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Update: 30 Sep 2004
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Be Kind To Pets.  A Community Education project using  narrative stories with pictures, is sponsored by AsiaHomes Internet - we connect owners & agents to expatriates or foreign investors globally without costing you a bomb.  Please note: Asiahomes Internet is an internet advertising agency for properties and pets.  It does not sell pets or breed animals.

Small Animals Section - 
Case Files of a vet in 1997

An email
October 11, 1997

Dear  Doctor


Thank you once again for saving our MaoMao by preventing the maggots from going to other parts of the body. We really are grateful.

Few years ago, we were hunting for a vet who would operate on the tumour growing on her neck but we were told by most doctors to put her down due to her old age which is not quite suitable for operation. Until the year before (1995), God must have send us to you, you treated MaoMao for the frist time for an infection on the right fore leg and you offered to operate on the tumour before we ask for your opinion.

We know the risk involved in operating this fifteen year old dog and it took us a long time to decide on the operation.

Until today, we never regret sending MaoMao to you and are very thankful to you for saving MaoMao's life by removing the tumour on her neck at such a low monetary cost; and most important of all, we found a doctor whom we can trust, a doctor who will try his best to save a dog as long as there is a chance of survival ,and never ask us to put a dog down unless there is really no chance of survival-- like in the case of my pug, Dearie.

You are one doctor, we strongly feel, who do not slaughter us (financially),and tries your best to save and only offer the horrendous choice when there is really no chance of survival.

Today, I really cannot believe that the sixteen year old cross-terrier, MaoMao, which several famous Vets have advised us to put down, is actively running around our house, constantly seeking our attention.

Thank you, Doctor , a thousand thanks for saving our big baby. We are most willing to testify that you are the best Doctor around! May you find favour in everything you do and everyone you meet. Thank you.

With best regards,


My Comments on the above-mentioned Case :



Private veterinary surgeons are very reluctant to operate on aged dogs because:

  1. of the high risk of death from anaesthesia and after surgery.
  2. fat old dogs which seldom gets annual veterinary check-ups pose greater risk as their health and heart are not in good condition.
  3. bad mouthing by some Owners. If the dog dies during or after surgery, some Owners do not pay the bills and start to bad-mouth the practice telling others to avoid the practice, hence apportioning blame to the "incompetent" vet when in fact, it would be due to the Owner's lack of care and concern till the last minute.
  4. of a likelihood of some Owners (very rare incidence in Singapore in my opinion) to complain that the vet is negligent, to the government.

The reason I suggested surgery because the dog was actually carrying a heavy weight of fat tumour such that it had great difficulty lifting its head. The tumour was almost the size of the dog's head! I thought this Owner would have learnt not to procrastinate and seek immediate veterinary attention. However, the maggots came in and there was another risk to be attended to.

This Owner brought in an old abandoned bitch with a large breast tumour of over 4 inches in diameter.

Tumours are present in older dogs and most Owners neglect the small breast tumour lumps (<0.5 inches diameter) which could be easily removed. Bitches over 5 years old - to be checked for breast tumours during annual vaccination or monthly by the Owner! Such tumours can develop to the size of golf balls and even half mango sizes!


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