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Check with your vet before big problems develop. Dental check up from three years of age to maintain healthy teeth and prevent tooth ache.

There may be vets near to your residence; see

2002 Directory of Singapore small animal veterinary practices.
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Last Updated. 28 June, 2002

how your pets can live longer by 
reading educational stories in the BE KIND TO PETS  -  A Community Education project
using pictures and narrative stories,
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BE KIND TO PET stories 
7.  Kerosene kills ticks but hurts your dog more & other stories. 
6.  Vaccination saves you money, prevents suffering of your pets and other pictures for animal lovers
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Last updated: 28 Jun 2002

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A spay hook means that the skin incision is smaller. Left limb less swollen. The horse can walk.
Jan 27 02. The old maiden bitch produces milk. Jan 21 02. To spay or not to spay? Jan 20 02. The racehorse with an elephant leg.
Singapore hamster. Pus in left eye. Swollen left cheek. Left corneal ulcer

Jan 15 02. The hamster has a sticky eye

Jan 14 02.  Curiosity blinds the King Charles Jan 13 02. It's Now or Never
Singapore pony with colic 3rd day Singapore. Dachshund, 1-year-old with signs of pregnancy Singapore Zoo Polar Bear morning show
Jan 12 01. A pony has stomach ache and others Jan 11 01. A drop of milk is worth a thousand words. Jan 6 02. The snake with zebra stripes.
Pekinese Cross, Singapore. 6 years old.  Skin scabs.  Asiahomes.com  A popular dog transport van in 2001, Singapore Handsome Fox Terrier with left elbow swelling
Dec 30 01. The Pek with the loose tongue Dec 27 01. The Alsatian played dead. Dec 25 01. The Fox Terrier has a capped elbow.
Hamster, ventral dermatitis, Singapore Singapore.  Kittens. Roundworms passed. Bloated stomach. Swollen closed left eye in dwarf hamster, Singapore
Dec 24 01. Iodine can't stop the hamster's itch.
Dec 24 01. The kittens passed roundworms & other animals. Dec 20 01. The hamster has a swollen eye.
Round worms are common in puppies.  Singapore Maltese, severe anaemia, passing blood in stools.  Singapore.  Spitz with pierced right upper lip.  Singapore
Dec 20 01. The puppy has roundworms.
Dec 19 01. The Maltese had white gums. Dec 19 01. The Spitz has hot lips.
Imported Sheltie puppy with kennel cough, Singapore Dwarf hamster with allergic rashes, Singapore Chihuahua with right anal sac abscess ruptured. Stitched. Singapore.
Dec 16 01. The new Sheltie pup was lethargic. Dec 16 01.  The dwarf hamster has allergic rashes again. Dec 16 01. The Chihuahua may die, says the vet.
Labrador Cross - Quadraparesis. Can't stand up.  Singapore. Cat hair mite under the microscope, Singapore Singapore Japanese Chin. Head wound with kerosene.
Dec 15 01. The Labrador can't stand up after seeing a vet. Dec 10 01. Hair mites cause itchiness in a white cat and a guinea pig. Dec 4 01. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had kerosene on head wound.
Singapore Chihuahua puppy with kennel cough 12-year-old thoroughbred with spherical hoof tumour Pony breathes very fast when exposed to wood shavings
Dec 4 01. The Chihuahua puppy has a runny nose and wet eyes. Nov 26 01. The horse with a golf-ball tumour Nov 26 01. The pony is allergic to wood shaving.
Singapore male Siamese Cross cat with high fever Singapore rabbit - sarcoptic mange on nose Singapore silkie terrier with blackheads on skin
Nov 29 01. The Persian cat has a high fever

Nov 20 01. The rabbit told lies, so he has a long nose.

Nov 18 01. The Silkie Terrier has blackheads

Hyperactive white dwarf rabbit, Singapore Singapore King Charles Spaniel 8 months old coughing Singapore Shih Tzu - tear staining or epiphora
Nov 16 01. The dwarf rabbit passes smelly wet stools. Nov 12 01. The Cavalier King Charles coughs very softly.

Nov 11 01. The adopted Shih Tzu will not eat dry feed.

King Charles Spaniel. Left ear canal with smelly pus Bichon Frise. Vertical ear canal operated on and opened up. Bull Terrier with lazy ear
Nov 7 01. The Cavalier King Charles keeps shaking his head. Nov 3 01. The Bichon has smelly ears and a bad heart.
Oct 28 01. Will the Bull Terrier's right ear ever stand up?
White tiger at Singapore Zoological Gardens goes fishing Singapore Shih Tzu with interdigital cysts
The white tiger goes fishing in the zoo moat.   Oct 28 01. The Shih Tzu chews its paws. Oct 28 01.  The dwarf hamster had itchy joints.

It is always wise to consult your vet to get professional
treatment of your pets rather than treating yourself,
if you want your pet to live longer lives. 

See  2002 list of Singapore small animal veterinarians

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