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12 May, 2018


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Nassim Gardens condo (tall building) and Botanic Gardens are a 10-minute walk amongst nature away. Pretty black and white bungalows and fragrant perfumes of flowers from the Botanic Gardens are your neighbours. Rentals are from $9,000 - $12,000 monthly.

49A-K Nassim Road. 12 units of 3-storey building. Over 15 years old.

Big balconies to appreciate nature and greenery, yet so close to downtown and Orchard Road. Nassim Road neighbourhood is a high-class residential area.

Ceramic floor tiles in living cum dining room with open-kitchen concept. Parquet flooring and renovated marbled bathrooms.

Big patios for ground floor and plenty of privacy. Open air car park and big pool.

Advantages: Caucasians love the evergreen tree ambience, the tranquility and the privacy as there are maximum 12 families.

Yet so near to downtown and 10-minute walk through wooded areas to Napier Road near Botanic Gardens. No problem finding taxis in Napier Road. 5-minute walk to Botanic Gardens & Napier Road and another 5-minute walk to Orchard Road and Tanglin Mall or the American Embassy.

Type of expats. Suits expats who love to see green trees, fallen autumn brown leaves and wake up to the music of chirping birds. Wake up 10 minutes before office opens in Orchard Road which is round the corner in a 10-minute walk.

Written:  May 14, 2001
Case study:
Landlord, Subletting clause not to be removed, says lawyer.

The Hongkong Tenants wanted the clause "Not to sublet..." to be removed in the tenancy agreement last year, as they felt that such restrictions were unnecessary.

During renewal, the Tenants had signed first and the lease was offered to the Landlord for acceptance.

The Landlord's lawyers advised that since the clause was removed, the Tenant could sublet to anybody as it implied that the Landlord had given permission implicitly. If pimps and prostitutes sublet the premises, then the Landlord would be answerable to the crimes.

Fortunately, the Tenants agreed to the re-insertion of the clause, otherwise it will be a good excuse for the Tenants to reject the new terms and the Landlord would be left with a long vacancy period.

First-time Landlords need to use their common sense despite legal advices.

Common sense include the following assessment:

The quality of the Tenants. Although the lease is personal, there is a one-year lease with prompt payment of rent and no complaints from the Management or from the Landlord. They have employment passes.

The place of work. Both Tenants are employees of a well known American company located in prime office space at Suntec City.

No loss of rental income. As the lease is renewed, there is not one day's loss of rental income. Why upset the Tenants in case they move to another place as there are so many vacant condos available?

The Tenant had many other choices of 2-bedroom apartments in the Geylang and other suburban areas. This was the realistic situation in 1998 and even in 2018.


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