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Last updated: 12 Apr 2002

The Quayside
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Case study: The fish that got away.
For Rent: 2+1 $3,300 f/f, 3+1 $3,500 - $5,000 f/f.
Other units, contact Asia USA Realtors or call +65 9668 6468 or judy@asiahomes.com to get the best deal.

60 Robertson Quay, Waterfront
5-min walk to Raffles Pl/Clarke Quay to Boat Quay by the Singapore River.
10-min walk to Raffles Place subway,
15-min walk to Dhoby Ghaut subway,
Free shuttle to City Hall subway at UE Square shopping Mall, every 15 minutes from 7.35 am - 9.05 am and from City Hall subway from 5.05 pm to 6.45 pm.
Many taxis. Around S$5/taxi trip to Raffles Place/Suntec City or Millenia Walk. Many buses downtown.

Completed: Around 1998/  79 units.

2-bedroom: 105-126 sq. m
3-bedroom: 122 - 227 sq. m
Penthouse: 300, 319 sq. m


Living/dining - marble slabs. Bedrooms - parquet. Built-in wardrobes. Appliances: cooker hob and stainless steel hood (German brand). Dishwasher (German brand). Dual basin for bathroom of 3-bedroom's master bedroom. Conventional oven (German brand). Safe for storage of passport/money in master bedroom. Open kitchen concept but kitchen is smaller than other similar new condos. Audio-visual security intercom system. Small balcony (terrace) in living room for some units, with beautiful Singapore River waterfront views.


Interiors especially the bathrooms and closets give an impression of high quality materials is being used. Sizes of condos in detail are:

105sm (1130sf) B1, 126sm(1356sf) B1(T);
122sm (1313sf) C1,
151sm (1625sf) C2 (T), 146sm(1572sf) C2(T);
140sm (1507sf) C3;
144sm (1550sf) C4, 150sm(1615sf) C4(T);
153sm (1647sf) C5, 159sm(1711sf) C5(T);
150sm (1615sf) C5, 155sm(1668sf) C6(T);
125sm (1345sf) C7, 142sm(1528sf) C7(T);
127sm (1367sf) C8, 144sm(1550sf) C8(T);
227sm (2443sf) C9(T)4

T: outdoor terrace (balcony).

Penthouse details not available.


Covered basement car park, pool, gym, function room, children's playground, BBQ area. Card access for main entrance and lift.


Single young Caucasian expats are attracted to the high quality type of condo such as The Quayside and Aspen Heights.

Location, being near to the expats' favourite meeting place at Clarke and Boat Quays means top choice for the single expats.

Main competitor is the Aspen Heights Condo (606 units).
Most of Aspen Heights' 2-bedroom units have been rented as at November 12, 1999.

Some Caucasian expats dislike the "city within the city" high density living ambience of Aspen Heights though and take The Quayside which is low density waterfacing living.

Newcomer expats:
Please contact Rental Realtors of Asia USA or judy@asiahomes.com help you get the best deal.

Investors to note:
99 years leasehold. Lack of tennis and squash court deters many energetic young Caucasian expats from selecting the water facing Quayside Condo, when there are others with full condo facilities nearby.


  1. Location near Clarke Quay, Raffles Place, the pubs at Mohammed Sultan Road, haunts of the young and restless expats and Singaporean girls and boys.
  2. Within 10-15 min walk to the Dhoby Ghaut or Raffles Place subways.
  3. Low density.
  4. Unique anti-stress water facing views for some units, with breakfast for 2 at the balcony (terrace).
  5. Short walk to the main road to catch buses/taxis to downtown.
  6. Fort Canning Park is nearby.
  7. Short drive to the popular East Coast beach and park for recreation.
  8. Hawker stalls & eateries & Orchard Road nearby.
  9. SAVE & SHOP supermarket at UE Shopping Mall 2-minute walk.


Singapore. The Quayside connects to River Place condos by a bridge
Small living areas, a situtation in most modern city condos. Suits expat couples with no children or dislike children running around the pool.  The Quayside does not have many families and the beautiful pool and pool deck are relatively quiet.  

Expats wanting the best deal, contact Asia USA Rental Realtors, judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468.

Case study: The fish that got away.

To: First time Landlords

The thrill of owning an investment condo daze many first-time Landlords with high expectations and without realising that competition is great, start to demand high rentals and rejecting the few offers made. Nowadays, there are not many offers.

Read widely and realise what is happening to the Singapore economy.  Realtors who want exclusive listing from you promise you the moon but in the end, you have to decide. It is best not to give exclusives if you have time to run up and down for countless times till you are sick of "no results".

Prospective Tenants are very choosy as this is a "tenant's market".
There is a great shortfall of prospective Tenants and you need all the realtors in Singapore to work for you (if you have a "rentable" property) but exclusives mean co-broking and splitting 50% of the brokerage fees. Most agents don't need to co-broke since there are numerous Owners' listings in 1998 and more in 1999.

Below are some real life stories which, hopefully may help other first-timers to be more decisive and realistic.

"My real estate agent tells me I can get S$12,000 rental for my Costa Rhu Penthouse" said an Owner, rejecting a $11,000 offer and ignoring the fact that his penthouse does not have the splendid panoramic water front views, garden and balconies as a few others. After 3 months, there was no offer.

"If the realtor had not got the wrong address, my corner semi-detached would have been rented" said another landlord whose house is filled with junk, excess old furniture and evidence of bad leaks from the roof (fungus and dampness in false ceilings). It will be a waste of Asia USA associate's time even to co-broke and list this place, no matter how well located to East Coast Road because Tenants have so many choices. NOBODY WANTS TO LIVE IN LEAKING HOUSES. First impression counts and you have only 5-10 minutes to show your unit.

"I could get more than $4,000" said a Landlord of a 2nd floor unit in Costa Rhu and rejected the offer from a Hongkong lawyer who had done all her feng-shui checks and wanted her unit.

Unfortunately no better offer materialised and it was too late. Costa Rhu Condominiums comprise 737 units, of which around 200 have been occupied.

Know your facts and be realistic. 2nd floor and ground floor units are NOT popular as rental housing and therefore, take what is offered as competition is intense. The Quayside Condo (79 units), the Aspen Heights Condo (606 units) will be available from September - December 1998 and these are located downtown and will depress the market rentals of all other condos in Singapore!

Therefore, be realistic.

Tenants now go shopping till they drop.  Many agents give up being tourist guides, due to high cost of the free service shuttling expats around.    

It will be best to get a below expectation rent and early occupancy unless your condo has distinct advantages such as water frontage, near the financial district or excellent views.
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