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Affordable Homes for Expatriates


Asia USA Research -

New apartments for single expats who want to live near Orchard Road area.

Case study: The procrastinating Dutch Boss' OK

For Rent: Inexpensive new Apartments near Novena MRT and Newton/Orchard Road

2-bedroom $3,800, 3-bedroom $4,200 - $5000 p/f

Near Novena MRTApartments
Location: Newton Road.
5-minute walk to Newton Subway (MRT)
Neighbouring condos as at April 2, 1998: Several older ones.
Total no. of units: around
Living/dining - polished granite tiles. Bedrooms: wood-based flooring (parquet).
Built-in wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, cooker hob & hood, air-conditioning all rooms.

Facilities: swimming pool, audio-visual intercom security system


  1. Brand new and near downtown.
  2. <5-minute walk to the Novena subway (MRT) and then to Raffles Place/Orchard Road if expats have no car. Easy access to Central Expressway and Changi Airport by car/taxi.
  3. Good for expatriates who want low density condos with pool & free car park only.
  4. 5-minute walk to Cold Storage supermarket at Newton. Very close to eating shops and cafes.


  1. No squash court, tennis courts and other facilities.

For Rent as at April 3, 1998:

Single Expats who dislike crowds But want to be near Orchard area

Ref: 804030. For rent as at April 3, 1998
2-bedroom: 800 sq ft $3,800 p/f
3-bedroom: 1,055 sq ft $4,200 p/f
3-bedroom: 1,270 sq. ft $5,000 p/f

Call 9668 6468 to rent NOW. Not many units available.

Other units elsewhere:

Ref: 804024 Cavenagh House 3+1, 1,700 sq.ft, $4,000 p/f. Pool and children's playground. Renovated. Walk 5 minutes to Orchard Road and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Ref: 804029 Palm Springs Condo. 4+1, 1,900 sq.ft, $6,500 p/f. Near Stevens Road/Bukit Timah Road vicinity. Many owners asking high rental prices earlier but now more realistic. 10 minutes by bus to Orchard Road; near German/Swiss schools. Brand new.

Ref: 804028 65 Shelford Condo. 2+1, 926 sq.ft, $3,000 p/f. Pool, car park and lifts. 4th storey. 30 minutes by bus to Raffles Place but near German/Swiss schools and low density condo. Brand new.

Ref: 804025 Pebble Bay Condo. 3+1, 1,894 sq.ft, $5,000 p/f. 5-minute drive to Raffles Place but 45-minute by bus. 3rd floor. See Asia USA report on Pebble Bay in Brand new.

Ref: 804026 Costa Rhu Condo. 3+1, 1,776 sq.ft, $4,900 p/f. 4+1 in Blk 1, mid-floor with river views $8,000 - $9,000 p/f. 5-minute drive to Raffles Place but 45-minute by bus. See Asia USA report on Costa Rhu in Brand new.

Ref: 804027 Costa Rhu Condo. 3+1, 1,776 sq.ft, $5,800 p/f. 11th floor with river views. Blk 4.

5-minute drive to Raffles Place but 45-minute by bus. See Asia USA report on Costa Rhu in Brand new.

Ref: 804031 Melville Park Condo. 2+1, 1,152 sq.ft with garden, $2,500 f/f. 8-minute walk to Simei subway and near Changi Airport, Korean/Japanese School. Ground floor. East Coast.

Ref: 804032 Symphony Heights Condo. 2-bedroom, 926 sq.ft. $2,500 p/f. 8th floor and facing greenery. Upper Bukit Timah Road area. Brand new.

Ref: 804033 Pacific Mansion. 3-bedroom. 1,400 sq.ft. $2,500 f/f. 8-minute walk to Somerset subway and Orchard Road. Old development but apartment is renovated with new carpets, fittings and 5 air-conditioners. Suits expats who want Orchard Road area and no Condo facilities but cheaper rentals..

We can't list all units in Singapore. Contact Asia USA 9668 6468 if you have <$3,000 budget as we can source what you need. Impractical to list so many units! Call Asia USA (65) 9668 6468 now!

"Maybe you can do something with your agency commission? It is a Buyers' market now" said the Dutch boss after his obligatory inspection of the H J Heights maisonette before permitting his employee to lease. He had inspected over 600 apartments in Singapore and that demands respect from any housing agent. However he is a busy man and needed to hurry as the unit was real cheap. New housing agent and any expat boss to note that cheap spacious well renovated units are rare. Do not procrastinate. The agent needs to work hard too. In this case, there is a delay of 7 days but Owner seems to favour this Dutch couple with toddler and agreeable to terms. Agent loses $600 from commission too.

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