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Last updated: 11 May 2001


of interest to the Caucasian expatriates.
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Dec 29 00: House-hunting. 3 bungalows with pool $9,000, $16,000, $17,000
Photo of a modern bungalow.

Dec 27 00 report: 
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A few pictures of the unique bungalows in a high class residential enclave.  Three of the 6 do not have basement rooms. 

5+1 bedrooms.  17,000 sq. ft land, 8,000 sq. ft built in. Inground swimming pool plus jacuzzi pool.. Rentals around $25,000 per month.

Strikingly modern designer bungalow $25,000 rent
The "green" bungalow in a leafy high class residential enclave of Singapore. 

Tranquility and lush greenery. No high rises nearby.
3 bungalows on either side of this road which ends in a cul de sac.

No high rises seen in the neighbourhood.

Modern and spacious
Another bungalow on ground level. It has no basement.  6.30 p.m on Sunday May 6, 2001.

Another floor plan.
The "orange" bungalow has no basement. 

153tn_Unique_redhilltop_house640.jpg (24138 bytes)
The "red"bungalow has a slope of green grass just like the "blue bungalow.

All six bungalows do not have the traditional sprawling gardens as most of the lower level of the 8,000 sq. ft of built in areas are tiled.. 

Generous living spaces and pastel colours with lots of natural tropical lighting with least maintenance characterise these 6 designer bungalows.

The road is used by occupants of six bungalows only.

New and old bungalows of over 15,000 sq. ft of land, with or without inground pools or big gardens dot the neighbourhood.  Rental around S$20,000 per month for most of them. Examples of two newer constructed bungalows are shown below.

New bungalows with pools renting above $20,000

Large bungalows with pools.

Description of the "blue" bungalow.  8,000 sq. ft of built in spaces and 16,000 sq. ft of land.

Hill top bungalow
Autogate. A sharp 45 degree gradient slope up to garage for 2 cars for this unit.    A large air conditioned bright kitchen with branded stainless steel Gaggenau kitchen appliances and ice maker fridge is to the left and behind the garage. A central island table in the kitchen for food preparation.  

The courtyard (blue structure) is large and is on the right as you enter. 

You will unlikely encounter snakes as the area is built up such that there is no jungle in this house.

Large courtyard enclosed by blue walls
Courtyard (blue) is large and tiled. The "garden" is the grass slope. The huge bedrooms with branded bath tubs are on level 2, behind and above the blue courtyard. There are 5 bedrooms each with their own white bath tubs.  Stainless steel sink and sit down bath tub in master bathroom. 

Simply large bedrooms as built in is 8000 sq. ft
The bedrooms are above and behind the blue courtyard. Maid's room on ground floor.

Above road level, very bright
Master bedroom (2 square glass  windows).  Dining area (1 square window) below.   Swimming pool and sundeck to the right of the dining area. Below the dining area is a very large basement room which can accommodate a billiard table and still has sufficient space.  The retaining walls in front is the front of the basement room.

The living area will be behind the pool. Lots of privacy and greenery.

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