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16 Mar 2012   

Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment
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Fifth Avenue. Completed: 1998. 40 units

1-bedroom + study: 95 sq m, 96 sq m
2-bedroom + utility: 108 - 149 sq m
3-bedroom + utility: 138 - 165 sq m
Maisonette 4-bedroom + utility: 202 - 206 sq m (2 levels).

Finishes: Living/dining - marble. Bedrooms - wooden strips. Light yellow imported slate-like tiles in the passageway, giving condo a high class look. Built-in wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, cooker hob & hood, air conditioning. Balcony in some apartments. 

Facilities: Swimming pool, no tennis or squash court, small gym, playground, barbecue areas, 24-hour security, separate audio and visual intercom systems. A spacious pleasant lounge for residents to relax. Condo has foot-bridges over clear running water, clay-type figures sprouting waters and small ponds amongst landscaped garden, evoking a resort ambience in this small development.


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March/April 2012
Units for rent or sale, tel +65 9668-6468, e-mail 
The following case study, written in 1998,  may help Landlords who do not wish to rent at  the lowest rental. However, they will need to have deep pockets and lots of patience. Usually, a quality condo rents out later and involves an additional renovation/upgrading cost of at least S$20,000.
Client: American male, aged around 30 years old. Computer Science graduate and will be regional chief exploiting Internet for the company to benefit customers directly. A very intelligent customer by-passing the middle man.

Landlord: Singaporean lawyer aged over 50 years old. A very intelligent Landlord judging by one fact that he gives the Realtor the access card (direct from the private lift of Costa Rhu) to his apartment and the key to the door inside the private lift lobby. In this way, the Realtor cannot duplicate keys since he needs the access card and even if he does duplicate, this key will not open the other 2 doors to the condo (one outside the private lift) and one outside the public lift. All Realtors have to sign a form before collecting the keys from his house for viewing and returning them soon. As there are many Costa Rhu units, he did not have the luck to rent out his condo although he contacts all Realtors in Singapore.

He has deep knowledge of Information Technology. His peers will still be dictating to Secretaries correspondence and be wary of computers while his Palm Pilot 3 is instant information in his pocket.


Thursday July 30, 1998

"I am already in the condo," reminded Landlord Mr D as it was just past 2 pm. His unit was the first to be viewed and he was asked to switch on the air conditioners one hour in advance to make the prospective Tenant feel comfortable. Asia USA realtor had a feeling that his unit would be appropriate as it had an extra 41 electrical, telephone and power points but much depends on the Landlord's personality now and the working partnership of Landlord-Realtor.

The client is Internet savvy and would be demanding as well since he has used Internet to gather all information about the rental decline in Singapore, besides his private contacts. Email correspondence indicated that Costa Rhu condo may be his kind of cool apartment.

Subject: Re: Upcoming visit with XXX

Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998 08:27:48 +0000

From: David Sing <>

Organization: Affordable homes for expats - for tips/Singapore rentals/pets. Asia USA Realty Tel: (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728, 254 3326, Fax: (65) 256 0501


Nassim Woods may interest you because of prestige and location. Trying to get cheaper than $8,500 for 3 bedroom. We will be viewing on Monday 3 pm.

XXX wrote:

Thanks Mr Sing - How should I contact you once I arrive in Singapore?

David Sing wrote:

Your specifications seem to indicate a new condo with full condo facilities, resort ambience. I guess your son and wife will love the Costa Rhu (OLIVA) facing the river and sea! Please check out (if you have time) some photos of COSTA RHU in, Surfers' Mummy Tips- AFFORDABLE HOMES FOR EXPATS - Romancing the Kallang River. Taxi ride 10 minutes to Somerset.. MRT around 30 minutes to Somerset but you get the green, the waters, the resort ambience, the fresh air compared to city living. There is a ground floor unit 4+1 rooms, 2200 sq. ft, which may suit you or a higher floor with water views 100% from living and all bedrooms. Around $7,000 rental fully furnished. Other units too. Will keep in touch and looking forward to meeting you.

XXX wrote:

Thanks for the reply -- Here are more details on my needs as requested.

  • Husband /Wife with frequent visits from Son (7 yrs old)
    (All Singapore Landlords love couples with no children as there will be less wear and tear of condo).
  • 2 - 4 bedrooms
    (rental budget can support a 3- or 4-bedroom, no point wasting time on 2-bedroom condos).
  • American amenities/appliances if possible
  • Nice view
    (Caucasian usually refers to views of nature or unblocked city views present from living rooms in high floors).
  • Pool (resort-type apartment)
    (old condos are out as their swimming pools are not landscaped and are usually rectangular).
  • Close to PUB building in Business district (Somerset) where I'll be working.
  • Close to Orchard /American Club would be nice
  • Balcony if possible
    (Decent-sized balconies for expats to put a table and 2 chairs and relax).
  • New/modern or well kept
    (New condo will have higher success rate in closing)
  • Looking for something in the S$6,000 - S$8000 range
    (Most Realtors think that $8,000 will close and they get the highest agency fee from the Landlord but listen to the Tenant carefully to be successful)

I'll let you know where to contact me once I know the hotel in which I'll be staying. (should know this week)

David Sing wrote:


Pl let me know more requirements like rental budget, location of office and home, near subway, house or condo etc. so that I can qualify properties you want. Otherwise, it may waste a lot of your time.



XXX wrote:

Good day Mr. Sing.

My name is XXX and we have corresponded several times in the past. I have returned from holiday and am planning a trip to Singapore the 1st week of August. As you may recall, I'm a US Expat that will be moving in September with my family from Dallas Texas. I'd like to see several properties while I'm in town.

Please reply to me at your convenience with information regarding the services you offer.

Thank you.



The Landlord was eloquent and his condo has much more than any other Costa Rhu condos could offer such as:

  1. The 41 extra power/telephone points.
  2. A power point above the light cover of the bathroom for the shaving kit as the Developer has not provided one.
  3. Re-positioning of the Singapore Cable Vision in the master bedroom so that the Tenant can see the sparkling green river or the neon lights of the Oasis Restaurant at night. Many 4+1 Livonia units have cable television points located such that the beds face another condo or the walls.
  4. Wardrobe outside the rooms for winter clothing and a hidden upper compartment for additional storage or to hide something.
  5. Blinds in addition to quality day and night curtains. The Landlady spent a lot of money on full length quality curtains. Many Costa Rhu Landlords install half-length curtains, just above the ledger of the bay windows and the effect is not so homely as full length. "I have an expensive wife" Mr D complained lovingly about his 19-year-old marriage.
  6. Bidets in the bathrooms of the master bedroom and the powder room. Since the bathrooms have no space, the bidets are long hoses costing $300 each. (meaning of "bidet" - a low bowl-shaped porcelain bathroom fixture equipped with running water, used for bathing the crotch - the place where human legs fork from the body). Bidets are common in European hotels but Americans and Singaporeans seldom know what they are for and how to spell the word! This fixture may be a selling point to the Europeans and the Landlady was not in favour of their installation.
  7. Wall mirror at the lobby of the private lift for last-minute checks on appearance before going out.
  8. Natural sandstones from Italy to adorn the 2 sides of the wall mirror.
  9. An air conditioner in the utility area. None of the Costa Rhu Landlords will install this air conditioner in the utility room. "The "dog house" where the American husband is banned to when the wife is angry!" said the Client. "For your mother-in-law?" remarked the Landlord.
  10. Utility room also has a folding table for the maid to iron clothes or write letters in air-conditioned comfort.
  11. Glass windows covering the space, to prevent the hot air from the air condtioning compressor from coming into the utility room.
  12. Extra matching grey and light yellow kitchen cabinets bought specially from the contractor and imported from France.
  13. Wooden louvred doors below wash basins and in some bathroom windows enhancing the beauty of the residence. Developers do not provide such doors.
  14. At least 3 German imported glass shelving on the side of the walls of the bathrooms for putting toothpaste and brushes. Developers do not provide such items.
  15. Soap containers on the side of walls in bathrooms.

A genuine Mariner's Lamp (with light bulb) hanging from the ceiling of the balcony of the Living Room, appropriate for a water front condo.

Over 30 minutes were spent and the prospect was impressed with the Landlord's quality fixtures and the 41 points which he could not find in all the condos and houses he viewed for the next 3 afternoons.

Saturday August 1, 1998

"Please schedule an evening to view the condo at night - it is very romantic!" said Landlord Mr D as none of Asia USA Realtors had experienced night viewing of the Kallang River. The Landlord followed up with reminders and we made an appointment at 6.30 pm at the Condo. Big dark rain clouds were gathering. The Landlord and his wife invited us for dinner as it was too early. It was a nice Teochew Restaurant serving Tsingtao stout but no beer, and therefore denying the pleasure to the Landlord. Over 2 hours were spent with the Landlord reinforcing the quality fixtures and photographs of the black river by Asia USA Realtor for the Tenant's wife (in the USA). A pleasant stroll to the Playground fronting the river at 10. 30 pm. An opportunity for both Landlord, landlady and Tenant to get to know each other.

The competition was from The Bayshore with its air conditioned Clubhouse, the established landscaped resort pool ambience and several Caucasians lazying around the beautifully designed pools on the Friday evening we visited. Also, 2 detached with sufficient garden space for the Tenant's Siberian Husky dog and area for his 12-seat dining table.

Sunday August 2, 1998

The Client invited the Realtor for dinner to discuss further. Top of the list was Costa Rhu but he also like a penthouse in The Bayshore. Nassim Woods Condo was impressive. The Tenant's wife had not seen the condo and as with all good American husbands, the wife needs to be consulted or to see the place. He would like a car and maid's package included.

He would like to discuss further with Mr D as he did not want to tie down to a condo for 2 years when rentals are falling. He was thinking of a one-year lease so that his wife would not need to see the place. He was reminded to invite the Landlord's wife for dinner as well at a place where Tsingtao beer would be served!

Monday August 4, 1998

Mr D was appreciative that his wife was invited and the Client had reciprocated his dinner invitation earlier. Negotiations were tough and we were "chased out of the restaurant" at 10.45 pm to continue at the Client's hotel (where loud band was playing) and to his room .

At one time, the Client agreed on $7,000 with car and maid package. Final rent was agreed at $6,400 for 2 years. The Landlady played a crucial part in negotiations and moderating the husband's worries about not getting the $7,000 target.

With both parties happy, we left at near midnight. The lawywer Landlord has his computer to send the lease agreement by email to the Client who would be leaving at 7 a.m and reaching Texas to receive the agreement.

Conclusion. The quality of the condo and the friendly personality coupled with a sense of humour of the Landlord help considerably in closing. All 3 bedrooms face the river and North and the anti-stress feeling from the 8th floor was evident. The Internet Chief appreciates the 41 power and phone points.

Eventually a value for money approach with car allowance and maid's package to offset the distance from Orchard Road closes the deal and a lease for 2-year rental. It was real hard work for the Landlord who, as in many cases, has 2 prospective Tenants at one time when there was none for the past 3 months. The alternative was an eldery couple offering $6,000 rental and wanting a $6,000 furnishing allowance. The Landlord's wife played a significant role too. The Realtor had 3 free dinners (very unusual) and was responsible for photography of housing.

0907singapore_flag_gif.gif (9239 bytes)Subdivisions (condo & house details) has some of the details of the advertised condos.
Tel: +65 9668-6468, e-mail for viewings

We provide a convenient and usually free services to expatriates and their office people looking for Singapore rentals/investments or short-leases and don't have time to do the negotiations and phone calls. Refer to:  Subdivisions (Singapore condo & house details of interest to expats). Or short term leases at Serviced apartments - Phone/text 9668-6468,

E-mail or fax house-hunting form to us at 6256-0501 and we will contact you within 24-48 hours. Mobile Tel: +65 9668-6468 to get immediate answers to your queries or make appointments to view apartments when you arrive in Singapore. 

We are NOT able to update daily as properties are hot and rented out/sold out fast.
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