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Tips for Dog Breeders & Pictures of Chihuahuas

15 Mar 2004
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If you wish to purchase pictures of Chihuahuas or any other pictures in this web site, ENQUIRIES: 

Please note:
AsiaHomes Internet is an INTERNET ADVERTISING AGENCY for Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Toa Payoh Vets and private individuals.  This webpage promotes the local canine breeding industry globally at the least cost.  Local breeders who produce top quality puppies and kittens are interested in the competitive global market.  

2.  We do NOT have any puppies for sale at Toa Payoh Vets which is a veterinary surgery. We are NOT a dog breeding operation or a pet shop.  Licensed pet shops & Singapore breeders advertise their puppies in this webpage for export sales, preferably overseas to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries.

3. Puppies advertised in this webpage as delivered by Caesarean section had undergone EMERGENCY Caesareans as the mothers were unable to give birth naturally.  Such puppies would have died if not for the Caesarean delivery.  The Caesarean and other Singapore born puppies are usually for viewing at week 8.

4. A portion of the profits from the sale of certain items goes to support the publication of  "Be Kind to Pets" - Tips for a longer life for pets -  A Community Education project supported by
AsiaHomes Internet.

Singapore chihuahua puppies for sale, 9668-6468Apple-domed heads in  Chihuahuas are much in demand by Chihuahua lovers.
Other puppies for export/Sale:
Puppy For Export Sales Home Page

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Puppy For Export Sales Home Page