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No.3  St Martin's Drive
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Last Updated: 23 Feb 2002.

Singapore -  No. 3 St Martin Drive : 8 apartments of 4-bedroom units

8 units. 2 units/floor.  Elevator.
No condo facilities.  Car parking, auto gate.
Completed: Around 1996.
At the doorstep of Orchard Road.
3-bedroom 1700 sq. ft
Rent: $4,500.

Spacious living areas and bright kitchen.
Modern apartments with elevators. 

Great location. Appeals to expatriates who want privacy, no noisy screaming kids, be near downtown Orchard Road and 3-min walk to the Tanglin Mall, a Caucasian supermarket.

A 15-minute walk to the Orchard subway but there are too many buses and taxis.

Three St Martin Drive Apartment:  Modern master bathroom
A modern master bathroom. Beige coloured bath tub cum shower. 
Three St Martin Dr Apartment: Separate living & dining areas.
Bay windows, light brown marble flooring in separate living and dining areas. 

A light traffic noise may be heard as the apartments front Orchard Road.

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