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Last Updated: 02 November, 1999

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Residential Rental Department.

Asia USA Realty (Singapore) asiahomes.com Pte Ltd provides free house-hunting services to expatriates relocating to Singapore.
Email david@asiahomes.com your specifications.

24 hours reply promised.
Tel: +65 9668 6468, 254 2728,
9668 6469.

Fax; +65 256 0501, 4545 843.

Other condos for rent, visit: http://www.asiahomes.com.


Asia USA Realty Residential Sales Department

This webpage lists residential sales properties for sale

Singapore real estate prices residential sales transacted price.

Housing Terms
"3+1" means 3 bedrooms + 1 maid or utility room.
"3+1+1" means 3 bedrooms + 1 maid or utility room + 1 family area or study without doors or with doors.

Rent quoted in listings are in Singapore Dollars.
As at Nov 1, 1999, One US$=S$1.68 approximately.

Oct 28 1999.

East. Pebble Bay's most stress-free for you unit - sea, river and panoramic city views from one 4+1 unit in Blk 3 high floor. Tel: Asia USA +65 9668 6468 now!
See: Pebble Bay layout and photos research report at:

Downtown. The Cairnhill 4+1 3000sf at $4,500, near Chatsworth School & Orchard Malls, Somerset subwya.

South. Maplewoods 3+1 with roof terrace for BBQ at $6,000. Near Dutch School. Off Bukit Timah Road, near Sixth Avenue. Seldom available.


Ocr 24, 1999
Burlington Square Residence .
Layout of 2 and 3 bedrooms for single expats
and those with small children.
Live on the doorstep of food and beverage joints and enjoy full condo, yet only a 10-minute walk to the Bugis or Dhoby Ghaut subway. New. Lap pool. Big gym. Tennis court and fun. Short lease OK for 2-bedroom.

See layout plans of Burlington Square Residence.
Bigger units at Leonie Gardens and Leonie Towers, within a 10-15 minute walk to Orchard subway.


October 22, 1999

Photo of Australian School. Cavendish Park & Astor Green condos next to the Australian School. One Cavendish penthouse 4+1, 2100sf $6,000 rent. 4 attached baths and 2 big balconies. Others, visit:


October 19, 1999
Ardmore View
Magical Penthouse 3+1 9000sq.ft $20,000
for expats from Scandinavia!
See photo at:


October 18, 1999
The Peak
5500sf for expats who want space and be living on hill top rent from $12,000.

Downtown. The exclusive BMW and Mercedes-type of condo for single and couples at Nassim Jade, next to Orchard Road of 2000sf renting for $12,500 for 2000sf? Which one will the yuppie Canadian couple rent? Other good condos for rent, visit:

October 16, 19
The Dutch wife thinks he will favour Grange 80. Will the husband who has no children pick the upscale Grange 80 apartment, an exclusive 10-unit brand new development 8-minute walk to Orchard subway or the 35-unit Nassim Woods with its full condo facilities and more children of others but not near a subway?
4+1 around 2400sf $11,000 for rent. Images of interiors at:
http://www.angelfire.com/ky/singaporerealty/1016thankyou.html. Tel: +65 9668 6468. Email judy@asiahomes.conm

Latest news:
November 1, 1999.
Grange 70 3+1 for rent at $9,000.

October 15, 1999

Caucasian-favoured newer condos renting from $7,000. Low density ones are Anderson Green & Nassim Woods. Medium density is Great Eastern Mansions with many caucasian children. Scotts 28 is just 2-min walk to the American Club. The 29th floor recommended for its newness and panoramic city and some sea views.


October 14, 1999
175 Bencoolen St.
Young hot-blood Caucasian expats like this penthouse with big roof terraces and balconies at $8,500 downtown. The Burlington Square Residences with 1, 2 or 3 bedroom and this penthouse for rent. The Colonnade and other big balconied condos. Visit:

October 13, 1999

South, near downtown.
SUBJECT: SOHO (Small office home office)..
House visit with a Dutch lady IT entrepreneur who wants a home office with lots of space, good views and new condo. Photos.
Will she take the 100% renovated Villa delle Rose for its spacious living and dining areas? Details and photos of house-hunting visit are: http://www.angelfire.com/ks/singaporecondos/9415VdRoseDray.html


October 12, 1999
Expats with lots of furniture and want Orchard Road proximity
may find The Cairnhill 4+1 2900sf at $5,000 value for money. Near The
Chatsworth International School & Orchard Malls.

New Sam Kiang Mansions, 23 St Thomas Walk, 10-minute walk to the Somerset subway. A 3 penthouses of 2-level, 4+1 2131sf at $4,500; 2153 sf at $5000. Other 3+1 from $3,000. Pool only. Tel: +65 9668 64688. judy@asiahomes.com. Images, visit:

October 12, 1999

List of condos $8,000 - $10,000 for rent. Mostly near downtown. House-hunting schedule with an American expat who wants newer apartments, big living area, balcony and near cafes, restaurant.

There are some around $6,000 or more than $10,000 in the same developments but not listed here. Email david@asiahomes.com for more information tailored to your needs.

October 10, 1999

South, near Downtown
Great Eastern Mansions
big ground floor condo 4+study+maid 2500sf $7,500. Facing pool. Built-in 2169sf and patio is 331sf. Caucasian enclave. Many children. Others, visit

over 1500sf & unique conservation shophomes
I recommend the Maplewoods Felicium Court 3+1 1500sf $5,500. It has a roof terrace if you have lots of barbecue and entertainment. Good hill views. Tel: +65 9668 6468.
5 shophomes for rent from $7500 to $13,000. Contact

Hilltops Apartments
. 3+1 2400sf $2500. RENOVATED 100%. Only security and covered car park. Cairnhill Circle. Walking distance to Orchard Road/Somerset subway. No condo facilities but cheap and in great location. Expats with big families and big furniture items! Photo at: http://www.angelfire.com/ky/singaporerealty/9405realmansion.html

South, near Downtown
9+1 + big pool MANSION (stately residence in good class bungalow area 5-minute drive to downtown Orchard Rd) 10,000sf land, 10,000sf built-in for rent at $20,000. Available in December 1999. Tel: +65 9668 6468, 254 2728. Fax: +65 256 0501. david@asiahomes.com. Photos at:




Over 3000sf Fontana Heights condos near the Australian School in Mount Sinai from $8000 rent, but also within a 10-minute drive to the Dutch/German/Swiss/Canadian/United World College & Tanglin Trust Schools.

New Over 4000sf Duchess Crest townhouse 5+1 at $12,000 rent in new condo and other apartments.



New The Paterson Edge. 2+1 990sf, $6,000 fully furnished. Marble flooring for this unit. Layout type E. Single expats excited as the apartments project a high tech sensual appeal. Girlfriends sure to be impressed. Can get drunk and need not drive because the Orchard subway is a 3-minute walk. Borders bookstore and cafes nearby.

3+1 1200sf $6,500 partially furnished. Excellent green tree view. Corner unit. High floor.
Visit http://www.angelfire.com/ks/singaporecondos/9113pedg.html for layout plans of Type E and photos. Few units available from $4,500. Penthouse 3 bedroom at $7,000.

5-year old Leonie Condotel. 3 or 4+1+balcony 2700sf $10,000. 5-min walk to Orchard or Somerset subways. Large Caucasian and American population. 5 years old. Penthouse is 3+1 rented. Big balconies. Great location and full facilities. Maid's services available as package deal. Call Asia USA +65 668 6468.

One year old Nassim Woods 4+1 2368sf $11,000. Exclusive 35 units. Next to Tanglin Mall & opposite American embassy in Napier Road. Only 2 units available. Penthouse just rented. Full condo facilities. Visit:

See also http://www.asiahomes.com/singapore_classified/premier_condos/index.htm

New Grange 80 4+1, 2300sf $10,500 partially furnished. 8-minute walk to Orchard Road or Orchard subway. 2/10 units left. Exclusive 10 units development. Brand NEW.

New Grange 70 3+1, 1755, 1948, 1970, 1981sf for rent. 8-minute walk to Orchard Road or Orchard subway. Exclusive 20 units. BRAND NEW.Email david@asiahomes.com for details.

New The Bayron 2-minute walk to the Somerset subway. Pool and gym essential. Attracts many single expats. One bedroom units taken up at $2500. 2 and 3-bedroom units available. See:

New Kim Yam Heights. 3+1, 1300sf $4,000. Brand NEW. 5-minute walk to Clarke Quay and near Robertson Quay, UE Square Shopping Mall. Many units available.

New The Compass at Chancery townhouses, 3+1 2400sf with POOL, 20 units only. Rent $7,500. 10-min walk to the Novena subway and near Orchard Road. Email judy@asiahomes.com for details.

New Grange 80 and Grange 70. For the romantic expats, a 8-minute walk to Orchard Road/subway, luxury and exclusive low density new condos
called Grange 80 (10 units 4+1) and Grange 70 (20 units 3+1) , from $10,000 rent.
For the expats who want high ceiling and unique facade of The Colonnade
or Grange 80 or Grange 70, visit:

New Emerald Garden Condos 3-minute walk to the Raffles subway, new and old condos around $3,000 - $6,000 rent in downtown Orchard Road area.


New. The European mother's favourite condo, Duchess Crest, full of little ones and 10-min drive to the Dutch/Australian/UWC schools and near Orchard Road. 4 bedrooms at $6,000. See photos at

European Caucasian enclave, The Wilby Residence 1 bedroom at $3,500 fully furnished or 3 bedroom at $6,500 partially furnished. Countryside ambience. Tranquil. Near Dutch/German/Swiss/Australian Schools. Wilby Road, next to Maplewoods condos.
http://www.angelfire.com/ks/singaporecondos/9281realWilby.html &


The Arcadia 7500sf penthouse $18,000. Big balconies and spacious bedrooms. Near Dutch club. Renovated. Caucasian enclave with so many children. Tropical forest ambience with tall trees ambience. Other 4+1 3800sf units available from $8,500 - $11,000.



The Beaumont 3+1 2800sf maisonette at $5,000, The Cairnhill 4+1 2900sf at $5,000, both very near to Somerset subway/Orchard Road. The gorgeous seaview Mirage Tower 3+1 at $4,800 (see photos) and others at:

New Anderson Green Condo for rent 3+1 $8,500 fully furnished. Near Shangri-la Hotel and Orchard Road. Last 2 units left. All 4+1 rented. Al penthouses rented. Caucasian enclave.

New Emerald Garden. 3+1, 1260sf $3,300 partially furnished. Brand NEW. 2-minute walk to Raffles Place subway! Great location. Many young and single expats sunbathing! Value for money. Others available. Call +65 9668 6468 now!



The Bayshore Park 4+1 2200sf. 28th floor at $4000. Pearl Tower.4+1 Jade Tower at $4,500.


Condos near the Dutch School and Dutch Club including
New The Compass at Chancery new townhouses 3+1 2400sf at $7,000, near Orchard Road and Novena subway. Communal pool.

Casa Esperanza 3+1 2000sf $5,000 recommended as value-for-money. 5-min drive to the Dutch School/Australian School/Canadian School.

Condos near the Chatsworth International School at Orchard Road.

Big 4+1 condos near the Australian School


Expats relocating to Singapore - Not possible to list several thousand listings all over Singapore as downloading will be very slow. Email david@asiahomes.com or call
+65 9668 6468 if you want certain areas/condos or visit http://www.asiahomes.com. Your call is our bread and butter.





10-min drive to Dutch School/Dutch Club. Apartments with at least a pool. For Dutch families.

The Arcadia 3+1 3466sf quiet, 2nd floor, $8,500p/f. Big balcony. Caucasian enclave. One unit at 7500sf $18,000. Maplewoods. 4+1 1900sf $5,000. Many Caucasians and Dutch tenants. 1-year old.
Holland Hill Mansions. 4+1, 2600sf, $7,000. Balcony. Ground floor.
The Arcadia 4+1 3800sf $6,250 p/f, facing expressway. Avenue Park maisonettes . 4+1 2700sf $5,000. 5-min bus ride to the Australian School.
Sutton Place. 3+1 2950sf, $7,000. 8-min bus ride to Orchard Road.
Blossomvale. 4+1, 1755sf $5,000. 6 months old. Near German/Dutch/Swiss school. The Wilby Residence. 3+1 1700sf $6,500. Large Caucasian enclave. Near Dutch/German schools.
Sommerville Park corner maisonette 3+1 $6,300

Downtown Singapore.

Jervois Garden
. 4+1 maisonette 2250sf $5,000. Pool only. 3rd & 4th storey walk up. Suits expats who have big families. Off River Valley Road. 5-minute drive to Orchard Road.

D'Grove Villas 4+1, 2700sf $8,500 partially furnished. 1-minute walk to Orchard Road, 5-minute walk to Orchard subway. Near Shangri-la Hotel, on Orange Grove Rd.


October 1, 1999    

Hill Court with pool 3+1
2100sf $4500.

2-minute walk to Somerset subway and Orchard Road shopping malls. Very near Chatsworth International School.
Central Singapore
Wing On Life Gardens Condo. 4+1 3300sf $10,000. RENOVATED 100%. Away from main Bukit Timah Road. 5-minute drive to Orchard Road. 2-minute drive to Newton subway. Fantastic panoramic views. Big balconies.

Central Singapore
Villa la Margaux Condo. 3+1 1421sf $3,500. 4 years old. Near Stevens Road/Shangri-la Hotel area. 30 units. Pool, gym, BBQ, jacuzzi (euro-bath).
East Singapore.
The Waterside Condo. 3+1 2200sf $4,000 fully furnished, new furniture. Blk 9, facing pool, away from expressway. RENOVATED 100%. Free GOLF and MARINA membership too. Value-for-money. Other units available.

Bayshore Park 4+1 2200sf.
30th floor with sea views & big balconies at $4500.

28th floor at $4000. Pearl Tower.
Downtown Singapore
Ardmore View Condo 3+2 3000sf $11,000. Low density, near Shangril-la Hotel. Renovated.

Anderson Green, brand new. 3+1 1679sf $7,500. Last 2 units

Low density, near Shangril-la Hotel.
5-min walk to Orchard Rd. Low density and very popular with Caucasians.
Central Singapore
Newton area Bungalow + pool. Renovated. 5+1 $20,000. 6000sf built-in and 22,000sf land.

South Singapore
Signature Park Condo 4+1 1600sf $3,500. Near Canadian School.
Brand new. 10-minute drive to the American School, UWC, Dutch Schools.
. South Singapore.
Sungrove cluster house + communal pool. 6+1+ basement. $7,000. Near National University.
South Singapore.
Regent Park.
2+1 $2,000. Near Clementi subway.

Sunset bungalow + pool. New, Balinese style. $12,000.

King's Ville semi-det brand new. 4+1+attic $7,000 - $9,000.

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West Singapore.
3 houses near the American School.
Pinewood Grove corner terrace at $8,000,
Beechwood detached at $13,500, Woodgrove Ave detached at $11,500.
See http://www.asiahomes.com Houses & Apartments near the American School or



Judy Quek's property webpage with photos of condos.

Belmont detached plus pool for rent $25,000

Chancery detached plus pool for rent $20,000

Downtown new 2-bedroom condos for rent from $3,500.

The Estoril Condos for rent from $4,500.

The Balmoral Condos for rent. Few units.

Condos over 2000 sq ft. built-in area favoured by Caucasian expats.

Other Singapore houses or condos for rent, visit

Listings of owners and realtors, photos & layouts

More condo listings.

David Sing's property webpage (photos of houses).

Additional Listings of Owners and realtors.

Email david@asiahomes.com or call +65 9668 6468 if you need more info. Not practical to listing several thousand listings!


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