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Singapore housing fit for expats

Subject: Range of rental

Comments: Rental from S$1,800 - $30,000

June 19, 1998

Many new surfers asked about Singapore's rental for expatriates. This report is written for the newcomer (see email below) as rental ranges from S$1,800 - $50,000, not as stated in a surfer's email (attached).
Rentals have dropped considerably to as much as 100% compared to two years ago, depending on location.


Condos in the Orchard and Newton locations are the favourite areas and rentals will be relatively higher. There is an acute shortfall of good quality 4+1 bedroom condo with over 2,000 sq. ft of living area (Tips for new investors) but such units in the Orchard area now rents from $6,000 - $12,000.

As Asia USA Realty was active in the brand new UE Square Condo (located centrally and next to the Clarke Quay/financial district area, free shuttle service to City Hall subway, supermarket and retail at doorstep, 5-minute taxi ride to Raffles Place), it is used as a guide for new surfers, rentals as at June 19, 1998 are::

  1. A studio (500 sq.ft) - S$2,000 fully furnished. Seldom available. Bigger studios (800 sq. ft) rent for around $3,000.
  2. A 2-bedroom (800 sq ft - 1,200 sq ft) rents around $3,000 - $4,500.
  3. A 3-bedroom (1,450 sq.ft - 1,800 sq. ft) rents from $3,500 - $6,000.
  4. A 4-bedroom (2,000 sq.ft and above) rents from $5,500 - $8,000. Asia USA has transacted a 4-bedroom at S$5,800 fully furnished.

4+1 (2,600 sq.ft, 2-levels) older condos (swimming pool only) such as Paterson Towers in Paterson Road, 5-minute walk to the Orchard subway rent from $7,000 - $8,000. A Parisian 3+1 over 2,500 sq. ft, in similar location has just been rented at $8,000.

Cluster housing: townhouses, 4+1 with communal pool, in Newton area rents at $7,200 (if available) and a 5+1 semi-detached fit for expatriates in the same area rents at $8,000. Detached rents from $10,000 to $50,000.


In the suburban areas, brand new condos such as Symphony Heights, Hume Park, Oleander Towers, Castle Green, Seasons Park, Costa Rhu, a general rule for rental is as follows:

2-bedroom - $2,000 (from $1,700 - $3,000)
3-bedroom - $3,000 (from $2,500 - $4,000)
4-bedroom - $4,000 (from $3,000 - $8,000 for 2-level Costa Rhu penthouse)

Sherwood Condo, Signature Park, Regis Mansion, Parc Vista and many others have just been introduced in the market. Aspen Heights, near the UE Square Condo, will be ready soon.

Some 3-bedroom and maisonettes are so beautifully remodelled and brand new - rental at $1,700 really is value for money. The interior is much better than older private housing.

However, most expatriates can't get used to the layout (kitchen has a bathroom and everybody can see your dirty linen or panty hanging out in bamboo poles are the trademark of the HDBs - maybe a new generation of HDB architects will improve the layout and separate the bathroom and drying area from the kitchen?)

Asia USA has one approved 3-bedroom unit in Woodlands available for American School teachers. In maisonettes, you don't need to expose your linen!

This topic is extensive. Please email as each expatriate has his own specifications. Visit "affordable homes for expats" and also the current listings to get a perspective. Ultimately, work closely with a good realtor you are comfortable with and you should get a decent housing fit for expatriates. Best wishes.

Ann Brocklebank

Attached: An American Surfer's rental range $4,800 - $5,300 query .

Subject: Re: Moving to Singapore soon
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 20:46:15 -0700
From: yhong

David, pls help Mark and let me know if you are successful in helping him find a house/apartment. Best of luck

Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 20:28:35 -0700
From: yhong
Subject: Re: Moving to Singapore soon

Mark, i will refer you to a friend of my who is a professional housing agent, he will give you all the info and help you need. David, pls respond to Mark. thks

At 11:05 AM 6/15/98 -0500, you wrote:

Hello Mr. Hong

My wife and I will be relocating to Singapore within the next few months and are interested in housing options that you may be aware of. Please reply with more information on the housing market and perhaps options that you are aware of.

I will be working in the business disctrict near Orhcard and Somerset Road. We are an American family and it will just be my wife and I. I notice that the housing ranges from $4800 to $5300. I'm curious what this seven bedroom house rents for?

Hope to hear from you soon.



Yip.. Hong


Asia USA's Reply to Mark
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 22:08:46 +0000
From: David Sing
Organization: Affordable homes for expats - for tips/Singapore rentals/pets. Asia USA Realty Tel: (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728, 254 3326, Fax: (65) 256 0501


Mr Yip (in Chinese, the first name is the surname) referred you to me. Please let me know if I can help. I believe I had written to you sometime ago. His 7+1 house (intermediate) would have rented around S$7,500 partially furnished. I do have some articles on housing near American School at Pl let me know whether we had corresponded before. Best wishes.

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