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Last updated: 30 Mar 2001


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Duchess Crest   5-bedroom townhouse $12,000 rent Oct 1, 1999 April 1, 2001
Two Townhouses for rent.
4-bedroom + guest room + family area.  $13,000

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April 1, 2001
Duchess Crest Townhouse $13,000.
5+1 bedroom
(5 bedroom + 1 utility room) townhouse.) Great demand as there is a large Caucasian community in the sprawling low rise Duchess Crest and the condo is around 2 years old.
Corner townhouse shown in photo. The garden & balcony are fronting Duchess Avenue, a minor road. The apartments are to the right and left of the round-about fountain. The security guard station is on the left of the photo.

Rents commanded in March 2001 have been around $13,000 per month. At $13,,000, new or newly renovated bungalows of 15,000 sq. ft of land and with an inground pool in Districts 9, 10 and 11 are out of reach as they are priced above $15,000. 

Only 2 townhouses available. Quickly tel: +65 9668 6468 or email judy@asiahomes.com

Floor plan

lst storey. Car porch, utility, yard, kitchen, guest room, bath 5, dining, living, garden.

2nd storey. Bedroom 2 & 3 with attached bath (bath 2 & 3). Family area.

3rd storey
. Bedroom 4 with attached bath (bath 4). Master bedroom with walk -in closet and master bath dual wash basin, bidet, WC and long bath including a whirlpool, balcony.

Showers in the other 4 bathrooms. Bath 5 is a powder room with shower. The utility room is quite small and Caucasians will feel it inhumane to house any domestic worker or maid.
There is a bathroom for the "maid" though, making this a 6-bathroom house.


2-bedroom 3-bedroom 4-bedroom 4-bedroom + family
B1 936-1335
sq. ft
C1* 1421
sq. ft
D1 1561-1733
sq. ft*
E1 2088-2260
sq. ft
B2 980-1206
sq. ft
C2 1346-1711
sq. ft
D2 1701-1841
sq. ft*
E2 2088-2260
sq. ft
B3* 1184
sq. ft
C3 1367-1593
sq. ft
D3 1711-1884
sq. ft*
  C4 1389-1539
sq. ft
D4 1711-1841
sq. ft*
    D5 1722-1862
sq. ft*
    D6 1733-1884
sq. ft*
* are condos with patios, technically known as PES or private enclosed space.  They are approximately 150-200 sq. ft.   There is a great demand for ground floor units appeal to the large number of Caucasians with young children.


as an alternative to bungalows with pool
which command much higher rentals.

  3 Types of layout for the townhouses T1 (sq. ft) T2 (sq. ft) T3 (sq. ft)
Living/dining   557 623 623
Master bedroom   409 424 424
Bedroom 2   124 124 124
Bedroom 3   149 149 149
Bedroom 4   152 152 152
Guest room   98 98 98
Family   148 179 179
Kitchen   101 101 101
Garden   732 657 657
Total (sq. ft)   4090 4209 4263 -
two corner units only


BE KIND TO PETS is supported by Asiahomes Internet.

Yesterday was a rainy October 2, 1999 afternoon. A 10-year old anemic Cross-bred stopped eating for 2 days, withdrew himself to a corner. It was brought to the vet to as it had a strawberry skin tumour on its neck which was almost hairless due to prolonged scratching. It had a foul smell traced to the presence of pus in the ear canals. It had difficulty breathing but no vet had been consulted. It died with a few gasp of breath.

The 20-year old lady owner was in deep grief but the 60-year old father said that he had friends who could give him any number of dogs. The death of a dog with a family for 10 years did not affect some older Singaporean men in the way they express that "life goes on" attitude but in their heart. To the women, it meant a close companion had gone. 

Are fathers jerks?  Does the death of a dog mean anything to men?Many cross-bred pet dogs get well fed but seldom are they vaccinated or brought to the vet till they have serious problems.   The dog in the photo had been biting its tail and scratching itself for years. You could see a big skin tumour on its tail, a big lump on the right backside to the right of the tail and skin diseases.

Such is the fate of many cross bred dogs in Singapore but a younger sophisticated educated generation is kinder to pets. Cross-bred dogs are susceptible to diseases as pure bred dogs.  Look after them well and they live to a ripe old age, as long as twenty years.  

Pets are family as the Singaporeans become better educated but it will take time to convert a whole new generation in the next 10 years to take good care of their pets. Asiahomes Internet sponsors this community education article to educate via the internet a new "Be Kind to Pets" generation of Singaporeans in the years 2001 and beyond.

Original article in:

Case study
for first time www.asiahomes.com realtors:
DIM:  Don't Involve Me?
Extracted from: "The Internet Realtors, Singapore".

"I have nothing to do with the Owner anymore," was the shocking news from Mr Ng, the PA (power of attorney). He was fed up with the demands and auditing of expenses representing the Owner to look after his townhouse, without any fee.

He represented the Pakistani Owner who was his business associate in the rental of the townhouse without any fee. After one year, the relationship deteriorated. Contributing to this could be that the Pakistani associate tried to press down his product prices saying he could source cheaper ones. In any case, Singapore businessmen usually are unable to provide competitive pricing owing to the high exchange rate of the Sing Dollar and high rent and labour costs

Mr Ng had the latest rental cheque and wanted to return it to the Tenant. Usually he kept track of rental payments and banked in the cheque.

What would you do?

This was the acronym for "Don't involve me". It was an attitude of an army logistic officer I met when I was in the National Service Provost Unit.  That was a long time ago.  In that unit, the logistic officer did not want to be burdened with many extra duties outside the scope of duties and responsibilities.  The more he had, the more likely he encountered problems and disciplinary hearings. 

Now, you had got your agency commission and you have your full day. Do you want to practice DIM?

The best solution is to get Mr Koh to bank in the cheque for the last time, write a letter to the Tenant to update him rather than getting the cheque returned.  Mr Koh was unwilling to give me the cheque to bank in but agreed to do it and I guessed he banked it in.

Foreign and absentee landlords understandably want free services for their local friends to manage their properties. It may be better to pay a professional to manage their property.


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