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Update: 09 Oct 2003

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Be Kind To Pets.  A Community Education project using  narrative stories with pictures, is sponsored by AsiaHomes Internet - an internet adverting agency. We connect owners & agents to expatriates or foreign investors globally without costing them a bomb.

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Asiahomes Internet is an internet advertising agency for properties and pets.  It does not sell pets or breed animals.

BE KIND TO PETS :  Oct - Dec 2003

Singapore Chihuahua Caesarian delivery - Toa Payoh Vets Singapore born Shih Tzus for sale, 9668-6468
Sep 26 03. The chihuahua proved the vet wrong.

Sep 21 03. The Shih Tzu bitch passed copious green discharges.

Sep 18 03. Stray cat, blue-eyed, 1 year old, male, neutered for adoption. 9668-6468. The molar behind the extracted one shows decay too
Sep 16 03. To clip his left ear or not? The cat owner was knocked out. Sep 11 03. The Spitz bites the hand that feeds him
Pomeranian Caesarian, Singapore - wakes up at the last stitch
Aug 29 03. The Shih Tzu puppy exposed a leg to the vet! Sep 18 03. The puppy inside the mummy had a runny nose.

Aug 24 03. The Yorkshire has 36.8 degrees Celsius. Sep 11 03. The Maltese upset the breeder's planned Caesarian section
   Deep corneal ulcer in a chihuahua puppy
Aug 2 03. The newborn puppy's intestines dangled out Jul 11 03. Better late than never for the horn-eyed Chihuahua puppy?

If you want your pet to live longer lives, disease free and pain free, it is always prudent to consult your vet to get professional treatment of your pets rather than treating yourself. There may be a vet near your home.  Try not to doctor-hop, but sometimes you do need a second or third opinion.  Chronic skin diseases may need several veterinary consultations. 

For a list of Singapore private vets, see:
Singapore small animal veterinarians, sponsored by
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Singaporean stray cat's INTERNET ADVERTISEMENTS
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Asiahomes Internet, Affordable Internet Ads for Singapore Owners &  Realtors,  $13.50/40 words/90days targeted at expatriates relocating to Singapore. Visit to select your rental housing units or to view over 3000 photographs and layout plans.

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