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Last updated: 27 Nov 2000

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Parc Vista 3-bedroom floor plan

Construction Details of Parc Vista
The seven towers of neo-classical architectural design, are arranged to form a centre courtyard to
accommodate a swimming pool, lap pool, clubhouse, barbecue pavilions and sunken tennis court with
covered linkways connected to all the towers.

Construction Features

The site is sandwiched between the MRT line and HDB blocks on the south and north respectively.

Developer:  Far East Organisation & Pidemco Land Ltd

Construction Cost : S$ 125 million

Construction Period : 36 months
452 Corporation Road. 5-minute walk to Lakeside Subway

Completed: 1998.

Four 10-storey and
three 16-storey apartment blocks with a total of 638 units.

Studio: 97 sq. m
97 - 122 sq. m
116 - 189 sq. m
151, 152 sq. m
180, 221 sq. m

Living/dining - polished granite tiles. Bedrooms: parquet flooring.
Some units have a small side terrace. Maid's room is too small for accommodation of a maid.

Swimming & wading pool, tennis court, tennis court, gym, 24-hour security system, playground, sauna, covered car park, barbecue area, fitness area, putting green, foot reflexology path, games area, family theatre room.


Inexpensive newer condos as alternative to Districts 9, 10 & 11 older condos.

<5-minute walk to the Lakeside subway (MRT) and then to Raffles Place or American School. Near Jurong e.g. International Business Park for Germans.

For American School children, can take subway (<15-minute ride) to Marsiling MRT and walk 5 minutes to American School.


No squash court.

Some expats do not want to live near the Jurong industrial area.

Case Study:
The blinds with no privacy,  in the master bathroom.

"Maybe we can start the Australian Playboy (magazine) in the UE Square Condo?"

I said this trying to pacify the Tenant Mrs H who had been waiting a long time for the Landlady to rectify defects in the new UE Condo, facing Shell Office Tower.

The Australians usually have a good sense of humour and will not mind the humour.

Mrs H was showing me the shorter than usual blinds covering the bathroom glass window of the master bedroom. She swayed her hips to emphasize the vulnerable area when she would be in the long bath and and said that when she bathed, the office workers in the Shell Office Tower block opposite would be peeping toms.

If they use telescopes and focus on the gap between the blind and the window sill, they could see bathing.

The husband laughed and said a "Playgirl issue" might also be available as he also uses the same bathroom.

After one month of settling down in a brand new condo, the Tenant discovered defects such as the lack of shower curtain railings, the bright night lights (curtains being too thin), the excessive long window curtains curling on the floor level and the shorter blinds in the master bedroom bathroom.

The landlady was not responsive and would not rectify small problems even though she has several units for rent in Singapore.

Advice to new Landlords: If you have several investment units, you need to be more responsive after commencement of tenancy because the market is tenant-driven. The Landlady had some illness in her children but Tenant could not be waiting too long. Best to let agent or contractor handle the case if you have family problems. Agents will not refer clients to you if we spend considerable time on pacifying the Tenant. 

Don't expect good recommendations or co-operation at the end of tenancy when prospective tenants come to view your unit since you had not been kinder to the incumbent and also don't expect lease to be renewed since Tenant are spoiled for choices.  The tenant may be just "not free" when your agent wants to schedule viewing the last 2 months before expiry of lease. Your agent will be unlikely to refer any cases to you since there are so many other happier and less emotional landlords in Singapore.

Landlords to note legal action if he is:

Not being faithful to the terms of the lease agreement. In another case involving the same landlady, the landlady insisted on providing the IKEA queen-sized bed although a king-sized bed was agreed and listed. I tried IKEA but it does not sell king-sized and therefore cannot change the bed. In any case, IKEA deducts a considerable 30% off from goods returned and few landlords are going to agree to exchanges.

The emotions were running high as the landlady battled with the newly wed New Zealander wife over the "European style king-sized bed and mattress" costing S$2,800.

The landlady said that the "Italian bed" was too expensive and wanted to supply her own. However, there is a possibility of it being rejected by the New Zealander tenant. The Agent was caught in the middle. A lot of time was spent as the landlady wanted a written list while the New Zealander wife wanted the bed in 2 days' time. 

The quality and cost of the bed must be agreed to before the apartment is leased, to prevent misunderstanding and unreasonable demands from the tenant.

CONQUAS is the standard used by the BCA to assess the quality of building projects, based on scores in the areas of structural, architectural and external works. The Organization has developed the following top scoring properties. Projects with High BCA CONQUAS Scores

Eastpoint Green
Score of 80.7
Techpark 1
Score of 80.2

Palm Mansion
Score of 81.4
Central Square
Score of 79.7
Parc Vista
Score of 79.1

The Bayshore
Highest score of 82.6
Park Villas
Score of 79.6
Holland Grove
Score of 79.5

Kew Gate
Score of 81.9
Kew Residencia
Score of 81.5
Cavenagh Lodge
Score of 80.7
Kew Vale
(Excelsior series)
Score of 80.0

Orange Regency
Score of 81.2

Regent Villas
Score of 81.0



BCA Construction Excellence Award
Residential Buildings Category
Parc Vista
Residential Buildings Category
The Bayshore

This award is Singapore's most prestigious award for high standards of performance and construction excellence.


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