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Last updated: 16 Jan 2005

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Only higher floors of Tanglin Regency, Singapore have small balconies.

Tanglin Regency with a balcony. High floor.
A small balcony (top left)  with open railings is  unsafe for toddlers.  The high floors have a soothing view of green trees and Orchard Road apartments and lots of breezes.  

Case Studies:

1.  Getting out of construction noise homes.

2.  Worries of the Landlord when renting to start-up companies.

Tanglin View, near downtown.
Completed: April 2001. E-mail judy@asiahomes.com or tel: 
+65 9668 6468 to view.

Location: 381 & 383 Tanglin Road. 5-minute walk to Redhill subway.

210 units. 

Living and dining - light brown marble tiles. Bedrooms: wood-based flooring (parquet ).
Kitchen cabinet, gas cooker hob & hood but no ovens provided usually. 

Facilities: swimming pool, children's pool,  24-hours security system, tennis court, covered car park, barbecue area by the pool, gymnasium (small one on level 2 of clubhouse) with railings for handicapped people, children's playground, fitness area.

Tanglin Regency, Singapore.  Condo facilities in a small area.
Clubhouse (left) with gym and one function room. 
Two huts (one green squarish roof seen at top of picture) provide barbecue facilities and benches for guests or weekend parties. Blk 381 (seen on right).  Playground (extreme left, top).


Close to Orchard Road, Tanglin Mall (2-minute drive)  and Redhill subway (3-minute walk).   Short bus ride to the Tanglin Mall and Orchard Road via Tanglin Road. 

Low density. 

Near new jogging track beside the canal and lots of greenery. 

Walk 5 minutes to Redhill subway (MRT) and then 4 subway stops to Raffles Place subway (MRT). Time taken 8 minutes!

5 subway stops to City Hall subway. Good for expatriates who want low density condos.


Lower rentals than Orchard Road condos. Rentals are S$2,500 -$3,500 fully furnished for 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom respectively. 

Not all units have a balcony.  Rentals have dropped considerably as the new and high density Tanglin View condos next door attracts expatriates.


Living and dining areas are crammed in the 2-bedroom units, but the ceilings are higher than most condos.

Small kitchen and no maid's room in 2-bedroom units.  A very small maid's room in 3-bedroom units. 

The balcony is not safe for toddlers.

Small utility area.

Shower stall's shower head may be positioned too low for tall Caucasians.

Tanglin Regency, no balcony.  Facing greenery.
No balcony for units below 10th floor. Spacious living and dining area.  High ceilings and windows.

Low floors may have only half the height of the windows of higher floors as there is a concrete wall below the windows.


Tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326. Judy@asiahomes.com

Case Studies

Case 1.  Construction noises
drive the expat crazy as construction work in Singapore goes late into the night and on weekends and public holidays too. 

E-mail from FD:

Excellent website - very useful.  I am currently about 7 months into my second 2 year lease at my condo. However, construction started next door and quite often goes on 24 hours a day. This is making life at home pretty unbearable. Is there anyway I can get out of my lease??? The landlord is extremely good - however he would be reluctant to let us leave especially as rents have dropped.  Any thoughts?


Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 22:03:37 +0000.  From: David Sing 
Organization: asiahomes.com
Asia USA Realty
Tel: (65) 9668 6468, (65) 254 2728, Fax: (65) 256 0501

To: FD <..FD@mbox3.singnet.com.sg>,
Apr 3, 1998


This is a tough situation.  One solution is to use the diplomatic clause if there is one and if your Company is the Tenant or you had incorporated the clause in the personal lease. E.g. You have resigned from the company and give notice. Then get re-employed by the company in a different capacity. But some landlords demand written proof from the company. 

There was a case in which a Landlord told me that the housing agent wrote a letter on behalf of the Tenant to break lease. This is obviously fishy as the Company's letterhead should be used. Of course, the Landlord can CHECK whether your employment pass is given up; if not, there is a breach of contract as you have broken lease without valid reason. Also, it may be very difficult to get an employment pass once you resign.

Any leaking roof or no response of landlord to defects or breach of contract by the Landlord? Is apartment in a tenantable condition? If not, you will need to move out. Pay the Landlord some compensation.

Assign the lease to another person and you pay part of the rent. Some expats want a short 5-month lease and do not mind the noise if rent is much lower. Double glazing the windows to sound-proof them. Insist this from the Landlord. The technology and expertise to do a good sound proofing may not be so readily available to the small landlords in Singapore even in 2001. Cracking my head but I can't think of any more solution. Thanks for the compliment on website.
Best wishes.

FD wrote:
Many thanks for the prompt response. Looks like we'll have to stay - a pity given that there is a lot of great (and cheap) property on the market. I don't really want to do anything too fishy as we have a good relationship with the landlord and have had no problems getting what we want done to the apartment.

Thanks again,


Tips for first-time Landlords:
This shows to first-time Landlords that MAINTAINING AN EXCELLENT Landlord-Tenant relationship always benefit the Landlord. 

Case study 2.  Renting to start-up companies.

"You should be present" insisted Mr X, the Landlord of a Harbourlights Condo. I had scheduled viewing for the Saturday 3 - 5 p.m period for another client and could not break the appointments suddenly as the Owners would be at the apartments. His wife was very angry that only my associate was present at the last-minute handing over.

"You should guarantee that rentals be paid according to contract" said Mr X. He refused to sign the lease agreement although my client had agreed to a commencement date 4 days ago and had paid the monies.

He agonised over the fact that the start-up global company is not yet registered in Singapore. His lawyer advised him against renting to "illegal migrants", "over-stayers". Visions of him being caned by the Singapore government for such offences must have given him sleepless nights.

All Singapore lawyers, in our opinion, will give such cautious advices. Many of the new start-up companies with are looking for offices at the same time as renting residential apartments. If the Landlord wants to be worry-free, rent to an established company, be prepared to wait a long time if your condo is not in a good location.

"You should find me a better quality tenant; I have had waited one and a half months for this company" said Mr X when the global Company finally offered to rent at a lower rental and for one year only. Asia USA advises all Owners not to wait for any prospective tenant and in this case, we definitely advised the Owner to take first-come (cheque) first-served but he would not listen. In this case, there was no contract or money deposits, yet Mr X really liked this Company and their earlier partially furnished requirements including 2-year lease. However, the head office slashed the rental towards closing.

If you are not comfortable and it gives you ulcers, we will leave" said the Australian Tenant during the handing over. There are so many vacancies even in Harbourlights Condo and in Singapore and rental prices have dropped further due to rampant under-cutting by Owners and a glut of new supply of condos from Developers and Investors all over Singapore.

New housing agents to note: Check the new start-ups as follows:

  • Website. If it has one, it is unlikely to be a fly-by-night global company as it would have addresses, emails and phone numbers of global offices and names of personnel..
  • Phone the headquarters and speak to the big boss to confirm that the regional office is setting up in Singapore.
  • Study the name-card which will tell you the appointment of the Tenant.
  • Ask reason for renting Singapore apartment - reasons vary from financial (100% cheaper than renting a service apartment for consultants or spouse who visits), personal (a home to come back after several days of travel in the region, a place to keep the luggage).
  • Applying for employment pass.
  • Using the apartment as temporary accommodation (<30 days' stay/visit visa allowed by the Singapore Government).

New landlords to note: If your lawyer has not given you clearance, please be decisive and forget about this segment of the market (the new companies and start-ups). In this case, the delay by the Owner (called our agent day and night every day) and his endless worries led to no water supply to the condo as the Landlord refused to sign the lease agreement despite the fact that the other party had signed and had given the monies. On our side, we could easily switch the client to another condo as we do have too many, but it was not the right thing to do.

To view or rent any condos or houses, e-mail judy@asiahomes.com 
or tel: +65 9668 6468, 254 3326. 

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