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Harbourlights Condo

1.    Photos are sponsored by asiahomes.com
2.    Mar 7, 98 report on Harbourlight Condo.
3.    Case studies:  How you can rent faster? Flexible Landlords.
4.    Case study for novice realtors of Asia USA:
       Closing on young single expats: Get the prospect to view when         there is interest.   Flexible Landlady.

1.    Photos.

to be published soon.

2.     March 7, 1998 report.
2+1 760 sq. ft $3,000 fully furnished with expensive upscale furniture.  Owner looking for single tenant who will look after her place well. Call Asia USA at 9668 6468.

Other 2-bedroom units at $2,500, $3,000, $3,300 x 3 units available. fully furnished and unfurnished units available.

3+1 1,200 sq. ft $3,000, $3,500, $4,500 available.

Brand new development suitable for expats who do not mind the "industrial" scenario of harbour cranes and ships and some construction noises for new subway and demolition of World Trade Center low buildings.


Beautiful landscaped surroundings. Swimming pool with cascading waterfall, small gym, sauna and jacuzzi bath, 24-hours security.

Near to jogging tracks of Mount Faber,
You can jog at Sentosa island, across the road.
Shops, cafes, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and supermarket at World Trade Centre (across the road).

2-year old low density low rise living of 139 units with modern finishes.  Buses No. 10 and 100 to Raffles Place in <20 minutes (7 bus-stops, frequency around 10 minutes). Real cheap considering it is located near downtown.

Main expatriate complaint:
Near docks, cranes and some construction activities.

Excellent value for money if the expats want convenience and be near Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar and Shenton Road offices.

5-minute drive to Raffles Place and 20-minute bus ride to Raffles Place. 7-bus stops to Raffles Place. No need subway or cars. Many buses and many taxis.  No subway presently.

Because of the construction activity as at March 1998, landlords were willing to rent at below market rate. Apartments facing the main Telok Blangah Road are NOT noisy because of sound-proofing of windows. Apartments away from the main road are quiet.

As at January 10, 2000, the rent for Harbourlights has dropped owing to much competition from numerous new condos being available in the Orchard Road area.  The subway may be available in 2000.

3.   Case study:   Flexible Landlords in 1998.  Apartments on low floors or near construction are difficult to rent and landlords have to be flexible. Rent may have to be lower to attract tenants.

Case 1. 
Asia USA Realty realtor rented a 2-bedroom, 3rd floor UE Square Parkwing, 1,200 sq.ft with only fridge and washing machine. $2,800 for one year.  The unit is particularly dark being blocked by the office block across the road.  The kitchen is dark but living/dining area larger than most 2-bedroom apt in UE Square.

Subject: Try again...
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 11:57:46 +0800
From: "...@askey.net>
To: "David Sing" <drsing@asiahomes.com>

I'm still in the market for an apartment, yesterday wasn't a good day and to hear that we'd been 'gazumped' by someone was quite bad as we'd pretty much set our hearts on that place. I'm sure you knew that.

Anyway, without further a-do. I'd still like you to help me find somewhere, as you seem to have a good range of apartments near to what I'm looking for. Let me lay down my requirements and maybe over the next week we can find somewhere...

Budget: S$2,800 (ABSOLUTE MAX)
Furnish: Partial or Un-Furnished (with ability to buy essentials: fridge, washing machine, bed)
Size: 1,000 sqft ++
Location: City / or Near MRT / good buses (the River Valley location is great for us)
Other requirements:
+ SCV (pretty essential actually.. we're doing some partner work with NCB and I'd like to hang onto my Singapore One pilot user status). UE Square Condo does not have the underground SCV cables.
+ Air-con
+ Condo facilities
+ Fairly new (brand new is great)
+ Two bedrooms

Imagine that the apartment at UE Square is pretty much exactly what we're looking for (but add the essential items and SCV (either now or soon). I've adjusted my budget so as not to lose out on a nice place again, but this is going to squeeze me a little bit..

Hope you can help,

Case 2.
Rented 3-bedroom, 2nd floor Harbourlights Condo, around 1,200 sq.ft with only fridge and washing machine. $3,000 for two years. No  view from the living cum dining area as there is a hill slope.

Subject: ApartmentsDate: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 15:58:22 +0800
From: ....@merak.com>
To: "Dr Sing Kong Yuen" drsing@pacific.net.sg
CC:  …@merak.com>

Hello Dr. Sing,
I will be back in Singapore for a few day from Saturday Feb. 21 to Wed., Feb 25. We are at the stage where we are ready to move into a place around mid March or April 1. Is now a good time to rent apartments in Singapore? We still are looking a a place close to the MRT. So if you have any places available, and are available to show them, I would appreciative you time.

Thank you, ... R..

Currently in Pekanbaru, Indonesia (tel: 62 76 …)

Case 3.
Rented a 2-bedroom, 5th floor Harbourlights Condo, around 900 sq.ft fully furnished.   $3,000 for 7 months. The unit appealed to Caucasian wife because of light pastel furnishings and the view of Sentosa. Very quiet in spite of noisy drilling construction activities outside. Brought wife to lighting shop to choose lights and deal closed within 24 hours.

Owner was asking if there was "light at the end of the tunnel" the day before as the market was in recession. It had been tough getting tenants since November and he was wise to take the 7-month lease at $3,000 rather than wait for longer lease which may take months.  2-bedroom apartments in Harbourlights seldom, if ever get $3,000 rentals in 1998 and even in the year 2000 as its location is not favourable compared to the numerous downtown condos like Valley Park and others.

Subject: Relocation to Singapore
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 15:24:08 -0500
From: ....@visionol.net
To: "'drsing@pacific.net.sg'" <drsing@pacific.net.sg>

My husband & I are relocating to Singapore from March 1'98 through September from Canada. I viewed your web site and am interested in receiving a summary of your services & applicable fees. No fees payable by the prospective Tenant, but few Landlords want to rent for <one year. However, attitudes are changing in 1998, in view of glut of new and old housing.

Our preferences are a 2 bedroom furnished condo (w/ air conditioning, laundry, +) on the MRT line in Orchard Road, City Centre or Marina Bay areas. Our price range is ~$S3500. (US$2,000 rental budget equivalent to S$3,300 as at March 6, 1998. Rental of Harbourlights Condo at S$3,000 was comfortable. With S$200 for utilities, client could still afford the new condo as total was within $3,300 for a fully furnished apartment near her husband’s office in OCBC Centre, Raffles Place. Stayed in hotel one day and moved into Harbourlights next day, saving on hotel expenses.

I can be reached via e:mail (@visionol.net) or by fax (416) 730-.. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Mary Ellen R

Subject:  Relocation to Singapore
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 12:00:42 -0500
From:  …@visionol.net>
To: "'drsing'" <drsing@pacific.net.sg>

Thank you for your prompt reply - The units you mentioned sound like possibilities! (Dark kitchens don't bother me one bit, as long as there's a bright light to turn on...)

I should have our actual arrival time/date within a day or two. I will confirm back the date, actual location of the office & whether or not there's a representative to send. As my husband is consulting through a relatively new company, I'm not sure this can be arranged. If not, we can set up viewings for the day after I arrive.

You should hear back from me by Wednesday (my time). Thank you again - Mary Ellen

4.   Case study:   Closing on single and young expats.  The wife makes the decision.

On Saturday, January 8 there was a phone call query from a Japanese lady regarding my 2+1 apartment at $1,600 in the Straits Times.  She wanted to see the unit on Monday, but was persuaded to do so on Sunday.  You would have to provide prompt service as Monday would be a working day and her flat mate might not be able to make it.

It was a fine Sunday morning.  A caucasian gentleman was sunbathing and reading a book by the cascading waterfall.  The tranquility of the Harbourlights condo surprised the 2 career ladies.
When I showed them the gym, one said it has as good equipment as those in the California Fitness Club. 

The killer was the indoor bubbling steam bath pool or "hot water spa"  next to the gym.  This probably represents the communal hot water bath in Japan.  The ladies were really enthusiatic.

The living and dining area of the apartment had a view of Sentosa island, the merlion on the left and the sea with ferry boats anchored.
The previous tenant had kept the place well.  There was an electronic safe inside the master bedroom as well although it would not be of much use to the ladies.

I told the landlady that her husband had specific instructions that the minimum rent for this fully furnished apartment would be S$1,600.

The ladies were well dressed as many Japanese career women are.  They spoke good English.  The landlady was asked by the prospective tenants whethere $1,500 would be acceptable.  One lady (in sales) said they would look after the apartment well and keep it clean. 

The landlady agreed to the $1,500 rent.  The contracts could be signed within the next 2 days.  Keys would be given once the contracts were signed although commencement of tenancy will be later.

The husband who was at a golf championship game phoned me to say there was a mistake in the asking rent. I had told him that his wife had offered and maybe he should scold his wife.  Any change might upset the prospective tenants.

The quality of tenants may be more important.  No children means that there will be less wear and tear.  If the wife was happy with the prospective tenant, the husband had to accept the offer.  That is being flexible although it is possible that the prospective tenants would accept the $1,600 rent. 

Early occupation by single expats, a 2-year lease and a happy wife.  What more could the husband want?  



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