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Last updated: 13 Nov 2000

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Case study:
Company lease with no diplomatic clause.

For Rent:
Balmoral Court 2 bedroom 98sm, $2,500 f/f, 2,200 p/f. 1-bedroom 58 sq. m $2,000 f/f, 1,600 p/f.  Others, contact
judy@asiahomes.com or tel:
+65 9668 6468.

32 units.
1-bedroom: 58 sq. Top floor (4th) has a loft (attic for guest/storage) & balcony.
2-bedroom: 98 sq.
3-bedroom: 110 sq. m (approx.).

Completed: 1985.

Balmoral Road, 15-minute walk to Newton subway & Orchard Road.

Interiors: Living/dining - ceramic tiles. Bedrooms: parquet.

Facilities: Swimming pool and laundry room.

Competitors: None for short-term lease and at such low prices in prime district 9. Caucasian expats with budgets may like this development. Old stoves, some rusty, will be cleaned up but do not expect much. Landlord will provide clean accommodation.

Prime location, short leases & swimming pool are an attraction for budget conscious expatriate families and singles. Contact judy@asiahomes.com

  1. Affordable and available for short leases e.g. 6 months.
  2. Prime location in expat enclave area, near Newton, Orchard and the American Club.
  3. Low density living.
  4. Swimming pool, bigger than the splash pools. Well-maintained garden and clean development.
  5. Balcony in units.
  6. Surprisingly, a quiet residential area as Balmoral Rd is not a busy road.
  7. < 15-minute walk to American Club/Orchard Road, Newton subway.
  8. Many taxis available to downtown.
  9. Buses No. 171 & 950 (Bukit Timah Rd), 143 & 54 (Scotts Rd), 603 (Balmoral Rd).


  1. Old kitchen appliances and baths but rentals lower. Landlord will NOT give new appliances. Choose a suitable unit.
  2. Walk up. No lift to 4th level.
Case study:
Will you rent to a Landlord who does not accept the diplomatic clause and wants to break lease anytime?
September 6, 1998
To: The First-Time Landlord
This report is meant for the first-time Landlord.

Singapore Landlords prefer Company leases as they think that there is less hassle and more security. However, there is a type of corporate lease which may leave them vulnerable and you may be better off with a personal lease.

For example, the Singapore Airline, a solid financially strong company well known globally gives short notice (i.e. one month) to vacate the premises.

There is no diplomatic clause of 12 months' minimal occupancy period with 2 months' notice or rent in lieu of notice.

Another company is Olam International which wants to give monthly notices at the commencement of lease.

It is up to the Landlord to assess and take the risk as the Tenant can legally give you one-month's notice after living in for a few days!

If your condo is "rentable" (location good, views excellent, quiet, near subway), try to get a lease with diplomatic clause, rather than take risk as rentals are expected to decline further.

If it is not in demand, rent to a corporate tenant with such conditions and get the investment condo earning revenue.

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