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Last updated: 16 Oct 2004

To de-stress, detoxify and rejuvenate your body and mind, the portable home spa shown in this web page is most appropriate for families and women who do not have much time and money to spend on resort and other spas. 

The portable home spa provides hydro-therapy and thermal therapy.   
When combined with aroma-therapy, it de-stresses spouses who may have neck muscle aches arising from office work or attending too many management meetings, stressed children highly motivated to top the class or are given tuitions to excel academically.  Consult your doctor if you have medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems before using the home spa.   

How one individual uses this home spa.

I was initially sceptical about the benefits of the home spa.  No time for such nonsense as aromatherapy and bubble massage. I am 50 years old male, Chinese and have some swellings and aging effects of the face such as eye bags and dead looking facial skin.  However, I am a daily user, 15 minutes of the hot bubble massage bath,  for my following conditions. 

1.  Dandruff since I was a teenager.  A daily bubble bath in hot water removes all dandruff and I can wear coloured shirts.  No more anti-dandruff shampoo and the need to check the shirt and car seat for dandruff flakes. No need to use anti-dandruff soap. This is the best thing that happens to me.  Immerse my head in the hot water (with aromatic oil, Eucalyptus) for 2 minutes or till I run out of breath. 3 times daily.
2.  Facial massage. As I don't go for facials I find that my eye bags have shrunk and people have commented I look "younger" and more alert.  Immerse my head in the hot water (with aromatic oil, Eucalyptus) for 2 minutes or till I run out of breath. 3 times daily.

3.  The spider and varicose veins in my thigh.  Doctors can't do much as they are not that large. Also, I dislike surgery and drug injections.  This home spa reduces the swellings of the veins. 

4.  Dog bite wounds. I was bitten by a dog on the thigh. The home spa was excellent in bring blood supply to the surface of the skin. I could not believe that an old labrador dog could inflict such a large area of bruise.

Large bruised area 2 days after dog bite (old labrador cross dog) Bruised area healed faster after warm bubble massage stimulates blood circulation.

5.  Ganglion on my left foot swells till there is no space to swell. Very uncomfortable to wear shoes. Doctors say that nothing can be done. Surgery possible but the honest doctor says that it may recur again. The home spa reduces the ganglion swelling. It will never go away but I live day to day. At least it does not grow much bigger.

6.  Wrist swelling.  I am one of those who have such swellings. The doctor says it is between the tendons and surgery to remove it will be difficult. At least the doctor is honest with me.  It was a hard core of band and noticed by friends. After using the home spa for over 3 months, the swelling is not so obvious.  

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15 minutes of hot water (depending on your tolerance but not too hot). Add 5 ml of the aromatic oil (use good brand, not the cheap ones). Relax and breathe deeply.  If you are the type A personality like me, it is pretty hard to relax and not think of work and other daily matters. Try to do it.  Go for a high fibre vegetable diet. If you don't exercise, try to walk a few minutes.

Any reader who has used the home spa, contact me at or tel me at +65 9668-6468 to share the experiences of a non-drug, non-surgery treatment.  I will like to meet those who are interested. As I am not a doctor, I advise seeking medical supervision and advices before using the home spa or doing self treatment. 

One unit is selling in Singapore at S$2,310 inclusive of Singapore Goods and Service Tax.
1 bottle of the aromatic oil of 200 ml - $100.

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