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Last Updated. 09 December, 2003  
 Cocker Spaniel 18 months, spayed, uterus and ovaries of 2nd heat Dec 7 03. Chihuahua puppies well cared for by breeder for sale. 9668-6468
Dec 9 03. Information: Spaying an 18-month old Cocker Spaniel Dec 8 03. Apartment Puppies. The groomer discovers a cure for his seizure puppy
 Tail amputated. A tail bone seen. Tissues very healthy due to antibiotics given for past 5 days.  A black & white Chihuahua is not so popular with Singaporean Chinese dog buyers.
Nov 28 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies.  A tail-less Rottweiler. Nov 27 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies. The Chihuahua proved the vet wrong.
Nov 14 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies. First toys, puppy proofing your apartment, pet shop. Nov 11 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies. Pictures of bitch spay surgery.
Itchy elbows, neck and hock - dwarf hamster, Singapore Generalised dermatophytosis in a miniature Schnauzer puppy, Singapore Toa Payoh Vets
Nov 30 03. BE KIND TO HAMSTERS. Consult Your Vet when hamsters feel slightly itchy.  Be Kind to Hamsters & Rabbits Nov 20 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies.  Zoonoses & common puppy diseases.
Shih Tzu spayed at 6 months, Toa Payoh Vets.
Nov 16 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies - Swellings under the skin: hernias.
Nov 9 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies. Spay or get breast cancer?
Schnauzer puppies for sale $1,300 - $1,500 July 2003. Siberian Husky for sale, Singapore
Nov 9 03. Singapore
Apartment Puppies:  How much puppy can you really afford?
Nov 8 03. Singapore Apartment Puppies. Puppy's first night.

Intense facial and neck itchiness. Poodle.If you want your pet to live longer lives, disease free and pain free, it is always prudent to consult your vet to get professional treatment of your pets rather than treating yourself. 

Try not to doctor-hop, but sometimes you do need a second or third opinion. 

There may be a vet near your home.  See:
Singapore small animal veterinarians, sponsored by

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Singaporean stray cat neutered and left ear clipped for adoption, 9668-6468

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