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Latest on  Nov 30, 1999

3-min walk to Orchard subway
3+1 2200sf $7,500.
4+1 2700sf $5,000.
4+1 2900sf $4,500.

5-min walk to Newton subway.  2 good semi-det at $9,000.

6 brand new semi-det near Sixth Ave from $10,000.  7-min drive to Aust or Dutch Schoools.

Penthouse with roof garden at $6,000.

10 heritage shophomes near Someset subway.

UE Square 2+1 $3,500.
UE Square 3+1 $5,000.

+65 9668 6468.

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Houses, North, near American School.

Apt North, near subway
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Apt, South, near UWC, Aust, Dutch Schools

Apt, South, near downtown

Apt, East, near
downtown, over
3000sq.ft $4,500
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Privacy & exclusive
Condo near downtown.

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Nov 21 - Feb 20, 2000.
Sunrise Gardens, North Singapore, 3+1 1300 sq. ft $2,000 fully furnished. New condo. Full facilities.

Pebble Bay
4+1 $10,000.
Waterfront, sea front and skyline views of city _ Blk 3, high floor for rent $10,000 4+1.
Click to view
bay, sea &
city views of Pebble Bay.

Ardmore View penthouse for Scandinavian expats at S$20,000

Ardmore View
3+1 3000sf, $10,000.
2-min walk to Orchard Road
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Click on photo above to view apartments and penthouse's terrace + pool (top floor at $20,000 rent).

Bencoolen St
New 3-bdrm

$3,500 p/f,
$4,000 f/f. 2-bdrm short lease.
3+1+ private terrace $5,500.new.gif (116 bytes)

Penthouse 3+1
+roof terrace
$6,000.new.gif (116 bytes)
Lap pool, tennis court, gym, meet young
expat friends...
.Near Suntec City.  Your Burlington Sq Residences -  nice pool, gym, food everywhere for single, near Orchard Rd/Suntec City, subway, without children expats.
private roof terrace. Wake up late, near downtown, sun tan.
Click image, resort ambience
beautiful pool.

Maplewoods roof terrace
3+1 $6,000.
Near German/Dutch School.
Privacy for BBQ.

Penthouse at $8,000.

New resort condo: Avalon
Near Orchard Road/Shangri-la Hotel. Premier condo.
3+1 $9,900. 2+1 $6,000.
Penthouse $15,000, $17,000.
+65 9668 6468. Click
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Unique new "Manhattan" townhouse at $10,000.  
See photos at:
townhouse for rent
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Nov 20 - Feb 19, 2000.
LandBay condo, S$3000, 1023sf, 2+1 bedrooms,

Beautiful Balinese statues of Landbay Condo

Balinese resort-style condo, full facilities, fully furnished, very near beach, subway
and amenities, 15 min to airport and city centre.

Landbay C ondo: Low density low rise resort condo

Available mid-December. Contact Mr Goh at pager (65) 9-4058570 or e-mail

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Oct 21 - Jan 20, 2000.
East Coast 1 bedroomed studio apartment for rent in Siglap Village. Comes with airconditioning and full furnishings, along with a private corridor. Apartment is quiet, yet is only a 2 minute walk to the Cold Storage supermarket in the Siglap Shopping Centre and the Siglap entertainment belt. Rental is at $1000 per month. For more information, please email goh65@hotmail.com.

Sep 4 - Dec 3, 1999
Bayshore Park, 3 bedrooms, very high floor, 1200sf, $2300, unfurnished, new paint, new kitchen cabinets, 15-min drive to city, full resort-style facilities, including squash & tennis courts, swimming pools, sauna, cafeteria, mini-mart. contact Amelia at pager (65) 9311 9811 or email 93119811@usa.net.

The Plaza studio, 800sf, $2300, fully furnished, breathtaking panoramic view of the eastern coastline, jacuzzi bath, designer kitchen, breezy, a stone's throw from subway & city centre. Contact Amelia at pager (65) 9311 9811 or email 93119811@usa.net.

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