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26 February, 2015
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Educational Article first written: Dec 29, 2004
Updated: Feb 26, 2015
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS

Neutering the male dog

As for neutering of male dogs by Singaporeans, the reasons are:

1.  Making the apartment smell of urine.
Some mature male dogs spray drops of urine onto the walls and furniture, making family members angry.

Maltese puppies for lst vaccination at Toa Payoh Vets.6.5 weeks old.One Maltese gets beaten by the father but still he continues to spray urine. I saw the case when the dog passes a lot of fresh blood in his urine.  A young lady brought him for examination and confirmed that the dog was beaten hard on his kidney area many times for "misbehaving".  However, he could not stop his natural desire to spray urine to mark out his territority.  

Singapore Rottweiler pups for sale by owner.Toa Payoh VetsNeutering of this dog early would have given peace of mind to the father and no physical punishment to the poor dog. No urine stench inside the house too!

2.  Aggressive biting of children and the care-giver who is of a gentle personality. Sometimes,
the dog is euthanased as they become uncontrollable. The 2 common species of male aggressors are usually the Jack Russell and the Cocker Spaniel living in the apartment.

Jack Russell, Female, Spayed. Alpha female. Sibling Rivalry. Toa Payoh Vets3.  Gripping people with both legs as if the dog wants to mate with the person.  This can be traumatic to visitors especially female guests.

4. Undescended testicles.  Yes, the probability of the undescended testicle becoming cancerous is higher than descended ones.  Most owners fail to detect the cancer in the older dog (more than 7 years old).

Undescended left testicle is a Sertoli tumour. 8 year old Jack Russell. Toa Payoh Vets Testicular tumour (Sertoli) in undescended testicle in an older dog with undescended testicle (image, left).

Circum-anal tumours, enlarged prostate or infected prostate and perineal hernias are more common in the older non-neutered male dogs. I advise neutering the dog young to prevent such worries and increased medical costs in resolving such health issues.
Reference 54. Web: Updated: 3 cases of circum-anal tumours - surgery

Male Dog Problems


Spaying the female dog

Breast cancer if you don't sterilise your bitch?

"Why don't you tell the owner that the bitch will get breast cancer if she is not sterilised?" an experienced dog groomer asked me when I went to his pet shop to vaccinate his puppies for sale in 2004. "You will increase your revenue as prices in Singapore keep going up every year." 

"I should encourage breeding," I said. "So, that you will have more dogs to groom!" 

There is a conflict of interest for a private veterinarian to recommend spaying to every dog owner as he generates income from surgeries. 

I don't feel comfortable frightening new puppy owners about breast and testicular cancers and therefore do not talk about controlling the unwanted dog, cat and pet population that is said to number around 10,000 per year in Singapore (SPCA statistics). 

In any case, many younger Singaporeans feel that it is un-natural to sterilise their pets. They are aware of the pros and cons of the surgery as the internet provides a rich source of information easily.

The main reason Singaporeans sterilise their dogs are:

1. The blood from the bitch in heat soils the apartment. Pet shops sell pads to be worn by the bitch resolves the problem when the bitch is on heat.

Japanese Spitz puppy, vaccination. Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore2.   The considerably reduced annual dog licence fee for spayed females is an incentive for spaying.

3. Accidental mating may also occur if there is a male dog.  I have a case of a female Silkie terrier mated by a Shetland sheepdog in an apartment. She needed Caesarean delivery.

Does the spaying of the bitch prevent breast cancer and womb infection in the older bitch (more than 7 years old)?

It does reduce the incidence of breast cancer but few Singaporeans think of cancer when the bitch is still a puppy!

Is sterilisation safe for the dog and when to do it?

In 99% of the surgical cases, the normal bitch or dog does not die from the anaesthesia or surgery. 

Toa Payoh Vets' recommended time to sterilise is after 6 months of age for the male and 2 months after the first bleeding for the female dog if you wish to sterilise them early. 

This may mean the male dog is 8 months old and the female dog is 10-12 months old at the time of sterilisation. Consult your vet for his or her advices. 

Shih Tzu spayed at 6 months, Toa Payoh Vets.
A 1.5-cm cut into the skin. The ovaries and uterine horns are hooked out and removed.
Shih Tzu spayed at 6 months, Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore.
The skin and muscles below the skin are stitched up with absorbable stitches.
Shih Tzu spayed at 6 months, Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore.
A bandage prevents the bitch licking the wound. The bandage is to be checked daily and be removed in 7-10 days' time.
Shih Tzu spayed at 6 months, Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore.
Gas anaesthesia is used during spay. The bitch usually wakes up before the last stitch is tied. The bitch goes home in the evening. There is no need to return for stitch removal as the stitches dissolve in 21-30 days.

The older unspayed female dogs have more medical and surgical problems in old age. 

Female Dog Problems


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