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June - Sep 2003
Update: 24 Aug 2003

Born at 56th day pregnancy - Chihuahua puppies, Singapore Maltese newborn. 2 normal, 1 deformed, 1 stillborn
Jul 16 03. Would the 56th day Chihuahua puppies be hair-less? Jul 28 03. The Maltese stillborn was enveloped by its stools
Chihuahua puppies.  Eyes open at day 10 - 12.
Chihuahua puppies for sale in Sep 14 03

Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Sep 30 03
Shetland bitch 14 months old with greenish yellow water bag
Aug 7 03. She has a waterbag! Aug 14 03. The Sheltie has a greenish-yellow water bag
Big Maltese pup required Caesarian section
First pup's head stuck in birth canal and died.  Second pup above (Caesarian) is alive and growing well as at Aug 25 03.
Singapore Shetland puppy for sale in Oct 13 2003
Shetland puppy for sale on Oct 13 2003
Singapore-born, Chihuahua puppies for sale at week 8
Chihuahua puppies for sale in Oct 3 03
Singapore-born, Chihuahua puppies for sale at week 8
Chihuahua puppies for sale in Oct 5 03
  Maltese mother at 67th day of pregancy. One large single puppy.
Jun 23 03. "Doc, you Caesarian
too early !"
Jul 30 03. The Maltese mother could not be tubed
2 Silkie puppies (left) from Caesarian section. Singapore Pomeranian single pup Caesarian section, Singapore
Jun 3 2003. The breeder cried "Wolf !" Jun 1 2003. The single pup syndrome
2 Spitz pups delivered by Caesarian Section, Singapore
Jun 23 03. Can the fat Schnauzer give birth naturally? Save puppies by planning Caesarian sections!
Shih Tzu 58th day pregnant  Singapore
Jun 23 03. The bitch was DOA? Jul 7 03. Never judge a book by its cover
Large expanding umbilical hernia - Shih Tzu puppy 6 weeks old, Singapore
Jun 7 03. A stitch in time saves nine. Jul 20 03. The Shih Tzu puppy would not be anaesthesized
Golden retriever puppy passed red blood in stools
Jul 18 03. Distemper kills puppies

Jul 27 03. The imported Retriever puppy shot parvoviral blood!

Cherry eye in a British bulldog 6 months old, Singapore.
Jun 15 03. Touting for a British Bulldog's cherry eye? Jun 30 03. The Singapore stray cats' days are numbered
Singapore dog with fevered eye (right)
Jun 23 03. The stray dog had fiery red eyes Jun 4 03. The Chihuahua sleeps the whole day


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