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Affordable Homes for Expatriates
Article No. 809141

Subject: Asia USA Research: Diplomat's ideal - Privacy in Blissful View

Case study: Realtor, Inner beauty of a lady. Forcing co-brokers to sign a form to reveal client's name. Advices to new associates of Asia USA.

For Rent: 3+1 1700 sf $4,000. Others, contact

Blissful View

Date of report: September 15, 1998

Total no. of units: 9
3-bdrm: 1700 sf (one unit/floor)

Age: < 5 years.

Location: 5A Holland Hill, off Queensway Road near Farrer/Holland Road junction.

Finishes & Fittings: Living/Dining room - white ceramic tiles. Bedrooms: wooden strips. Built-in wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, cooker hob & hood, air-conditioning system, refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer and washing machine. Balcony facing Queensway Road.

Facilities: Swimming pool (small), covered car park, visual intercom security system, playground. Long drive-way.

Competitors: None having one unit/floor, giving great privacy to Tenants. Suits diplomats and ambassadors or very private professionals/expats.

Occupancy rate: 4/9 units. Caucasians who want privacy. Contact to view units.

Investment potential: Not for sale.


  1. Privacy and interior looks new. Marble top vanity counters and clean white ceramic tiled flooring in living/dining.
  2. Low density and low-rise (9-storeys) blocks x 1. One unit/floor.
  3. Only pool and car park plus gated security.
  4. A gate and long driveway gives added protection in case of "terrorist attack" with grenades!
  5. You can walk from to the main Holland/Farrer Road junction in 5 minutes and catch a taxi/bus to Holland Village (walking distance 20 minutes) or to Orchard and Tanglin Mall (walking distance passing Botanic Gardens 40 minutes).

Contact Asia USA (65) 9668 6468 if you wish to rent a unit, anytime when you arrive in
Singapore and have recovered from jet lag.
We just go house hunting when you call, provided we are tied up house-hunting with others.
You come first. Email


  1. Some traffic noise (slight) from Queensway Road if you sit in the balcony. Not much noise if balcony door is closed.
  2. Just a small pool, car park and small playground. Expats without children may find this place extremely private and confidential.

Surfers interested in any affordable unit, please
call AsiaUSA (65) 9668 6468, 254 2728, 254 3326, 254 7944 for viewing or email

Case study: Realtor, Inner beauty of a lady. Forcing co-brokers to sign a form to reveal client's name.

"Go to Balmoral or older condos," stated co-broking agent Ms L in a brisk tone of voice after Asia USA client said the master bedroom of the Sommerville Grandeur apartment was not big enough and that it looks old (actually around 4 years old). The American lady client has 2 dressing tables (husband and wife) and was making comments openly, as usual for Americans.

Instead of listening to the prospect for feedback and to win her over (the master bedroom was only slightly smaller) with feminine charms as many female realtors (usually dressed in black and made up attractively) know what to do, she was not interested.

Ms L, probably over 30 years old, was dressed in white and black striped blouse (zebra stripes) and black pants. Her black hair was permed in waves giving a fluffed out effect. Her eyes were naturally bigger than usual for a Chinese girl, and if you have seen Pekinese dogs, her eyes were somewhat protruding. Not being tall, the whole personality appeared intimidating.

She had met one of the 2 Asia USA associates, having crossed paths before and did not like being rejected earlier for refusing to sign her company form which demanded co-broking agents to reveal name of client, amongst other requirements.

She knew it was the policy of Asia USA not to sign the form and to reveal client's name, yet she pushed a form to the new Asia USA associate.

It must be Company's policy because she pushed a form for the new associate to fill in and sign. It is an uncommon practice and it makes life difficult for the realtor on the ground. The new associate nearly filled up all the particulars (as a good Singaporean should).

She was advised not to reveal client's name and the co-broking agent was informed that is the policy of Asia USA and that she should not co-broke with Asia USA or asiahomes which is not compliant. New associates make their own bookings and are guided by older ones for some time and they encounter various odd situations..


Owners advertising their properties for rent/sale:
Cheapest and targeted to expatriates: Money back if your unit
is rented before publishing.
S$13.50/40 words/3 months! Email,
call 9668 6468 or fax your details to 256 0501.

"What an unhappy realtor," commented Asia USA client. It was a strange uneasy house-viewing experience for her.

This tip may be helpful to new lady associates. Using sex as a weapon is commonly practised by female since the dawn of times. As many expatriates are men, female realtors are naturally preferred.

Good-looking ones take advantage by wearing black (to accentuate their fair skin, usually tanned by sun for experienced ones). Low cut, sleeveless with jacket and short-skirt lady realtors are dressed to kill and remembered by the male expats. Mascara for some to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, mainly for Caucasian realtors.

Any lady realtor can look good with the help of nice dresses and makeup, giving them the added advantage over male realtors anytime. The inner beauty augments the external and if both are present, it is a most potent marketing ploy and never fails to get referrals from male expatriates.

Of course, integrity and ability to find affordable housing are important as some male Caucasian expatriates do want professionalism as well.


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