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28 April, 2016
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Archived Case Studies are at:  Be Kind To Pets

1200. Video: A 2-month-old Maltese is anaemic and lethargic - tick fever?
1199. Video: A stray cat has a big back abscess/tumour?
1198. Video: Anti-tick, flea and worms medication at Toa Payoh Vets, Queens Vets
1197.Video: Day 4 after ear canal surgery
1196. Video: A 1-year-old Chihuahua bites his backside 10-20 times a day - anal sacculitis
1195. Video: Scarred ears or cauliflower areas form when  aural haematomas not treated by a vet
1194. Blog: Ears of a red-eared slider are not red at all
1193. Video: Mar 19, 3 pm. Advice on kidney failure in 4lst day pregnant Corgi Pt 2
1192. Video: Mar 19, 3 pm. 41st day pregnant Corgi is treated IV. Temperature is now normal Pt 1
1191. Video: A cat lost 50% of her weight in 1 month and is ataxic
1190. Video: Cat's bite or scratch wound Pt 2
1189. Video: Cat bite wound again below the left ear
1188. Video: A Pom puppy is dreaming
1187. Video: 6 weeks later after pre-eclampsia treatment of a Pomeranian
1186. Video: Farm visit. A Caesarean 58th-day pregnant Dachsund is normal
1185. Video: A 41st-day pregnant Corgi vomits Pt 1
1184. Video: How to restrain a frisky pug for eye treatment Pt 2
1183. Video A 10-month-old pug has left eye discharge Pt 1
1182. Video: How to treat a severe skin disease in a dwarf hamster
1181. Video: Fluorescein eye stain revealed a central corneal ulcer (green) in this much loved dog
1180. Video: A terrapin's upper shell is full of small white spots
1179. Video: Evacuating the impacted cheek pouch Pt 2
1178. Video: A 2-year-old hamster has an impacted cheek pouch
1177. Video: A 6-month-old dwarf hamster has a red lower body area
1176. Video: Lateral ear canal resection surgery in the Schnauzer Pt 2
1175. Video: A 9-year-old adopted Schnauzer has smelly body again and again Pt 1
1174. Video: Farm Visit. Not easy to photograph 11 vaccinated puppies in a row!
1173. Video: Farm visit. 2 six-week-old French bulldog puppies Caesarean sectioned by me
1172. Video: Iron-vitamin syrup for an anaemic pregnant Dachshund Pt 2
1171. Video: Follow up on not-eating 52nd day pregnant Dachshund 4 days after treatment Pt 1
1170. Video: A dwarf hamster shakes and has splayed hind legs after tumour surgery by another vet
1169. Video: An old Shih Tzu has black corneas, dry eyes and cherry eyes
1168. Video: A young male X-bred dog has rashes on thighs and flanks.
1167. Video: A young female X-bred dog has generalised rashes
1166. Video: An 8-year-old terrapin passes white "faeces" or "urine" Pt 2
1165. Video: A terrapin passes white "faeces" for 10 days Pt 1
1164. Video: Two terrapins cases in succession. Case 2. Bite wound
1163. Video: The terrapin is short of breath and pants when exercised Pt 3
1162. Video: 5 days later. The terrapin bubbles when submerged Pt 2
1161. Video: Two terrapin cases in succession. Case 1. Itchy eyes and sneezing
1160. Video: A guinea pig stops eating after boarding with relatives
1159. Video: A 14-year-old Shih is very itchy in the ears and legs Pt 1
1158. Video: How to get a cat to swallow his tablet? Pt 2
1157. Video: A cat has rashes for many months Pt 1
1156. Video: A young poodle bites her thigh areas bald
1155. Video: Bad breath due to periodontal disease Pt 3
1154. Video: Thick smelly anal sac oil expressed Pt 2
1153. Video: A 10-year-old female spayed Miniature Pinscher has an itchy lower body Pt 1
1152. Video: Open pyometra IV drip treatment Pt 2
1151. Video: An 11-year-old Shih Tzu passes bloody vaginal discharge - open pyometra Pt 1
1150. Video: How to put eye and ear drops into the Persian cat's eyes Pt 2
1149. Video: A newly purchased Persian has runny eyes Pt 1
1148. Video: A 10-month-old Corgi has false pregnancy
1147. The Maltese has anal sacculitis, breast nodules and ringworm Pt 2
1146. A 9-year-old Maltese has not fully recovered from generalised ringworm Pt 1
1145. Video: Queen's Veterinary Surgery on Mar 3, 2016 at 6 pn
1144. Video: The Persian cat is negative for FIV and feline leukaemia Pt 2
1143. Video: A 6-month-old  Persian sneezes pus from the left nostril Pt 1
1142. Video: The anal sacculitis is one reason for throwing up hair balls Pt 3
1141. Video: A cat vomits hair balls more often recently Pt 2
1140. Video: A cat vomits hair balls and loses appetite Pt 1
1139. Video: A Golden Retriever is X-rayed Pt 3
1138. Video: A Golden Retriever fell into a drain Pt 2
1137. Video: A Golden Retriever fell into a drain and dislocates his right hip Pt 1
1136. Video: Singapore subway tunnel lights
1135. Video: A drooling fierce cat has a loose decayed left upper canine tooth
1134. Video: An 11-year-old Maltese has a swollen painful abdomen - pyometra
1133. Video: An active 8-month-old poodle dislocates her left hip
1132. Video: A rare case of supernumerary teeth in a dog
1131. Video: A 9-year-old cat has rapid breathing.
1130. Video: A guinea pig in-patient on Chinese New Year Day 3
1129. Video: A guinea pig has rapid breathing for one month - Chinese New Year Day 2
1128. Video: A guinea pig with rapid breathing - Chinese New Year Day 1
1127. Video: A 1-year-old guinea pig has pneumonia
1126. Final Video: A Yangon Siberian Husky has seizures
1125. Youtube video: Cherry Eye Tuck-in Surgery by Dr Ken Abrams
1124. Video: A Chinese dance in Suntec City
1123. Final Video: A Yangon Siberian Husky has seizures
1122. Video: A 1-year-old guinea pig has pneumonia
1121. Video: A Chinese dance in Suntec City
1120. Final Video: A 54th-day pregnant Pomeranian gave birth naturally after Theracalcium IV
1119. Video: X-rays show a hard big abdominal mass Pt 2. Ultrasound shows 4 tumours
1118. Video: An 8-year-old Fox Terrier had abnormal urination Pt 1
1117. Video: Visit to French bulldog puppies in breeder farm
1116. Video: Follow up visit to breeder to check on Pomeranian, Maltese and Dachshund dams and puppies.
1115. Video: Dental scaling and extraction done Pt 2
1114. Video: A 10-year-old Chihuahua comes for dental work Pt 1
1113. Video: A Westie has bad skin Pt 2
1112. Video: A Westie has bad body odour Pt 1
1111. Video: A young couple rescued a hamster with a gigantic tumour
1110. Video: A 2-year-old Dachshund is allergic to "chicken meat"
1109. Video: The hit Schnauzer goes home Pt 2
1108. Video: A new neighbour smashed the Schnauzer with a heavy bag Pt 1
1107. Video: The kitten cannot be upright. Hypoglycaemia?
1106. Video: The kitten cannot stand again
1105. Video: The Schnazuer goes home Pt 3
1104. Video: The Schnauzer is catheterised Pt 2
1103. Video: A 10-year-old Schnazuer cannot stand on his hind legs Pt 1
1102. Video: An imported Pembroke Corgi
1101. Video: A cat has a malar abscess
1100. Video: A male Maltese has a recurring perineal hernia
1099. Video: A pregnant Corgi has kidney failure Pt 2
1098. Video: A pregnant Corgi has kidney failure Pt 1

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