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Cost of Renting 2-bedroom apartments in Singapore

Owners of 2-bedroom apartments, private and HDB,
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Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 19:38:00 +0100
From: ......<,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>

Subject: Some Information

I am a prospectus Post Doctoral Fellow at Nanyang Technological University. I have a small family of three (Me, My wife, and a baby,). I want to know the following:

Is it possible to have a two room appartment for hire ? How about the Rental Rates ?
Is it possible to have a modestly furnished appartment of Two room ? and the questions alike.

With best regards,


December 5, 1997 3 .am


Thank you for writing to me. In reply, there are 2-bedroom apartments for rental. Rental rates vary from S$1,200 to S$7,000 (S$1.60 = US$1.00 as at December 5, 97).

  • For S$1,200 - $1,350, you can get a modestly furnished 2-bedroom apartment near your University. They are called HDB (Housing & Development Board) apartments. Many of them are "unapproved" or "illegal" with "one room locked" up by the Owners.

Approved HDB apartments are fewer in numbers and usually the Owners ask for higher rental rates and there is a letter of approval from the HDB. For approved HDB apartments, the whole unit is permitted for leasing to you, without the need of the Landlord to stay in one room or "lock one bedroom" for the residence of the Landlord. Usually the Landlord does not stay in the locked room. Many foreigners had suffered much distress in having to shift out suddenly when the HDB officials check them due to complaints from neighbours (usually) as these foreigners have had rented unapproved HDB apartments. Many others are staying happily and peacefully for years with "one room locked" and no harassment from the HDB officials.

  • Private 2-bedroom apartment rentals vary from S$2,000 to S$7,000 and above. Those renting at S$2,000 are usually very old walk up apartments and some of them are in downtown Orchard Road areas. A brand new 2-bedroom fully furnished apartment in a condominium (private housing) at around S$2,000 - S$2,500 can be found, but there are not many units as at December 5, 1997. I have great difficulties finding S$2,000 private apartments for several clients in the last 4 weeks, but prices will be dropping in 1998 as more units are released and more Landlords are flexible.

For example, I just rented a brand new 2-bedroom condo in Harbourlights Condo, top floor, sea view at S$2,600/month, partially furnished, tenancy commencing December 1, 1997 to an American single. This is a very rare event because the Owner is investment minded and accepted my suggestion that he would lose 2 months’ rental as December and January are low season and therefore unlikely to get Tenants. By renting out early at a lower rental, his investment earns income within 4 weeks of being given the unit by the Developer.

Other Owners are asking S$3,000 - S$4,000 but other units in downtown have been completed. These Owners will have to wait some time, as long as over 6 months to secure the high rentals they desire. The location is excellent, being few bus stops from downtown in Raffles Place/Shenton Way but there are more units nearer to downtown.

Other brand new units in central Singapore in the financial district of Raffles Place/Shenton Way or Orchard Road area are getting rentals as high as S$7,000 but many first-time Landlords are becoming wiser and realistic. As your place of work is not in central Singapore, you will be able to find lower rentals at around S$2,200 - $2,500 for an older 2-bedroom fully furnished apartment in a condo (private housing)..

A licensed housing agent, including my company will be able to advise you further to get the accommodation in the location you need. Please contact me by email or telephone early and welcome to Singapore, a safe and clean place with one of the highest rentals in the world. 

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