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Front teeth need braces?

Many Singaporeans keep rabbits as pets. They cost around $25.00 and can be as much as $1,000 for the rare species. Some rabbits are as big as a small Pekinese! Rabbit's teeth differ from human ones in that they grow continuously over a period of time and they are worn out when the rabbit chews on hard food.  

When you buy a rabbit, do check that its upper and lower jaw meet so that when it eats or chews, the upper and lower front teeth (incisors) meet and wear out evenly.  If one jaw is shorter than the other, the teeth do not get worn out evenly.  For example, in the rabbit below, the lower jaw is much shorter than the upper jaw.  The lower incisors grow and grow curving into the nostrils.  The rabbit does not put on weight as it does not eat properly.  

Rabbit: Overgrown front teeth Holding the rabbit for examination.

2 overgrown lower incisor teeth  

Hold the rabbit firmly under the chest.

To clip the overgrown front teeth

Teeth trimmed by vet
The clipped lower incisors will need regular trimming with a good cutter. 

Grip the lower jaw with thumb and forefinger. An assistant holds the rabbit firmly.


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