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English Expatriate couple with children wants a 3- or 4-bedroom around $3,000 partially furnished.  Office in Ponggol.
Viewing on May 30, 2001

Meet at Hotel Grand Plaza

Gentle Villa Semi-Detached 5+1, around 3000 sq. ft built in, $5,500.  6-min walk to the Novena subway and shopping mall, supermarkets.  Do not want a house but this house has a big living and separate dining area.

Oleander Towers 4+1 1700 sq. ft $4,200 fully furnished.  Meet at Blk 2, 4th floor.  Has a patio of 200 sq. ft. The living and dining area is pentagon-like shaped and faces the dome roof of the swimming pool. The 4th bedroom is small as the inside area excluding the patio, will be 1,500 sq. ft.  3-minute walk to the Orchard subway and 2 stops to downtown Orchard Road.  One of the handful of ground floor units with patios in Oleander Towers.  The parents don't mind this condo with its patio.  

Thomson View condos with townhouses, Singapore Thomson View townhouse 3+1 3800 sq. ft $4,500.

Fully renovated in 2001.  Big garage with a long driveway able to park 4 cars.

Big living area of at least 400 sq. ft and similarly large master bedroom upstairs with its new bathroom.  A separate big dining area separated Thomson View's 2-storey townhouse has a huge living area separate from the huge dining areafrom the dining area by an air well. Big garden outside.  The two bedrooms are large and share a common bathroom. 

The father just loved this townhouse as he will have many visitors and there's a lot of space.  The mater bedroom has a balcony facing green foliage and the unit will be 100% renovated.   

Opposite Thomson Plaza mall. 5-minute taxi ride to downtown Orchard Road.

1 pool, 1 tennis court, 2
squash courts, big gym, big children's room, sauna, playground, bicycle parking area, dog pit, barbecue area.  Somehow, the dated facilities did not appeal to the daughters after seeing Seletaris.  The father liked the spacious Thomson View's incredibly large master bedroom not seen in new condos rooms of the townhouse.   It is 3,800 sq. ft and at least double the Seletaris condo, but it has 3 bedrooms.   They are used to over one-hour commuting time to school and dad took 2 hours to commute to work.  So, the urban location near the Seletar Reservoir and Mandai Zoo area does not bother them.

Seletaris brand new condo 4+1 1636 sq. ft $3,000

Blk 511, 3rd floor.  Sembawang/Yishun area. 4-storey low rise.  A holiday resort feeling. Full condo facilities.  New good-sized gym, tennis courts, bathrooms, cabinets. 
Master bathroom with a framed shower cubicle and white long bath.

Seletaris: Master bathroom with shower stall and long bath. The daughters appreciate the new marble-tiled bathrooms and they do not need to share bedrooms. Seletaris was a heart stopper for the English daughters.

Sin Min Plaza 3+1 1938 sq. ft $2,800.  Pools only. Key access card via lift. 4-storey building. No maid's room but very big living and dining area  with glossy white ceramic tiles and big bedrooms. The balcony faces a busy road. 5-min taxi ride to downtown Orchard Road.  Did not appeal after seeing Seletaris.

Country Esquire 3+1 1680 sq. ft $3,200. 13th floor.
No air conditioners in the living and dining room. 
Light brown marble tiled rectangular living cum dining area.  Parquet in bedrooms.   Excellent greenery views. Lorong Puntong. One block, 60 units. 18 floors. Squash, tennis, pool, security. Quiet countryside ambience. 

Country Grandeur 3+1 1500 sq. ft $3,500 partially furnished. 17th floor.   Excellent city and greenery views.  A unique concept in that the usual maid's room is tiled in marble and air conditioned. It can be a maid's room and has its own bathroom near the kitchen. Lorong Puntong. One block. 68 units. 4 units per floor. Squarish living cum dining area with light brown marble tiles. Automation alarm system, Audio-visual intercom. No balcony. Pool, tennis court, small gym (3 pieces of equipment), security, open car park lots. Quiet countryside ambience.  Bus to Bishan subway in 5 minutes. 

Thomson 800 condo 3+1 1700sq. ft $3,500
Blk 806. Ground floor units x 2. New.  Near MacRitchie Reservoir and 5-min taxi ride to downtown. 


The Kew Green townhouse appeal to the family as it fits their specifications and look newer.   


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Various units mentioned in the above house-hunting report are available for rent at different times.
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Case Study: The love of three English Roses

They had never been to Singapore before although their dad had been here on a 48-hour interview earlier. Now he had accepted a job in Singapore and mum had decided on a 3 or 4-bedroom condo with a rental budget of $2,500 - $3,000 unfurnished.  A couple with 3 lissome and fair preteen and teenaged daughters.  Daughters who are used to having their own bedrooms from a young age. 

This case, I believe, would close, if I could find a new four-bedroom condo at $3,000 as I guess that the children usually have their own rooms in England.

But the father has a big dining table with enormous chairs, like those you see at "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table." Those wide chairs with arm rests for a big English man. They are very comfortable when you dine.

But they will never be able to fit inside a new Singapore condo of 1700 sq. ft.  4 bedrooms will have taken up some of the living and dining spaces.  And if there's a balcony, the dining area may be further reduced in area! 

Seletaris: Small dining area in 4-bedroom 1636 sq. ft

The utility area, to the left of the sink, can hold a stack up European washer and dryer. The maid's room is on the left.
Seletaris has a beautiful big kitchen for 4-bedroom condo
Mum cooks and the kitchen of Seletaris, being twice the size of the Oleander Towers will appeal to her. There will be no maids and the utility room can be a store room. 

The kitchen is spacious compared to many new 4-bedroom condos like Oleander Towers and Trellis Towers.
Seletaris: The 4-bedroom kitchen has space for a big fridge.
Fully equipped kitchen with granite counter top and stainless steel sink.
Seletaris has a well equipped kitchen
The kitchen is spacious

"What's your daughters' favourite?" I asked Mum.  It was the Seletaris condo with its seals spouting water and the newness of the bathrooms.  The tennis court and the condo facilities in a country side neighbourhood seldom seen by Caucasian expatriates.  The parents had wanted them to know more about the multi-cultural Singapore and this neighbourhood will have the heartlanders.  The real Singapore.

Dad still prefers the Thomson View townhouse.

"I make the payments and therefore I have the final say" Dad laughed.   Actually he wanted his wife to decide.  Oleander Towers and Seletaris with four bedrooms or Thomson View of 3800 sq. ft with three bedrooms?

"Do you have a bigger Seletaris unit?" Dad asked me quietly, knowing how much his daughters love the condo and will be spending more time there than him. A closely knitted family with decisions to be made by consensus of the female members.

The three English roses love Seletaris. If there's a bigger apartment, it will be easy to close.  Unfortunately, the biggest is the 1636 sq. ft condo.  

In this case, the Kew Green townhouse 4-bedroom and over 3000 sq ft built in, suited the family and the case was closed. 

Tips for new Realtors

You will save a lot of time looking for big 4-bedroom condos when an expatriate has 3 children. Suburban condos will fit their tight rental budget of $3,000. Most new 4-bedroom condos in Singapore will be around 1,600- 1,800 sq. ft with most falling in the 1,700 sq. ft size. The difficulty is to reconcile the area with the budget constraints.

Time is precious when you are self employed and therefore, qualify the tenants well and you will succeed.

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