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Will the Chief Executive Office succumb to the domestic pressure?

"Honey, why don't we just offer the Landlady now?  It is safe for the children. I will die if somebody rents this house!"  The American husband was asked to take time off to see the house. The Landlady was asking $20,000.

"It's best not to negotiate now as you will be in a weak position," I said. The husband was much relieved. He had relocated from the top 10 suburb in the U.S.A and Singapore bungalows of less than $15,000 rentals are not up to his wife's expectations.   Neither were the penthouses. The Four Seasons Park apartment-condos of over 3,000 sq. ft were asking nearly $18,000 and they could not be compared to this bungalow with so much tranquility and so much space for the children to run around.

The wife had seen various bungalows below $15,000 and these were unsatisfactory. There would be some unfavourable factors, like construction near by, too small a built in area, poor quality neighbourhood, near the expressway, no long baths, dated bathrooms, small pool, small garden and general signs of wear and tear.

She liked a Newton bungalow with pool asking $15,000 but there was a massive school construction nearby.  Yet there was a British family who rented it soon.  
Dream house with spacious room and big pool
Mar 10 91:  Dream bungalow with pool $15,000.

As we reached the hotel, the wife asked again. "Hon, why don't you give our realtor some instructions? I sure hate to lose this house to somebody."

"It will not be gone within the next 24 hours," I assured the wife.   "Have a good dinner, take two pannadols and call me in the morning."

I didn't really mention the pannadols.  It is a big headache for American wives used to a high quality housing in California to find that good newer bungalow in Singapore rents closer to $20,000 per month. What will the husband decide?  The happiness of his wife and the safety of the two children? At what cost for him to maintain a peace of mind domestically?

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bungalows with pool
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House-hunting listings - Various condos and houses for rent.

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Details of some condos are described in:
Subdivision Rentals

March 15, 2001

Stevens Road, 4+1 10000 sq. ft land/6000 sq. ft built in.  $17,000.  Big pool and much greenery but the building,  bathrooms and kitchen look dated.

Off Coronation Road, 5+1 8000 sq. ft land/5000 sq. ft built in. $20,000.

California style bungalow with beautiful inground pool

CLICK thumbnail to see bigger image of the latest California-style bungalow in which all American wives will fall in love with.

Modern new 2-storey bungalow with all rooms facing the pool, spouting fountains and plants.  The living area has a very high ceiling and fans, no air conditioning. No bath tubs in any room.  Light yellow natural sand-coloured stones. Most beautiful resort-like inground pool, almost like the one seen in the upscale Avalon condos. Featured in Straits Times 1998 LIFE newspaper as a bungalow in which you have vacation daily. Very little garden space.

Swiss Club Road
4+1 17000 sq. ft land /7500 sq. ft built in.  $22,000.  Huge garden and bedrooms.  Bright.  Not so attractive flat roof type bunker facade.  Near the Dutch and German Schools.

Dalvey Estate area. 
5+1, 15000/7000 sq. ft $20,000.  Near downtown. 5-min drive past Botanic Gardens to Orchard Road.

Huge above ground pool of 5 feet deep, with BBQ hut and wooden floor deck, visible from the living and dining areas. Black granite floors in the spacious living and dining area located at basement.  Open concept kitchen with modern metallic cooker hood and central island.  Big patio near pool for entertainment.
3 big bedrooms at street level with master bedroom having a maroon granite floor.   White jacuzzi bath.
Huge guest or gym room at basement.

Quiet cul de sac with lots of green trees.  A good class bungalow area where new bungalows with inground pools, such as the The Glencaird Residence
rents from $20,000 - $30,000.

The above four bungalows are available for rent as at March 16, 2001.  
For more information on the rental bungalows or to make appointments for a  FREE house-hunting for expats relocating to Singapore, email Judy Quek, tel: +65 9668 6468.

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