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Last updated: 16 Nov 2000

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92 Tanjong Katong Road.
16 units.

2-bedroom: <1,000 sq. ft, higher ceiling. No maid's room.

3-bedroom: around 1,200 sq. ft. No maid's room.

Completed: 1997.

Interiors: Living/dining - granite. Bedrooms: parquet. Microwave oven, washer-cum-dryer. Audio-visual security intercom system. No guards.  Gates locked. Many taxis available to downtown.

Facilities:  Outdoor jacuzzi, 16 car park lots.

Occupancy rate:  High.

Investment potential: Not for sale.


  1. Affordable and new with designer furnishing.
  2. Around 8 minute walk to the Paya Lebar subway.
  3. Tenants said to be professionals including 2 doctors.
  4. Privacy, only 16 neighbours and quality finishes.
  5. Low density living.
  6. Elevators to every floor.
  7. Surprisingly, quiet inside although some 3-bedroom units face the road.


No condo facilities, but appeals to expats with budget rentals.

Case study:
Landlord, security deposit. Sue the pants off the Tenant.

"I am prepared to go to Court. My lawyer friends will help me. My friends say that I can get back one month's security deposit since I had stayed for more than 1 security deposit since I had stayed for more than 14 months. There are 9.5 months left," said Mr S, an Indian national who had financial difficulties and had given the Landlord 2 months' notice to quit.

The personal lease was signed for 24 months at S$2,200/month. The Landlord refused to return to him the Security deposit and wanted him to pay for repairs and the realtor's marketing commission. All these amounted to nearly $5,000.

The Asia USA associate asked both parties to refer to the Lawyers since he did not know whether it was fair for the Tenant to get back one month's deposit and in his opinion, it was a breach of contract which meant that the Tenant has to pay back 9.5 months' lease.

What are the options for the Landlord?

Sue for breach of contract.

  • Commencing a legal suit costs several thousands of dollars and since the Tenant is in financial distress, the Landlord may win the suit but cannot recover any amount.
  • The Tenant, being a foreigner, may just disappear and it will be very costly to serve summons in his country.
  • Since the Tenant has moved out, it will be difficult to serve the legal summons on him or it will be costly to hire private investigators to track him down.

Settle amicably.

The angry spouse (husband) was not happy but since the Tenant wanted Asia USA realtor to resolve the matter, we met at Costa Rhu late at 7 p.m.

Luckily the Landlord agreed to give the Tenant around $950. 

In the event of litigation, the apartment may not be permitted to be leased to others since the Landlord has not agreed to the Tenant surrendering the lease. This may be significant as rental income will not be generated.

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