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10 Feb 2009
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment
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Singapore Trellis Towers are a 5-min drive to downtown Orchard Road

Singapore Trellis Towers,  5-min walk to subway
North, 5-minute drive to r downtown Orchard Road. 

Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
Freehold.  384 units,  30 stories.
Completed: March 2000.

Trellis Towers, photos 2-bedroom
Trellis Towers: gym facing pool

Studio: 51 sq. m. Expect the living and dining area to be small.

2 bedrooms: 66, 78 sq. m
3 bedrooms: 106, 108 sq. m
4 bedrooms: 138, 153 sq. m
311, 450 sq. m. 

Expats who want big roof terraces. However, the bedrooms and the livinga areas are relatively small. The master bedroom can fit a queen-sized bed but not a king-sized bed with two bedside tables.  The rent of the penthouses are around $8,000 and are of interest to expats who want big roof terraces of over 50 sq. m.

Living/Dining - polished marble.
Bedrooms - laminated floorboard with timber finish. Kitchens can be quite small. 3rd bedroom in the 3-bedroom units may be very small. 

Swimming pool, children's pool, gym, tennis court, playground, sauna, jacuzzi pools, covered car park, golf simulator, outdoor exercise station, BBQ pits, games room, karaoke room, 24-hour security.  The big lap pool has no depth, being around 4 feet deep throughout the length.

The only competitor is the other private condo, Oleander Towers which is a short 5-min walk to the Toa Payoh subway too.

Singapore Trellis Towers seen from Oleander Towers

A 5-minute walk to the Toa Payoh subway and 3 stops to Orchard subway.  Rent not as high as downtown condos, yet you are near downtown within 5 minutes by subway ride. 
A vibrant town with at least 5 McDonald's! 

Formerly known as "The Chicago of Singapore" but no more triads and mobsters in sight.

The French School is within a 10-minute bus ride. 
French families and single expats working in Thomson Road or Novena area and are on local pay terms will be interested in this new condo. 

Some Caucasian expatriates dislike the high density, pre-fabricated slab block condos. Others dislike the road facing units and the nearby HDB apartments which almost encircle the Trellis Towers.  Toa Payoh is the oldest HDB housing estate in Singapore and the highly built up areas are to be expected.  Rentals are lower though.

The location is surrounded by high rise apartments and there is a much higher percentage of Singaporeans  staying in Trellis Towers and Oleander Towers compared to downtown condos. 

The advantage is proximity to the Toa Payoh subway and downtown. More younger Caucasian expatriates are seen residing in this Trellis Towers and the neighbouring  Oleander Towers.

E-mail or tel +65 9668 6468 for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Case study:   Abrupt cancellation by expatriates.

"Blame it on the crazy ang mo, blame it on the crazy ang mo." insisted the Caucasian expat when the co-broking realtor was shouting at the me for over 15 minutes via the handphone for cancelling the house-viewing appointment of the Leonie Garden apartment.

No matter how often Realtor James apologised, she would repeat her angry scolding for 10 minutes.  The crazy ang mo (slang for Caucasian) could hear the anger as the Ericsson T18s mobile phone seemed to be particularly sensitive and he was trying to deflect the anger by putting the blame on Caucasian. 

Of course, I did not take up his offer.  It was a hot seat in the car as I was driving.  It was fortunate that Realtor James was assisting me to answer calls.      
No co-broking realtors will like to cancel scheduled appointments made.  In this rental business, realtors representing the Owner will sometimes encounter no shows, delays and last-minute cancellations.  Sometimes, the expat had decided on a unit and would not want to spend time seeing others.  Last minute cancellations had to be made.

I had one or two expats who simply disappeared when I went to the serviced apartment to pick them up.  They might have contacted other realtors or gone shopping.

Co-broking agents and owners:
Please understand the nature of this business and be cool.  Your weekends are precious to you and every effort is made to ensure that appointments are not cancelled.  We at Asia USA Realty apologise for the inconvenience caused.
1.  Please CONFIRM with your company and the human resource manager as to whether you are permitted to use realtors (outside realtors) to book/lease apartments for you.

You may have to let your company know that you wish to use outside realtors if you feel you receive unsatisfactory service from company realtors. However many Singapore human resource managers have firm policies stopping you from doing so. Many of these managers do have private benefits of not permitting you to use outside realtors.

2.  Please note that we do NOT provide telephone numbers of Serviced apartments or any of the Singapore condos and developments to expats/overseas callers phoning us wanting to know name/tel of the developer or tenant. 

Please do NOT phone 9668 6468 or get persistent/irritated trying to get the tel numbers. Our answering service operator doesn't have them personally.  He just takes down your name and telephone number and gets the realtors to contact you later after finding the rates for you.

The agents provide a free service to expats/secretaries needing serviced apartments without the hassle of booking themselves and doing paperwork. They contact the operators of Serviced apartments, get the best rate and book for the expats.

They may  bring expats to view the units of any serviced apartments if expats are willing to pay a service fee of S$200 - $300.  Please try NOT to abuse this service if you just wish to shop around for the lowest rate and then book the apartments yourself or with your own agent.

3. Re-send your e-mail if there is no reply. gets 4,000 junk mails daily and these have taken up the allotted space from the service provider. Your e-mail may bounce back to you in such cases.

+65 9668 6468

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