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Ref: 806013
American School housing

Subject: June 1998 update on Woodlands housing for Americans
No condos available in vicinity of American School.

June 1, 1998.

There are many Americans leaving Singapore and the new American School now has more vacancies than in last 2 years. In May, there is a big increase in demand for housing near the American School. The type of private housing in this vicinicty is landed (terraces, semi-detachs and bungalows). There are no condos available.

Rental for a terrace house in Cedarwood Grove (2-storey intermediate, 4+1 rooms, 2 years old) starts from S$6,000 p/f per month. Rental for a terrace (3-storey intermediate 7+1 room in Beechwood Grove) has been closed at May 31, 1998 at $7,500. Corner units may ask around $300 - $500 more. The closing rentals are around $7,000 - $8,000. Get a good realtor to negotiate on your behalf.

Advantages of living near the American School are savings of time for the children but if the spouse works in downtown, it may be a big hassle to drive to town (over 45 minutes if there is no traffic jam). The spouse can hop onto the Marsiling subway (10-minute walk from home).

For husbands who travel frequently, it is best to reside somewhere between the American School and downtown, so that the wife (if she wants to work and has no car) can commute easily and meet other expatriate wives at the American Club. School buses from the Clementi/Upper Bukit Timah areas - expatriate areas travel <30 minutes to the School. Houses there rent cheaper by $1000/month!

There are 2 new developments nearby and the asking rentals are around $8,000 for the corner unit and $7,500 for an intermediate. Contact Asia USA mobile tel: (65) 9668 6468, office 254 3326, email for details.

Below are some answers to FAQ from American Surfers.

Query 1: Subject: Re: Woodlands/Beechwood Grove

Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 04:44:49 +0000
From: David Sing
Organization: Asia USA Realty Tel: (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728, Fax: (65) 256 0501


May 27, 98 5 am

Thanks for phone call from Bangkok.

1. Houses near American School are 6+1 or 5+1 bedrooms, 3-storeys. Presently, I have around 5 units ready for occupation - Beechwood Grove (4), Cedarwood Grove (2), Oakwood Grove (1), Ashwood Grove (2). Pinewood Grove $7,500 for intermediate and $8,000 for corner - around 4 units nearly completion and another 6 units near completion. There is no problem finding one but because the houses are hugh, you may incur a lot of air conditioning expenses. All within 5-15 minute walk to the American School.

32 Beechwood Grove - CORNER terrace, going at $7,000 (cheapest and 5-minute walk to American School is the most affordable, please do not forget this listing). Rented in May 30,1998.

6 Beechwood Grove - intermediate terrace 7+1 wants $7,500 paritally furnished, minimum. Rented $7,500 May 30, 1998.

2. Toh Tuck Road vicinity. Brand new semi-detach ($6,800) and terraces ($6,000) are available and suitable. No construction workers or noises unlike the houses at the American School vicinity. There are complaints from one American about crime rate in the American School vicinity houses due to large numbers of construction workers being around. Yet the houses are being occupied.

3. 2 townhouses sharing communal pool at Barker Road (Newton MRT) vicinity. Asking $6,800 partially furnished. 2-storey, 3-bedroom and antic room. Popular quiet expat area.

4. Others in Namly Avenue, 6th Avenue. Semi-detached around $8,000.

5. Jalan Lim Tai See houses - Gentle Villas - terraces at around $7,000.

6. Houses in Watten Estate, Newton area rent around $8,000 or less depending on condition. Detached with communal pool in Watten area rents $12,000.

There should be no problem getting you one house. Just give me 1 or 2 days' notice. My mobile is 9668 6468, office 2543326 and also name of hotel you will be staying.

Query 2: Subject: Re: House lease near Singapore American School

Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 04:58:59 +0000
From: David Sing
Organization: Asia USA Realty Tel: (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728, Fax: (65) 256 0501

To: "DS." <>


Thank you for email. Please see reply below.

DS. wrote:

Dear Dr. Sing,

My family and I will move to Singapore on or before July 1, 1998. We will be looking for a house near the Singapore American School. My wife and I have 5 children who will be attending the school. Will you please send me information on single family units for rent. I would like to know how many rooms,

32 Beechwood Grove 6 bedrooms + maidAround 3,500 sq. ft built in. No pool. Cheapest of lot there. Rental is now $7,000 partially furnished. It is a CORNER 3-storey terrace. Rented in May 31, 1998.

All units have no pool except bungalow or detached type. Generally, layout of 3-storeys as follows: lst level - maid's room +/1 guest room. Maid's bathroom +/- guest bathroom

(powder room). 2nd level - 3 bedrooms (sometimes a guest bedroom with attached bath) 3rd level - 2 bedrooms (master bedroom with attached bath).

It is a peak season in May/June and hope info will be sufficient. If possible, 1 or 2 days' notice before we go house hunting. Best wishes.

Other units have 5 or 4 bedrooms. Rental varies from cheapest at $6,000 for a 2-storey terrace to $13,000 for a bungalow with pool (rarely available).

Will look forward to meeting you. Pl let me have name of hotel. My mobile

tel: is 9668 6468 and office 2543326.

Query 3: Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 05:45:03 +0000

From: David Sing
Organization: Affordable homes for expats - for tips/Singapore rentals/pets. Asia USA Realty Tel: (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728, 254 3326, Fax: (65) 256 0501

Subject: Re: Rental Properties near American School

June 1, 1998

Landed Housing (ie. non apartment) near the American School has been taken up at a fast rate in the last 2 months as the house hunting season is peaking and unit you referred to has been rented out. There are around 10 or more newer to be completed houses available. Will be able to show you the terrace houses when you arrive. All of them do NOT have condo facilities like pool, gym.

There are presently NO condos within 5-10 minutes' walk to the American School.

The nearest new condos will still be in the Upper Bukit Timah or Lentor areas.

A 4-bedroom at 1700 sq. feet rents from $3,000 - $5,000 partially furnished but such rates are negotiable.. Since you are looking for 5-bedroom, the most likely accomodation will be a terrace house and there is NO need to worry as I have good new ones available.

Will try and get a 5-bedroom condo, which is a rare thing, within 30 minute bus ride to the American School. Pl contact me if you need more info. I need to know a few days in advance to schedule your house viewingt as June is a hectic house hunting season for expats. Best wishes.

Please let me know a few days in advance. My mobile is 9668 6468 and office 254 2728, 254 3326. Also, the name of the hotel you will be staying.

xxx wrote:


My name is xxx. I am currently living in Dubai UAE. My wife and I will be moving to Singapore in late July early August. We are interested in the listing of the terrace housing near the American School. The reference number is #803201. If you have any digital pictures of the home could you please forward to this e-mail address. My wife's name is C and you can contact her at this address as I will be traveling in the next few days. We also plan to visit Singapore in mid to late June to finalize housing arrangements.

The above mentioned home seems to be ideally located, but is a bit more room than we need. We would be interested in a facility in the same area with 5 bedrooms and amentities such as swimming pool, gym, childrens play area. If you have any homes that meet this criteria please forward the information.

Thank You

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