soft palate but had slipped my tongue. In any case, I doubted whether Mrs Lee knew what a palate is.  I was appealing to her heart of kindness.  

"It needs a good home or it will be sent to the hawker centre and will not survive. The person who brought it in was not permitted by her father to keep it in the HDB apartment." Most unmarried children in Singapore live with their parents as the cost of rental housing is prohibitively high here and Ms Tan who brought in the kitten was one of them.

"The kitten has a hole in the heart?" Mrs Lee asked me. Somehow, she felt different.  Now, where did Ms Tan go?  I saw her some 5 shops away and quickly got her to bring the kitten to Mrs Lee. 

Mrs Lee adopted the kitten and was told that if it developed medical problems, to return back to the surgery.  Feed it on dry pellets and water and no liquid feed and it should grow up normally, I said. 

This was all too sudden parting for Ms Tan. She cried as she was not willing to part with the kitten.  Yet it needed a home and it was not easy to find one at all.  Nurse Ann cried. Mrs Lee cried too.  These were tears of sorrows and happiness from women who love cats.

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