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20 September, 2011

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Skin diseases in a Bulldog
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
20 September, 2011
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129

Some Skin diseases in the dog tend to be very itchy  Consult Your Vet if the problem persists past 7 days

Long-standing skin diseases are costly to treat.  
Mar 9 04. An oily smelly skin Bulldog. Mange was thought to be the cause of the problem. Is it mange?  Is there a cure for his skin problem? 
Bulldog more energetic & happy now after one month of regular veterinary reviews, drug and shampoo treatment. This was not a case of mange. What is it then?  Hair grows on neck and body. Will the problem recur? Yes, if the owner does not continue with the veterinary reviews

Tips for pet shop owners and groomers

The skin of this young and most attractive Bulldog, after one month of treatment,  feels a bit oily again and a small patch of skin above and behind the neck is oily and has yellow infected skin.  Is it a nutritional, management, dog behavioural or allergic problem?   Blood tests are being conducted to check whether this is a hormonal problem and this takes time and cost money.

Some skin diseases in the dog require several and extensive reviews by your vet. It is best to work with one vet although owners tend to skip to second or third opinions when the skin disease treatment does not respond soon.

Skin disease treatments can be costly, amounting to a few hundred dollars in some cases as one visit may not resolve the problem. 

If the skin disease does not cure within 7 days of seeing the groomer or the pet shop owner, it is best to consult your vet rather than try the shampoos as the more damage to the skin of the dog, the longer it takes to cure it and it will cost the owner more money and time for reviews. 

Skin itchiness causes the dog to scratch till a small disease area becomes wide-spread. Some diseases are a combination of fungal, bacterial and primary hormonal problem. It is unlikely to be cured by buying "tree oil" from the pet shop.  Use your judgment.

Many Singapore pet owners will prefer to consult the groomer or pet shop owner for medications and the magic shampoos. Changing shampoos and changing dog feed are common recommendations of the pet shop owners and groomer.  Experienced Singapore pet shop owners and groomers may wish to follow up on such severe skin disease cases and refer pet owners to the veterinarians when the skin disease gets worse.  

Otherwise, a lot of ill feelings towards the pet shop owners and groomer accumulate as the dog stops being energetic and becomes smelly. 

Advertisement from
European couple with 2 toddlers.
Near to Dutch School. Viewing July 26, 2001

2000/2287 means 2000 sq.ft built in and 2287 sq. ft of land area.

2pm Viewing at Nassim Park townhouse 4+1 2900 sq. ft $9,000

3pm Meet at Anson Road.

3.30pm  Nassim Park townhouse 4+1 2900 sq. ft $9,000. Near Orchard Road. Full condo facilities. Caucasian family enclave.  Bathrooms and kitchens dated compared to the newer condos but great location and near a green residential enclave of embassies. 

4pm  Dalkeith bungalow 2nd viewing. No pool. Bathrooms and kitchen cabinets dated.

4.30pm Brand new semi-detached off Sixth Avenue, 4+1 3200/3000 sq. ft $9,000. 5-min drive to the Dutch School. Shuttle buses and taxis outside house. Cold Storage Gourmet supermarket nearby. Essentially a Caucasian enclave. 

5pm  Grange 70 upscale condo  4+1 1981 sq. ft $9,000
Privacy. 20 units only. Near Orchard Road.  

5.30pm Ardmore Park condo. 4+1 2885 sq. ft $10,000. Brand new. Upscale. Next to American Club. Asking rentals are around $10,000.  See: Ardmore Park pictures and research report

Viewing bungalows July 25, 2001

"Bungalow" in Singapore means a detached house without sharing a common wall with neighbours.  It may be one, two or three storeys.

Dalkeith Road 4+1 inground pool,  3500/10000  $14,000.   One storey. Wood flooring. 5-min drive to Orchard Road and 15-min bus ride to the Dutch School.  A rare beauty with a nice balance between built in area and garden.   A sloping inground pool with carpet grass in front garden and cow grass and fruit trees in back garden. 


Dalkeith's big front garden but concrete backyard.Dalkeith Road 4+1, big front garden, 3500/9700   $11,000.  No pool.  One storey.  Ceramic tiled flooring. Big front garden with koi fish pond and space for barbecue parties.  Bar counter (extreme right of picture). The main complaint is the dated bathroom and kitchen cabinets.  Landlord willing to renovate both.  The rent ought to be higher if the kitchen and bathrooms are renovated. The cost will be $25,000.  However, this unit will not be available for long.  

Namly Gardens 6+1 4800/12500  $13,000. 2-storey. Large inground pool and side garden.  White ceramic tiled floors.  Long driveway provides privacy.   Many bedrooms. 

Watten Estate Road 6+1 5000/10000  $12,000. 3-storey. Small above ground pool. Brand new kitchen, light blue ceramic tiled flooring and bathrooms. Small garden but lots of living areas.  A quiet children's park nearby. Suits expats with large families. The main complaint is that the long bath tubs are smaller than the usual and may not suit big American expats. 

Caucasian expats looking for bungalows expect a very high standard of bathrooms and kitchen.  For $10,000 - $15,000, they can get a brand new Ardmore Park 4-bedroom 2885 sq. ft with its sprawling resort and condo facilities,  downtown location and near the American Club.

The main competitor of upscale Ardmore Park is a nice bungalow with a pool and rentals equivalent to Ardmore Park's quality interiors. Upscale bungalows rent from $15,000 - $30,000. 

Watten Estate Road bungalow with 6 bedroomsSurfers interested in these 4+1 or other units which may be available now,

please call Asia USA Realty 9668 6468 for viewing. Email



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Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129

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