0120Singapore thoroughbred horse pony pet health and welfare educational for animal lovers, excerpts from The Glamorous Vets, Singapore, sponsored by  AsiaHomes Internet


Singapore thoroughbred - hoof spherical tumourThe horse with a golf ball tumour.

The semi-hard golf ball like tumour at the back of the hoof interfered with the retired thoroughbred's exercise.

Flies swarmed at its growth and it was ulcerated.  The horse could have bitten it or it could have been injured, exposing blood and tissues which are of great interest to flies. 

It could be removed but how much would it cost and how much more it would cost to include post surgical care?

It would be a wonderful world if the costs were not a problem.  The ideal would be to transport the horse to the equine hospital and get the tumour removed under general anaesthesia and ward it in an air conditioned stable for the next fourteen days.   This must be costly.   

Singapore thoroughbred - Hoof tumourThe less expensive treatment would be to operate the horse at the grass paddock under tranquilisers and pain killers.  The horse might kick when the tumour is cut.  It will be a stressful operation unless the anaesthesia is excellent.   The stable hand will then care for the the wound.  Flies and bacteria and fungus would be everywhere and might invade the surgical area.  The wound may get   infected and would not heal and the horse would get a big hole.  I could be sued or my reputation would stink when that happened.  This case was best referred to the equine hospital.


Gentle 15-year-old ponyThe asthmatic pony was breathing very fast.

This 15-year-old pony was breathing fast, as if he had been in a 100-metre dash.  His chest was moving in and out at least 100 times per minute compared to normal horses in which you will seldom see much respiratory movement of the chest.

He was under a veterinary health test to find out whether he would be fit to participate in a dressage competition.

I wanted to disqualify him.  He was not fit.  "He is allergic to wood shavings in the stable while waiting for the test," said his trainer.  "If he was disqualified, the child training him would have wasted all their efforts."

What should I do in this case?  The dressage competition on the next day was not a strenuous type.  It provided experience to the dyslexic child and possibly confidence by participation.  The pony was not given anti-allergic drugs, a rule of the competition and that was why he had this breathing problem.

He had always been kept in a grass paddock at a riding school or in a stable without wood shavings and had his daily anti-asthmatic medication usually.  Now, he was now in another riding school and had  been exposed to wood shavings.  The type of wood shavings had a lot of fine saw dust and was of course, less expensive.

What to do in such a case? Let the child be disappointed? 
The pony was put in a grass paddock for the night.  Luckily he did not escape as he was said to be a great escaper.  He was re-examined the next morning.  His breathing problem was much reduced.  He was passed fit for the dressage competition and there was no problem.  I doubted he would win a prize but he would have given much confidence to a dyslexic child who showed him to the world of horse lovers.



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