Singapore real estate rentals, apartment, condo, serviced apartments, bungalows, 
semi-detached, sale. Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment

Do you want to buy, rent or sell Singapore properties, apartments, condos, houses? can help you.

Singapore real estate rentals, apartment, condo, serviced apartments, bungalows, 
semi-detached. Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment.

Do you want to buy, rent or sell Singapore properties, apartments, 
condos, houses? can help you.

Asia USA Realty (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
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12 Feb 2011   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
Rent or Investment
YOU WANT to rent or buy Singapore homes? 
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  6 Values and attitudes
for an asiahomes realtor

The first half of 2002 is a good beginning for as more cases and phone calls for properties to rent or buy come in from the website. It is time for me to remind you of the 6 values and attitudes if you want to be part of

Customer first, speed, efficiency, honesty & ethical behaviour and professionalism
are the 6 values and attitudes realtors of must have. 

1.  Customer first. exists because there are internet customers who want affordable and good homes. Not because we have lots of beautiful and affordable homes for rent or investment. The main complaint from Caucasian expatriates is that rental realtors in the industry want them to rent the places they don't want or can't afford. This is why a product-oriented realtor can't close the case.   

2. & 3.  Speed and efficiency. Making sure that the customer gets more than excellent service by closing the case with the  least inconvenience and running around is hard to teach you. If you can get the Tenant to sign the letter of intent and tenancy agreement within 24 hours of expressing interest, you will have got the technique.  I will share with you some tips in the stories from real case studies at Asia USA Realtors or you can phone me to discuss your cases.  

4.  Honesty. Realtors who pocket commissions directly from clients without informing the company will be asked to leave. Over the past six years, there was only one person who phoned me about one asiahomes realtor wanting direct payment but since he did not name the realtor, I could not take action. All commissions must be billed in writing using the company invoice and a copy faxed or sent to me immediately.

5.  Ethics. 

5.1 Name cards. Do not hand out name cards to clients of co-broking agents. Giving name cards when the co-broking agent is not looking or when asked by the expatriate or other client of co-broking agents is unethical.

5.2 Brochures & Flyers.  Do not give brochures or flyers with your name and company to clients of co-broking agents. Some firms print beautiful coloured flyers of houses or condos for their agents. Tell them early that there should be no handing of such flyers but there are sneaky realtors who hand out at the last minute. 

5.3 High pressure tactics and burning bridges.  As we survive on commissions on closing cases and don't get a salary, some of us full time may be more performance oriented and appear aggressive to the Caucasian expatriate without realising it.  

Such realtors will demand an explanation on why, after spending so much time with the client, the client decides on another realtor's property. The realtor may get cursing from one party (e.g. the landlord) when the other party (e.g. the expatriate client) does not want the property. Learn how to let go and move on with your life.  

As is Tenant-based, do not demand upset prospective tenants. For example, you demand explanations from them as to why they don't close with you. You may want feedback or be upfront, but let the prospect alone if you feel that there is no warm response.  

Younger realtors who are excellent performers may not be able to suppress their emotions. You can only be softened and made gentle, understanding and sympathetic by age and experience but do try your best if you want to be successful.  

If you burn the bridge of good realtor-prospect relationship, you drown in the water of unbridled anger. Exit graciously and you do get referrals from such expatriates and locals who will know that you have had worked hard, but you did not give what they want.

6.  Professionalism & hard work. Is image everything? Not, if you get what the clients wants, but you can't close all case.  Therefore, first impressions count. A proper attire. A cool temper in cases you can't close. Also, a properly typed house-hunting schedule rather than no schedule, sets you out as being a real professional.  Clients will refer to your telephone numbers in the sheet of paper.  

Keep proper records. Read marketing books and learn how to use database, spreadsheet, the internet and the digital camera. Be client-oriented by listening to what the client wants. Read his or her email a few times. Phone the client. You will be successful as you close cases and get more referrals than you can handle. 

How much can you earn if you work hard and smart? I have a part-time realtor who, in 2002, received $50,000 commissions in 2 months working evenings and on weekends. Not the big catch you will think of. Just small cases booking serviced apartments, persuading a Kellock Lodge condo landlord to rent a short lease for 3 Norwegian students and many cases averaging $3,000 per month. Most associates will not bother with the poor students!

Was it beginner's luck? After all, his car number came in 2nd prize in the 4-digit draw and he would have won $15,000 if he had the time to buy the number when he phoned me to tell me he would be closing 2 rental cases in a day. does not have corporate clientele and therefore it is a big deal to close 2 internet cases in one day.  

I find it hard to believe he could earn in 2 months what he earns in a year, but that is what real estate can provide. 

If you know how to pick up the pot of gold from the internet cases, has more cases than you can handle. Hard to believe? Check this out with this associate or some others listed in Asia USA Realtors     
Dr Sing Kong Yuen
Asia USA Realty (Singapore) 


1.  Residential Rental Department

Focus: We find affordable homes for expats relocating to Singapore 

What does the prospective tenant want?

Highest standards of the interior finishes.
The prospective tenant wants the highest standard of finishes in the interior of the residence. Bathrooms must be clean and in good condition

Downtown location and proximity to subway. Orchard Road is the centre of action where shopping malls, cinemas and cafes are found and this area attracts most expatriates. 

New apartments have small built-up areas. Suburban areas near the subway and or near bus routes are alternatives.

Detached houses with pool.
A large number of Caucasian expatriates want to live in detached houses with pool but there is a scarcity of such units resulting in rentals asked being over $10,000 - $30,000. We propose detached at around $5,000 - $10,000 or in suburban areas such as Bishan. Understandably, most Caucasian wives are not comfortable living in a non-expatriate enclave like Bishan. They are not being picky but are uncomfortable with the new cultures. Their husbands usually do a lot of travelling and they will rather have the network of Caucasians nearby.

2.  Residential Sales Department
Focus:  Getting the best price for foreign buyers, giving the highest standard of personalised service & active agency follow-up.

Dear Foreign Owners of Singapore Properties.

Asia USA Realtors provide a personalised service for foreigners who want to sell their investment condos or houses. We provide relevant and timely information on their property valuations so that they know they are selling at realistic prices.

We use the Internet and the newspapers and other modes of marketing to ensure that the properties are widely promoted. We keep pestering the busy lawyers to get the paperwork done and collect the option money urgently.

Foreigners who want a personalised service, email or call +65 9668 6468 for advices on how to sell your properties at the best price and as fast as possible. We accept a small number of cases as such services take up a lot of manpower and time in activities such as week-end open houses and follow ups. Besides open houses, we produce sales brochures using digital camera technologies and give them to all visitors.

Case study. Selling a condo for a foreign investor is not easy. Will the Federal Express people allow us to collect the Option to Purchase?

The reality is that the top-notch law firm's lawyer appointed by the foreign Seller had so many clients to talk to and things to do, as to be expected when you engage top lawyers, in this case of a Holland Peak Condo for Sale. She would handle the case when she could find the appropriate time.

The Asia USA Realtor had found a Buyer offering $1.0 million and the Seller had accepted the offer. The option agreement needed to be sent to the Seller in the USA for signatures. It was lying on the lawyer's desk when we phoned several times. There were administrative procedures to be followed as expected in a big legal corporation. This case would be insignificant in generating revenue and there was no special attention to it.

We could wait for the firm to send the option to purchase to the foreign Seller, but that would take several days. The case was more important to the Asia USA Realtor who was paid on performance than to the lawyer who would still be paid some fees even if there were no successful closing. 

Though we were busy, we had to find a way to get the option to the Seller before the prospective Buyer changed his mind. It was a condo without any views from any room and therefore, it was not hot stuff! We persisted in following up on the lawyer who had the documents couriered by her clerk. In Australian, some realtors do all the courier work but it was not possible in this case.

It was not the end of the matter. After the foreign owner in the US had sent back the forms, we had to track down the Federal Express people in Singapore and get the documents. The delivery to us was scheduled from 9 am - 5 p.m.  If we received the documents near 5 p.m., the law firm would have closed and that would mean another day had gone and the possibility of the Buyer changing his mind was always there. Buyers do have many choices of condos without views.

We volunteered to collect the documents from the Federal Express office in Singapore. Of course, this was unacceptable to the professional couriers! We received the documents by noon time and rushed to the Seller's lawyer. We got the Seller's lawyer to get the 1% option money authorised to be given to the Seller.

There was still the business of ensuring that the Buyer's lawyer would send the option cheque to the Seller's lawyer since we would not be given the cheque by the former as there was no the delivery clerk. We went to collect the cheque and brought it to the Seller's lawyer. After that we had to ensure that the Seller's lawyer would be banking in the 1% option money as we were not given the cheque to do so as the Seller had authorised the lawyer to do so.

This took another day. Luckily there were no changes of mind by the Buyer. Otherwise all these efforts would be in vain. This case illustrated that there needed much active agency follow-up for a foreign Owner in order to close promptly. With proper planning via email and phone calls to the American Seller, we sold his Holland Peak Condo 3+1, 122sm for $1.0 million which was $100,000 above the desk-top valuation price in June 1999.

It took 2 weeks of anxiety as the property market could go into a tail spin with the Indonesian political instability during the June elections and the history of riots and demonstrations. The wife was earlier in Singapore to ask us to rent the condo in April 1999 but there was practically nobody interested in renting unless the rent was below S$2,000 per month. Sale was recommended as the return on investment was too low. I always emphasize on agency follow-up for all Asia USA Realtors. Many cases could have been closed if there were active follow up by the agency. 

Dr Sing Kong Yuen.

Asia USA Realty
Asiahomes Internet


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