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21 Jul 2011   
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes
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South Singapore
900 Dunearn Road. Condo. 220 units.
Completed: April 1998. 999-years leasehold.
Site area:  175,094 sq. ft.  Gross floor area:  343,165 sq. ft. 3 blocks 7 or 8 storey condo. 
Size of units 840 sq. ft to 1,948 sq. ft.

2-bedrooms: 78 - 106 sq. m
3-bedrooms: 116 - 163 sq. m
4-bedrooms: 147 - 181 sq. m 

Interiors: Living & dining area has light brown marble tiles. Bedrooms: laminated floor board with timber finishes.

Facilities:  Swimming pool, spa pool, children's pool, tennis court, playground, BBQ area, jogging track, 24-hour security system, clubhouse, covered car park and multi-function room.

Low density The Blossomvale pools, SingaporeAdvantages:
Balcony in some units. 
Swiss/Canadian  Schools within cycling distance, without having to cross major roads. 
Low density.
Low rise. Up to 8 floors/building.  Private lift lobby. 

The Blossomvale kitchen near the utility area - 3 bedroom unit.Near bus stops. An overhead bridge links to the Cold Storage supermarket in a 5-min walk or you can walk to NTUC Fairprice supermarket at Bukit Timah Plaza in 5 minutes.

No gym. Small balconies in certain floor levels. Small kitchen.

West Singapore
15-29 Hazel Park Terrace. Condo. 696 units. 
Completed: 2001. 999-year leasehold.

2-bedroom: 91, 94, 112 sq. m
3-bedroom: 123-163 sq. m
4-bedroom: 141-181 sq. m

FACILITIES  Swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, gym, covered car park, security, clubhouse.

Neighbouring condos Grand Chateau (69 units), Southaven I (157 units), Hume Park I (328 units), Hume Park II (324 units), Hillview Park (184 units), Hillview Heights (360 units), units), 1 King Albert Park (101 units), Maplewoods (697 units, European enclave).

More competitors:
New neighbouring Condos off Upper Bukit Timah Road released in 1998: Sherwood (116 units), Selanting Green (60 units), Regis Mansion (40 units), Symphony Heights (449 units), Hillview Green (400 units), The Amston (52 units), Meralodge (87 units), Southaven II (293 units). Springdale (480 units). The Hillside completed in 2001 with 300 units.

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Units are available for rent at various times.
E-mail Tel: +65 9668 6468. 

Case study in 1998 : 
Perseverance is a factor for success.
Closing on a tough Dutchman tenant. 

July 8, 1998

"The Landlord said no" was the feedback from the co-broking agent  after 5 weeks of protracted negotiations and the persistent calls from a an associate to both the prospective Tenant and Landlord to agree to the lease. The Landlady had just given birth and was more interested in getting rest and the newborn.

Issue:  Lease terms and conditions originally from Asia USA Realty had some amendments from the Landlord but all were "unacceptable" to the Tenant's lawyers.

  • The Tenant's lawyer re-wrote terms proposed by landlord's without a single clause being accepted and this must have upset the landlord who is a lawyer by profession.
  • The Landlord wanted Mr K to be the Tenant even though it is a corporate lease and Mr K is the Tenant's employee.  (Most Singapore Landlords prefer corporate lease though).
  • Assignment of lease had to be the Landlord's privilege which was not acceptable. The use of "permitted assigns" from the Tenant's lawyer was not satisfactory as who was to give permission - the Landlord or Tenant?
  • Landlord wanted a 2-year lease with one year extension option at market rent, but Tenant wanted 3 in order to plan properly for a start-up company.
  • UE Square Condo has only 6 units with balconies and of the six, not all are 4-bedrooms and none is available except this unit!

Many Singapore Owners think that the recession will be over in 2 years. In Asia USA's opinion, they do not want to pay the 3rd month agency commission, hoping the Tenant will renew direct. This is typical of non-investment minded Singaporean landlords, saving pennies and not realizing that the Tenant may shift to a newer cheaper condo 2 years later.

It is unlikely that the rental market will recover in 2 years as a new condo is released every month. The Blossomvale Condo is released this July 1998 and there will be the Aspen Heights and so many others, leading to a great glut of supply. 

(Update: Nov 8 2000.  Rentals have gone up compared to the recession 1998 years, but suburban condos have great difficulty in getting good rentals as there are a greater supply of downtown condos).

  • Landlord said that 2-month security deposit for 3-year lease as proposed by Asia USA should be 3-month but the Tenant wanted to give 2 months.
  • Landlord wanted the 12-month occupancy period for a 3-year lease as proposed by Asia USA to be 18-month. The Tenant agrees.
  • Landlord gave a furnishing budget of $5,800 which would be insufficient to cover the cost of refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, curtains (quotation came in at $6,500 for curtains of Tenant's choice!) and lighting. $11,600 was asked.

Result:  No deal.

Tenant Client of Asia USA:  A Dutch couple wants a low floor condo with balconies, not cooped up in high rise. 4-bedroom, over 2,000 sq. ft, $6,000 partially furnished. No need to take transport to supermarket and near Suntec City. Ground floor preferred. The wife likes the UE Square Condo which has a supermarket within 2-minute walk and it would be easy to get food for her yet to be born baby.

Lease & rental: corporate & S$6,000/month partially furnished.

Type: Dutch Caucasian couple.  Age: around 40-year old.

Job: husband - starting up a Company. Wife will be having a baby in a few months' time.

The tenancy agreement from the Landlord was completely re-written by the Tenant's Lawyer as Singapore does not have a standard residential rental lease and most foreign corporations refer the lease to their lawyers. 

" Does it mean that the Landlord has rejected the offer?"

" Yes" was the curt answer of the co-broking agent.   Her calls to the Landlord were usually not returned. She worked long hours, like most active residential housing agents, almost 7 days a week and had grown weary.  However, so much time had been spent by both agents.

There was a need to re-think how to close this case since a protracted negotiation indicated that both the prospective landlord and tenant had some interest in each other.  Where was the missing link?

The Asia USA associate spent more than 100 hours house hunting with the prospect, his boss on another day and Internet correspondences and faxes (see one example of Internet correspondence below).

Email correspondence with Dutch client.
From May 25 until and including May 29 I will be visiting Singapore again with my wife. This time it is for real and we really have to find a house this time. Also a colleague will join us and he and his girlfriend will also be looking for a house in the same week. Please inform me of May 25 is good for you because we like to start as soon as possible and have decided on a house latest on Friday May 29.

For myself I am looking for a 4 bedroom condo or (terrace/garden) house with at least a floor space of 1800 sq. ft. A maid's room is not really needed. Features like fully air-conditioned and partially furnished (with washer/dryer) are important for us. Because it is not clear if I will have a car or not it should be rather easy to get to Suntec Tower by subway or Bus.

Our office will most likely be in Suntec Tower. Anyhow when I have a car my wife will most probably use it the most so I have to get to work by public transportation of taxi anyhow.

The areas were we really want to look are: Holland village, East Coast and Pebble Bay/Costa Rhu area, but maybe you have some other ideas. A location near the Dutch school/club is no longer required. Usage of facilities like swimming pool, gym and squash/tennis would be very convenient.

My wife and I had a discussion about the floor which would be most suitable. Ground-level sounds interesting for the kids when a terrace is available but we heard it might be unsafe and more problems with insects. Can you give us some advice? View is not that important for us but nice when available.

Is it possible to send me the list of viewing in advance so I can look on the map where they are located and prepare a bit on what we are going to see.

The budget I have is between S$5000 and S$6000. Do you think that is feasible with the above wish list?

My colleagues want to look at two bedroom condo's. Also in the same neighborhoods as account for myself but maybe added the Orchard road area. Their budget is between $3500 and $4500. Cars and public transportation is for him the same as for me.

As mentioned before, we all like to have found a nice place to live by the end of that week so I hope you can support us fully. For us it is fine to go all together with you. For instance go Tuesday and look specifically for my place and Wednesday go an look for the place of my colleague. Thursday and Friday can then be used for maybe some more viewing or repeat viewing. Maybe you have a colleague/partner that support us on the last two days? Well probably you have more experience with this than we do so maybe there is a better way of doing it.

Well I hope that this is enough information and I am looking forward to your response. If you need more info do not hesitate to contact me (e-mail or phone.)

Best regards,


Knowledge about Singapore rental housing: Some info from friends and had inspected few condos in 2 earlier visits to check out market rentals by himself and with boss. Knows what is happening in Singapore's declining rental market.

A prospect who knows what he wants, has Type A personality (wants things done quick and efficiently) and has done good knowledge of Singapore housing.

1.  Go look for another unit in the UE Square condo but none was available.

2.  Look for other condos. There were few other 4-bedrooms in the vicinity of the River Valley/Orchard Road area but they are usually high rise. 

The Client would not have his first choice - low floor, balcony, convenient to supermarket and a free shuttle bus to the City Hall subway. 

The best solution for the housing agent representing the Tenant is to find out what the Landlord wants, since the Landlord's agent had surrendered.

Give up now and you would really lose a lot of time. You would need to spend more time sourcing the other alternatives. Your client might lose confidence in you and go for an outside realtor.

Closing was effected by Asia USA associate asking the co-broking agent to connect with the Landlord and asked her to state her terms.

The Landlord (being a lawyer), produced her own lease agreement with essentially the same terms she wanted, viz. 3-months' deposit for 3-year lease and gave $11,600 furnishing allowance and relented by agreeing to a corporate lease (Most landlords in Singapore love corporate lease but this was an exception).

The co-broking agent had an excellent relationship with the Landlord. She had done an excellent job but had given up as she was exhausted too. The Tenant was back in the Netherlands.  He accepted the terms and closing was done around July 1, 1998, nearly 5 weeks later. 

Corporate lawyers can be a main source of delays in closure.  The letting agent can only persevere and hope that the Landlord had no better offers.  Time is of the essence but corporate lawyers may or may not find that time is of the essence as they still get paid whether the case is closed successfully or not.  Sometimes, it is the Landlord who does not give priority to the early reply from the Lawyer.  Once, a tenancy agreement takes more than 3 weeks to be returned to the prospective Tenant for approval, the Tenant may have changed his mind and the Landlord has lost a lot of rental. Do not assume that a good faith deposit means that the tenancy is going to close.

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