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  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pet rats, rabbits & turtles
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Veterinary Surgeons:
*Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS.  Consultant Vet, Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery, Yangon, Myanmar

*Dr Daniel Sing Zongzheng, BSc, BVMS (Murdoch)
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Appointment only.
Veterinary surgeons, nurses, technicians wanted
1150. Final Video: A Presa has tick-fever seizures - Babesia gibsoni, treated successfully in March 2014
1149. Blog: Excellent outcome from surgery for a bilateral abdominal cryptorchidism 10 days post-op
A 9-year-old Japanese Spitz has right hind lameness and neck pain
1418. Video: A successful 61st day Corgi Caesarean Section
1417. Final Video: An 8-year-old Silkie has right perineal hernia
1416. Final Video: How to make a Be Kind To Pets Veterinary Education Video - for interns
1415. Final Video: 4 guinea pig diseases in Toa Payoh Vets
1414. Final Video: Dr T T Aung of Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery discusses perineal urethrostomy in a Yangon cat
1413. Final Video: A Chow Chow has entropion surgery at Toa Payoh Vets
1412. Blog: A pug is ataxic and has hip pain after boarding for 2 days
1411. Blog: A 14-year-old Chihuahua has hip arthritis
1410. Blog: A 6-year-old cat has pollakiuria
Normal sibling bear with normal tongue
3 months after marsupialisation
Final Video: 3 months after marsupalisation
Day 2 - another operation to excise more of the swelling of the left ranula
Day 1 operation of 2 ranulas
Bear with 2 ranulas before operation
1409. Blog: Follow-up 3 months after the ranula operation in the Asiatic bear
1408. Video: Tharbawa Centre's food for worker
1407. Video: Rabbits & bear given dog food Pt 6
1406. Video: A ranula recurs Pt 5
1405. Video: Ranula bear tongue Pt 4
1404. Video: Ranula bear enclosure visit Pt 3
1403. Video: Ranula bear. Pt 2
1402. Video: Review of ranula bear 3 months post operation Pt 1
1401. Video: Hamsters sneeze after eating meal worms
1400. Video: Maggot wound treatment Pt 4
1399. Video: Maggot wounds in Golden Retriever Pt 3
1398. Video: Maggot and cut paw wounds in a Golden Retriever Pt 2
1397. Video: Maggot wounds in a Golden Retriever Pt 1
1396. Video: A cat had constipation for 7 days
1395. Video: A Chihuahua is constipated sometimes
1394. Video: A terrapin has white shell spots and is not eating
1393. Final Video: A 12-year-old dog has carnassal tooth abscess
1392. Final Video: Importance of rabbit grooming
1391. Final Video: Fleas and mites in a Singapore kitten
1390. Final Video: The Silkie is now normal Pt 2
1389. Final Video: A 7-year-old Silkie survives heat stress Pt 1
1388. Final Video: Review 3 months later Pt 6
1387. Final Video: Ranula operation on th Asiatic Bear Pt 5
1386. Final Video: Ranula operation on the Asiatic Bear by a wildlife vet Pt 4
1386. Final Video: An Asiatic bear has bigger tongue swellings Pt 3
1385. Final Video: An Asiatic bear has 2 tongue swellings Pt 2. Naypyitaw Zoo & Royal Asia Veterinary Surgery in June 2016. Pt 2
1384. Final Video: A 5-month-old Asiatic Bear has two tongue swellings Pt 1
1383. Video: A 10-year-old male, not neutered Shih Tzu passes blood in the urine.
1382. Video: Hippos, giraffes and others at Naypyitaw Zoological Garden & Safari Park Pt 2
1381. Video: Naypyitaw Zoological Garden & Safari Park, Myanmar, June 2014.  Pt 1
1380. Video: Jun 2014 lunch at a villager's home
1379. Video: A constipated 2-year-old cat for Raffles Institution Sec 4 student intern to do case study

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