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1.  House hunting for Kew Green. 
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1. 4+1 3000 sq ft $3,000 partially furnished.
2. 4+1 3000 sq ft $3,500 fully furnished.
3. 4+1 3000 sq ft $3,400 fully furnished.
4. 4+1 3000 sq ft $2,900 partially furnished.
5. 4+1 3000 sq ft $3,400 partially furnished.
6. 4+1 3000 sq ft $2,900 partially furnished.

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Wants East Coast. $4,000 - $5,000.  Has a medium-sized quiet dog. House hunting Sat Mar 9, 2001.

VILLA MARINA (maisonette)
2056sq. ft  4+1   $4500. 4th floor. Tower 5. New. Faces pool. Master downstairs. 3-bedrooms + family area upstairs. Lovely pool view. Rooftop terrace for private BBQ shared with 3 families. Bus shuttle to downtown every 15 min.

Villa Marina pools & other images

No. 1-20 Kew Green  

Completed around 1997.
3-storey cluster townhouses with basement car parking, gym and 3 small pools scattered in premises.   No tennis court. Cable connections said to be approved and ready in April 2002. With cable, the Landlords can now demand higher rents. 

Characteristic roof terrace much appreciated by Caucasian expats.
Beautiful roof top terrace with a jacuzzi bath tub seldom seen in most condos except for the Nassim Woods penthouses.

Kew Green: Roof terrace has fresh countryside air

3000sq. ft  3+1  $4,000.

Units 1 - 20 faces the inner road and houses. Unit shown has the wall of the level 2 bedroom knocked off, creating a much bigger family area or a living area. 

The squarish living cum dining area is characteristically small and expats with large dining tables will find it inappropriate. Some expats use one bedroom upstairs as a dining room.

Some owners knock down the walls of the bedroom on level 2, so that it can become a family or living area.  The 4 bedrooms become 3. The roof top terrace attracts younger Caucasians.

Kew Green roof garden with jacuzzi pool & BBQ area
CLICK image to see bigger picture.

roof top jacuzzi bath is used by Caucasian expats to sunbathe and the terrace can be used to host barbecue parties and keep potted palm trees. 

This cluster housing complex has no gym but has 3 pools and tennis courts.  Expat enclave.

Kew Green: One of 3 pools with Caucasian expats swimming.
Kew Green facing pool.
The other side faces the main road or the semi-detached houses.

150 - 170 Kew Green  cluster townhouses.   3300sq. ft  4+1  $3500.  Facing East Coast Road and green trees. A very small grass patch. Small living cum dining area.

EASTERN LAGOON PENTHOUSE, Blk 202 18th floor. Large maisonette with balcony & attached baths. 5+1 5508sq. ft  $5,000. Lovely sea views.  Lots of space. Bright rooms. Big balconies. Sprawling grounds but the condo is dated as exemplified by the worn out tennis court.
Eastern Lagoon maisonette penthouse has spacious living areas.
Eastern Lagoon penthouse is large but dated.

Completed:  2000
D'MANOR cluster  townhouses with basement. 3400sq. ft  5+1  $4,500.  Very small living and master bedrooms. Car park has a communal pathway which is fenced in.

KEW BUNGALOW 4,500 sq. ft land, 4,000 sq. ft built in. Brand new. Has a lift. 3 stories. Big rooms. Only attic bedroom has long bath. 
Brand new big Kew bungalow for S$6,000 is value for money.


Likes the Villa Marina, Kew Bungalow and Kew Green townhouses. 

EXPATS INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE ABOVE for rent, email or tel: +65 9668 6468 now!

Conclusion:  The Australian expatriate couple with no children would prefer a bungalow with a pool.  However, the rental budget was under S$4,000 per month.  The Kew Green Townhouses were nice but the living cum dining area on the first level was tight.  In one seen with me, the Owner had knocked down the walls of a bedroom so that the 2nd level can be a living area.  This was interesting. As the husband's office was a 5-minute drive in Changi, Kew Green was a choice property.

The expats found a townhouse being renovated and as the Owner was flexible to suit their requirements, they rent the unit.  

Kew Green's family area  facing greenery and quiet aeroplanesKew Green's family or study area on level 2. Spectacular greenery in units facing the road. South facing but brighter. Kew Green, away from road. The  family area  is dark and faces a wall of the other house...Kew Green's family or study area facing a wall tend to be darker. Stairs go up to the roof terrace.
Kew Green's roof terrace facing green trees, aeroplanes and a road below.Lots of green trees but such units on elevated ground has a road below.
Fantastic country feeling when you see the trees off your living, bedrooms and roof top garden.  No noise from airplanes flying up every few minutes as Kew Green is not in the flight path.  
Kew Green roof terrace facing pretty housesAway from road but the roof terrace has a view of pretty houses.  Tenants have to check the drain as it may be blocked by leaves, flooding the terrace.  Jacuzzi maintenance is usually the responsibility of the Tenant.

RENTALS IN 2003 VARY FROM $3,000 (3000 sq. ft units)  - $5,000 (3700 sq. ft units). The 3-stories may deter many prospective tenants who don't like to climb so many steps but the roof terrace for BBQ and sunbathing and roof top jacuzzis for relaxation are a hit with the younger energetic Caucasian expats. 

A 5-minute drive to the East Coast beaches and parks. 

For rent: Feb 8, 2002.

Unit No. 1 - 20. 4+1 3000 sq. ft  $4,000.

One 4+1 3750 sq. ft $5,000. 

Expat 1.  Single.
Houses in East Coast. Saturday May 18, 2002

12 noon Meet at The Bayshore.

12.10pm Kew Green townhouse No. 220 - 240  4+1+1 3200 sq ft $3,500. Condo facilities.  Facing Kew houses.

Singapore Kew Green townhouses with rooftop jacuzzi
Unit facing Kew houses 

12.30pm Kew Green townhouse No. 100 - 130 4+1 3205 sq ft $3,900. Condo facilities. Rooms and roof terrace faces greenery. Beautiful furnishings.  Every room is cabled.

Singapore Kew Green townhouses with rooftop jacuzzi
Unit above East Coast Road has spectacular views of green trees

Singapore Kew Green townhouses with rooftop jacuzzi
Back garden

Singapore Kew Green townhouses with rooftop jacuzzi
Some units front the pool
Beautiful & spacious Kew Green kitchen, Singapore

Beautiful green tree views from the bedrooms

Master bathroom with marble walls, shower stall and long bath

Singapore Kew Green townhouses with rooftop jacuzzi
Some units front a quiet yard

1.15pm Marshall Lodge townhouse 4+1 1770 sq ft $2,500. New. Beautiful woodwork. Basement car parking & security gate. No facilities.  Limited parking lots on the road outside.

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9519Singapore real estate, Kew Green townhouses, condo or house for an expatriate with a medium sized dog, educational stories for realtors, March 3, 2001. Excerpts from "The Internet Realtors, Singapore", sponsored by  AsiaHomes Internet..

House hunting case study:
Where will the dog live?

Dogs are family members for most Caucasian expatriates. This prospect has a medium sized dog. What type of accommodation should he live in Singapore?

Most condos have small lifts and dogs bigger than toy breeds tend to "frighten" some residents if they do bark when the lift door opens.   There is a big dog in a condominium in Tanjong Rhu belonging to a European family.  He barks whenever the lift door is open and this could be frightening to the neighbours who expect tranquility when a lift door opens.  This dog lives on the 16th floor and imagine the worries of the neighbours from floor 2 to 16! The resident on the 15th floor complain about the barking noise disturbances but little can be done unless the condo has "no pets" rules. 

The new condominiums with full condo facilities are always attractive to the Caucasian.   What will this Australian couple with a medium sized dog want? 

As close to the Changi industrial park as possible. Preferably, no need to drive two hours per day to work as he used to do so in Australia. 

"There is a new house by the river in Pasir Ris. Taste the salty air as the breeze sways the branches of the mangrove trees.  Sit and watch as the green river flows sluggishly to the sea." I said.

The rent is around $4,000.  "Let's go for it," said the husband. 

"However, there is not one Caucasian expatriate in this neighbourhood," I said. "Are you sure your wife will feel comfortable?"

The wife shakes her head. She would be the odd man out.
As you can see, qualifying a home for an expatriate is not easy.  It will have to be in a neighbourhood where there are Caucasians and East Coast bungalows seldom have many Caucasian families.  Most live in condos.  But I have an expatriate with a medium sized dog.  I think a cluster townhouse will be good and within their budget but will the couple agree?

Tips for new Realtors

You will need to know what's the Caucasian expat's wife wants as she  is an "equal" partner if not a dominant partner in making a decision as to where she wants to live.  For expats with medium to big sized dogs, with a rental budget up to $4,000 per month, a cluster townhouse rather than an apartment will be easier for the dog and for peace of mind of the neighbours.  New bungalows in the good areas of East Singapore rent around $5,500 - $6,000. Good areas favoured by Caucasian expatriates are around the Kew Green neighbourhood.

If you don't qualify properties for your client properly, you will end up with several days of viewing and no closing.  It is financially important for you that you close within 1 or 2 days of viewing as time is important for you. 

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